Sam was laying on the edge of the bed, his arms behind his head as he looked up at the ceiling. He was wondering when his nightmares would go away, how they would go away. He sighed and ran a large palm, down his sweaty face.

The water ran in the background as he knew Dean was in the shower. The thought of Dean calmed him, and he managed to drift off.
The only way he had been sleeping the past nights was because of Dean holding him close and whispering It ll be alright, Sammy. or They can t hurt you here, Sammy. The older brother would speak.

Dean came out, in only some worn, cotton sleeping bottoms and his hair in his eyes. It was long over due for a cut, but don t even get him started on the wonderful mop on his brothers head.

Sam s hair always smells natural, like the woods. It was nice to bury his face in his brother s hair and just inhale the rich scent of what will always be Sam. Looking over at the younger giant asleep on the bed, a smile couldn t help but poke at the corner of his lips, only to be quickly replaced by a frown as Sam started crying out and twitching in his sleep.

Rushing to the bed, Dean reached a hand out and stroked Sam s cheek. C mon, Sammy. Get under the covers. It s time for bed. He whispered as he went to get a glass of water and turn out the lights.

Sam crawled under the covers and curled up, not able to keep his eyes open. They only snapped open when a dream plagued him. He fought sleep as long as Dean wasn t by his side.

Dead smiled and frowned. His brother was adorable when he tried to fight sleep, and it hurt him to see Sam in such pain. Getting into the bed, Dean pulled his brother into his arms and turned out the light. Sam instantly curled into Dean s body and laid his head on Dean s chest, just the way he had when they were children.

Dean wrapped his arms around Sam, and buried both his hand and face in his hair. He breathed in the scent of his brother, closed his eyes and whispered the ever comforting words in his brother s ear.

Caressing Sam s scalp and back was how they fall asleep almost every night now, and as long as it keep Sam s nightmares away, Dean would keep doing it. He would do anything for Sam.

I love you, Sammy. Dean whispered as he drifted off.

You to, Dean. Sam would incoherently whisper back.