" Are you sure about this?" Kevin asked worriedly. He was hovering over Eddward, whose hands uncertainly pulled at Kevin's shirt. He nodded meekly and successfully pulled off the shirt. He ran his hands over the ginger's abdomen; The defined muscles were hot to the touch and Kevin shivered against the feather light brushing from Eddward's fingertips. Again Kevin said to his lover in a calm voice, " I'm worried about your wounds."

" You know as well as I do that they are completely healed, except for one or two." Eddward replied, moving his hands down to Kevin's pants.

It had been a little over 3 months since Eddward was released from the hospital. Kevin had spent almost every waking moment with him through the recovery, claiming that he wanted to make sure the football team didn't come back. Eddward was thankful, for some nights he would dream of it all over again. He was alone in his room, tied up and constantly being laughed at while foggy images of people sliced away at his skin. While his screams only seemed to encourage them more, and soon they had hacked until nothing was left, leaving him to slowly fade away. Then he would wake in cold sweat, feeling to see if he was even still there. At those times he would usually call Kevin, as the parents were not exactly comfortable with the two of them sleeping together through his recovery, and he would soothe his fears until the anxiety would subside enough to go back to sleep. But eventually, he completely healed, and the nightmares came less and less. Then he was able spent more time with Kevin, soon they were able to have their first date at a wonderful restaurant, ending the night with a kiss and hesitant good-byes. But now at 3 months, Eddward wanted something more than just a kiss. Leading him to call Kevin and ask for him to come over in the middle of the night, which is how they got into this situation.

Kevin sighed, sure he knew that Eddward was healed, but he still worried about the boy's fragile body. And once he got started he had no doubt there was no chance of him stopping. Now, feeling Eddward's hands traveling around his body, it was not helping in trying to hold back. When he heard the zipper on his pants being pulled down, he silently cursed and knew it was too late. He grabbed Eddward's shirt and tugged it off quickly, then swiftly undid his pants and slipped those off also. He lowered his head and kissed on Eddward's neck, nipping here and there, earning multiple moans from the boy. Maneuvering his own pants off, he moved back up and kissed him roughly on the mouth, forcing his tongue into the others mouth and wrestling Eddward's. Kevin slid his hand under the elastic of Eddward's briefs, slowly tugging them down and off, discarding them onto the bedroom floor. He broke the kiss and massaged the hardened muscle, each stroke bringing more groans to escape through Eddward's clenched teeth.

" Kevin, I…. Ahhh." Eddward started, only to be interrupted by another wave of pleasure to ripple through his body. His body shook and he wrapped his arms around Kevin's shoulders. He could feel the ginger's breath hot on his neck and the increasing speed on his member. Suddenly, Kevin whispered hoarsely into his ear.

" Eddward…" His voice sounded strained and pained. " Please… Let me." He didn't finish his plea, but Eddward knew what he was referring to. With a new tinge of blush, he nodded and quietly accepted. Kevin then froze his actions and removed his underwear. He lifted Eddward's hips and slowly slid into him, grunting. Eddward immediately attempted to stifle a cry of pain, and gripped the sheets under him. Kevin rocked against his body, his hand back to pleasuring his lover. Eddward breathing increased in sync with the speed of Kevin moving in and out of him. And soon, he could feel himself reaching his climax and he tried to warn Kevin.

" Kevin, I think… I." He groaned. Kevin, too, was nearing that point himself and whispered to Eddward he was going to also. And with one final motion they released one after the other, and Eddward threw back his head, his mind completely blank in bliss. Kevin, breathing heavily removed himself and lowered onto Eddward, kissing him on the mouth. Time passed and when they both recouped from their moment of ecstasy, Kevin laid beside Eddward, still holding him close.

" Are you hurting too much?" Kevin asked.

" Not an awful lot, or at least not as much as I had imagined." Eddward replied, raising up into a sitting position. He ran his hand over his own abdomen, frowning when his hand came back sticky. He glared at Kevin and bit the inside of his cheek, moving to get off of the bed. " I'm going to take a shower." Kevin snickered and muttered a sarcastic 'Sorry'. Eddward smiled and walked into the bathroom, turning to knobs to a comfortable temperature. He was about to remove his clothes when he remembered with a blush. I'm not wearing any.Eddward thought. He quickly stepped into the stall, where steaming water rushed down his body. He was beginning to wash his own discharge from his body when the shower door opened suddenly. He jumped and his feet almost slipped out from under him, if it had not of been for Kevin reaching out and steadying him, grinning.

" Mind if I join?" He asked teasingly. Not waiting for a reply, he moved into the narrow space behind Eddward and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy's waist, nuzzling his face into Eddward's neck. Eddward gasped and giggled against the tickling feel. Then with a content sigh, leaned back on the ginger's body and closed his eyes.

" As a matter of fact, I do mind. But perhaps I could make an exception… If you stop blocking all of the water." Eddward replied, looking up at Kevin with one eyebrow arched. Kevin glanced back and noticed that he was in between the showerhead and Eddward. Chuckling, he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on a lingering cut mark on Eddward's shoulder.

"Deal." Kevin said, then adding with a hug, " I love you."

Eddward's heart clenched tightly in his chest, and he could feel his throat closing up with joy like every time he heard those words . He turned around as best as he could and placed a hand on Kevin's cheek. Then he leaned up and placed a small kiss on his lips.

" I love you too."


-Last Author's note

And that is it. I hope that all of you have enjoyed reading this story and that I ended on a good note. I am so happy that I was about to write this little fanfiction and all the positive feedback I have received through it all. I never even knew about this site until one of my best friend's told me about it. And with her encouragement, I finally sat down and got to writing. Anyways, thank you for reading! Love you all!

Love, Carla