It was summer vacation for the last from the school of Peach Creek. Everyone in the cul-de-sac sighed in delight as the bus dropped them off for the last time. Well almost everyone was delighted. Eddward only sighed in despair. He walked into his home, and breathed deeply. His home was desolate once more today, with nothing but a letter from his parents laying on the table in his kitchen. This was different from the usual sticky notes his mother left for him with chores to do for the day.

Dear Eddward,

I hope you had a wonderful day. This summer I promise we will try to take time off from work and have some quality family time. But today Mother and Father will not be home until 4 tomorrow morning. There is some spaghetti in the refrigerator when you get hungry. Will see you soon.

Love, Mom

Eddward crumpled the note and placed it in the trash. He had doubts that he would actually get to spend time with his family. They were both highly praised doctors at the hospital they worked for, and were almost always needed in some emergency. He still loved his parents, don't get him wrong, but he still wished he could see more of them. Glancing into the refrigerator, Eddward pulled out a medium sized bowl with the top covered with tinfoil that crackled as he removed it. He groaned as his appetite wavered, and put the tinfoil back over the bowl. He would eat later, and even then he would most likely just make something himself. He leaned against the counter wondering what to do. He had no more homework to do, and Eddy never had him make ridiculous contraptions anymore. A lot had changed between the Eds when they hit the high school years. Eddward had probably changed the most out off all who lived in the cul-de-sac. Except Jimmy. His headgear was gone, leaving behind beautifully lined teeth which shined with every smile he gave. His confidence had risen, and was no longer a shy boy who hid behind Ed's sister, Sarah. He still hung around Sarah though. As the two had stayed best friends, even though Jimmy harbored romantic feelings for the red-headed girl that were barely recognized by her.

Ed had not changed that much. He was still infatuated with aliens and monsters in the comics that were strewn around his room. He bathed more, to Eddward's relief. His body was strong and fit, while his hair had grown out a small amount to reveal a dark shade of brown. Eddward still loved the big lug, and didn't mind the strong hugs that he gave when they saw each other.

Eddy also had changed little. His height was only a few inches taller, while his temper had shortened. He continued to swindle smaller kids out of their money, though there were no large-scaled scams to attract more people.

Eddward, groaning, decided that he needed to distract his mind from the memories with a good educational book from the library. Leaving the forgotten spaghetti on the table, he grabbed his messenger bag off the ground and headed back outside. He left the door unlocked as usual, there were very few reasons to lock doors in this neighborhood. Eddward liked it that way, where he could feel safe in his own town. His bad mood lifted a little once he breathed in the fresh air. It wasn't that long of a walk to the library, maybe 10-15 minutes at most. Barely beginning his adventure, Eddward noticed Kevin working on his motorcycle next door. Even Kevin had grown up, trading in his beloved bicycle for something better and faster. I guess you could call it more like an upgrade. Eddward's foul mood the completely disappeared as he walked towards the ginger.

" Salutations, Kevin." Eddward greeted with one hand lifted. Kevin turned around, a grimace look on his face. " Is something troubling you?" Edward asked timidly. He wasn't quite sure how much Kevin liked him. He had made friends with everyone else in the cul-de-sac in recent years, but it was difficult to be sure with this guy. They had talked often, and even found things in common. Plus Kevin did sit at lunch table at school with him, but Eddward figured it was mainly because Naz also did.

" Yes something is troubling me." Kevin answered, rolling his eyes when he reached 'troubling'. "Bike's not working and I can't seem to fix it." He scratched at his cheek grumpily, leaving black marks from his fingers on his face. Eddward laughed quietly at this, and offered to take a look. He took a seat next to Kevin, uncomfortably close for Eddward. Kevin looked a bit surprised. "I didn't think you would know anything about this." he commented.

"Well I guess you could say I 'tinker' with mechanics every once in a while." Eddward replied with a small grin. He recalled all the machines he made for the scams, making his smile fall quickly. Kevin only replied with an 'oh' and turned his attention back to his bike's engine. At last Eddward found the problem, but was actually in the fuse box. Pointing out the bad fuse, he removed it for Kevin to see. Kevin groaned, feeling like an idiot for not checking and got up to check a toolbox for a replacement. He came back and placed the new fuse in the slot. They both got up and Kevin tried to start it up. The bike roared to life, and he grinned largely at Eddward in joy. Seeing the smile sent a blush across Eddward's face. He looked towards the ground and smiled. Kevin, shutting the bike back off, didn't think anything this reaction and threw an arm around his shoulders.

" Double-D, you're the most awesome guy in the world!" Kevin praised, laughing in triumph. The smaller boy shrank under the touch on his shoulders, his face getting redder. "Come on, let's go inside for a drink."

Once inside, Eddward took off his bag and set it beside the couch and walked into the kitchen with Kevin. Kevin was about to get cups from a cabinet, when Eddward stopped him. He scowled at Kevin to wash his hands before touching glasses. Kevin chuckled and went to the sink. Eddward washed his hands also, grabbing a paper towel to dry off.

" Alright is that better?" Kevin mocked playfully, showing his palms. Eddward simply glared at him and crossed his arms. " Oh you know I'm just playing with ya." Kevin said while getting the glasses. Setting them on the table, he then grabbed the lemonade and poured some for both.

" Thank you, Kevin." Eddward said politely. He hated to admit it, but just seating at the same table as Kevin gave him butterflies. He sipped some of the drink, but it sat anxiously in his stomach. So he set the glass down, doubting he would touch it again.

" No prob." Kevin answered. He gulped down his lemonade quickly and sighed in satisfaction. " So, were you planning on going anywhere?" He jerked his thumb towards Eddward's bag.

" Oh. Yes actually. I was heading to the library for new reading material." Eddward said with a smile. Perhaps he would grab a book or two in mechanics for fun while he was there.

" Huh. Sounds real fun."

" In fact, it is enjoyable."

Kevin laughed again, and got up.

" Well. As a thank you," he said, placing his glass in the sink, " I'll give you ride."

Eddward was startled at the offer, his eyes widening. There was no way he could ask Kevin for a ride, let alone get on the dangerous bike. He told Kevin this, only to have him insist that it would be perfectly ok. Eddward still wasn't pleased, a frown pulling on his lips.

" Oh it'll be fine, you dork. I'm not that horrible of a driver." Kevin said with a smirk.