Bart, the little brat, had once again decided to invade Wally's personal space. The demon child had arrived at noon on Wally's off day and refused to leave him alone. He sat and ate lunch that his cousin didn't want to prepare for him and then decided to bug Wally until he finally conceded to taking him out to the Baylands. A few hours were spent wandering around the Baylands before Bart insisted on going to Hoover tower, then the Canter Arts Center, and the Stanford Shopping Center. They even made it to the Stanford memorial church even though neither of them were religious in any way, shape, or form.

Then they both went out for dinner at In-N-Out, Bart's first time going to the establishment. By that time Wally just wanted him gone, and ordered them both a 15 by 15 with two animal style fries hoping he'd decide it was time to go home. But no, the younger speedster ended up getting two milkshakes as well with him and following him home to watch movies. It was like it was the first time Bart had ever seen him, and if his relationship with Barry was any indication, they probably rarely saw each other in the future.

After watching Lilo and Stitch, accompanied by a long discussion about why it deserved to be Wally's favorite and how awesome Stitch and Lilo were, Bart began to slow down. Bart chugged half of a carton of milk and passed out on Wally's couch during the ending credits of the movie.

Wally sat up and watched the extras on the DVD, determined to finish them and then go to bed. But, after the ending of the Hawaiian islands special he noticed that Bart was just going to sleep in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Palo Alto got cold at night, no matter what the weather was like in the day. Without thinking about it he walked to his room to grab the spare blanket and walked back, laying the thick, red blanket on top of Bart. That would keep him warm.

The specials ended and Wally walked off to bed. He told himself that he'd kick Bart out if the boy was there in the morning, but deep down he knew he didn't have the heart to do it.

Who knows. Maybe he was starting to like Bart.