Drew had succeeded in unbuckling Eli's belt and pulling his pants completely down and off of his body. He stared down at what was to be his conquest, it swaying upwards between Eli's thick thighs. He found himself to be breathing increasingly hard for hat seemed to be hours within moments. This was absolutely new territory for him. Yesterday, he had gotten head from a guy and today, he was going to be returning the favor.

He looked into Eli's face, finding his pupils to be dilated. Drew had never once thought he would be sucking a dick but looking into Eli's eyes made him want to give into his desire to please him more than the desire to continue second guessing what he was about to do. He exhaled one final time before bending down and grabbing Eli's thickness in the palm of his hand.

He heard chuckling and lifted his head to face Eli who was smirking.

"What's so funny?" Drew asked.

"You're so adorable. You look like a confused bunny."

"I'm not confused…just preparing myself." He chuckled to himself, "I've never done this before, ya know."

"Yeah, I know. Neither did I yesterday and look how well that turned out."

Drew thought back to the amazing sensation of Eli bobbing his head up and down on his dick the previous afternoon and in a moment of impulse, opened his mouth wide and placed Eli's dick inside as he tightened his lips around the shaft and moved his head up and down. He heard Eli sigh in surprise and what he hoped was satisfaction and quickly made sure he wasn't using any teeth, knowing how much he hated when girls did that while giving him top. Recalling what he enjoyed during oral, he slobbered down Eli's shaft and vacuumed his spit back up while continuing to motion his head around and around Eli's thick dick.

All thoughts of anything else besides what was happening left Eli's mind, even the room seemed to disappear. He held his head back with his mouth wide open while breathing heavily, trying to muffle the moans that seemed to be stuck in his throat. He wished that the feeling would never end, until he felt his dick pulsate, letting him know that he was getting ready to cum. "Where do you want it?" he heard Drew say.

He focused his eyes down to Drew who he found to be standing up, with his mouth crooked and eyebrows raised.

"What do you mean?"

Drew bit the corner of his bottom lip, and motioned his hands up and down his body, replying with "Where do you want it?"

Knowingly, Eli smirked and jumped up. He grabbed Drew by the torso and tossed him onto the couch. Dick in hand, Eli started stroking over Drew's body, looking straight into face. Drew was so aroused by the sight that he had taken his own dick out and began gripping himself, knowing that he was about to explode as well. He looked into Eli's face and saw his eyes roll back into his head as his mouth opened with an exhale. He was so in awe at what he saw that his cum shot almost clear across the room just as Eli's had oozed onto his chest.

The boys both sighed in relief and bliss. Drew grabbed Eli's hand and pulled him down towards him. Eli, on top of Drew, couldn't resist his mouth and went in for a kiss. Drew reciprocated, missing the feeling of Eli's soft lips more than he thought he should.

Drew awoke hours later, groggy and surprisingly, at peace. He found himself still wrapped around Eli whose head was nuzzled comfortably under his arm. He laid there for a moment, noticing Eli's breath tickling his chest each time he would lightly snore.

Eli, having felt Drew jolt upon waking up was only pretending to be asleep. He just wanted to marinate in that moment. Drew's body swaddled his and it was the most comfortable he had felt in a long time. Wanting to interact with the boy who made him feel this calm, he kissed Drew's chest, letting him know that he was awake as well. Drew's hand then leapt to Eli's head as he stroked his hair. Both knew that this was going to lead to a late-night conversation to which they both looked forward to but right now, they just wanted to lay in this peaceful, comfortable moment.