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Tantive IV: Deep in Space:

Bail Organa looked out of the viewport of The Tantive IV with a smile.

He was on his way back to Alderaan after a Senate Session on Coruscant.

At the same time, he looked down at his adoptive daughter Leia, with a smile, "It is time for bed Leia."

"Alright Daddy," replied Leia as Bail led the two year old towards her bedroom.

Bail then helped Leia dress in her pajamas before tucking her in with a kiss.

It was the first time that Bail had taken Leia to Coruscant and, he knew that it wouldn't be the last. The Emperor hadn't noticed her Force Sensitivity so, Bail saw no problem with allowing her to go with him on future trips.

As he left Leia's room, the ship shook.

At that moment, Captain Antilles approached him and spoke, "Your highness, we are being attacked by Pirates!"

Bail nodded as he headed towards the Cockpit with Captain Antilles, it wasn't the first time that Pirates had attacked him but, he had had Jedi protect him from the last attack. For this attack, he would have to fight the pirates off himself with his Royal Guards. He only hoped that they would be able to hold their own against the Pirates..

At the same time, a young Royal Officer looked at him and spoke, "Your highness, they took out our Shields and Hyperdrive with their first few shots. We are about to be boarded in a matter of seconds."

"We are already in the tractor beam?" asked Bail in disbelief.

The young Officer nodded as Bail spoke, "Get all of the men ready for battle."

Bail then looked at Captain Antilles and spoke, "Get me two men, We are going to go get my daughter!"

"As you wish Your Highness," stated the loyal Captain.

R2-D2 led C-3PO through the Corridors of the Tantive IV and, towards Leia's bedroom as the two droids argued, "R2-D2 you know very well that the Princess is not our responsibility. We can simply trust the Viceroy to find her."


"Of course I know that there will be intruders onboard, We are under attack after all!" replied 3PO.

After a few more beeps, R2 opened the door to Leia's room as 3PO followed him inside in frustration.

Moments later, R2 and 3PO led the exhausted Leia out of her bedroom.

3PO then spoke, "Now what R2?"


"We head for an escape pod?"


"Alright, I see your point, We will take a long range Pod R2."

R2 and 3PO then started to lead the tired two year old towards the Escape Pods without a second thought

At that moment, there was a heavy blast near the boarding ramp of the Tantive IV as a motley crew of Pilots began to file onboard.

Bail Organa rushed towards his Daughter's quarters as Blaster shots started to ring out in the Hallways.

Bail immediately pulled out his Blaster as he started to fire into the pilots which were a mix of humans and aliens.

He noticed Rodians, Trandoshans, A few Bothans and even a Twi'lek and A Dug along with the Human Pirates.

He fired into the ranks as a blue blaster bolt hit his chest.

Captain Antilles quickly pulled the Viceroy away from the crowd of Pirates as he looked at the two the younger men at his side, "Get him out of here! I will buy you the time need to get him to an escape pod. The Princess is lost, Now go. Get him out of here!"

The two men Picked up the Viceroy and, obediently left. Antilles then took out two blasters as he fired upon the gang of Pirates.

R2 and 3PO found themselves inside of a small Escape Pod as R2 ejected the pod into space.

3PO looked down at R2 before looking at the fearful Princess who spoke, "Where is my Daddy Treepio?"

3PO looked at R2 as he beeped.

"Princess, R2 has told me that we have to keep you safe. Bad men are on your daddy's ship and we have to get you off of the ship."

At that moment, there was an explosion that shook the ship as R2 beeped, "What do you mean that we are off course?" asked 3PO in frustration.

"We can't get her back to Alderaan R2?"


"We are on course for Naboo? Well, change the course you stupid overweight blob of grease."


"The Controls are compromised?" asked 3PO as the Escape Pod headed into Hyperspace.

R2 ignored 3PO's annoying put downs. The Droid knew that they were fortunate enough to be onboard a long range Escape Pod even if they were on the wrong course. At least, their former Master's child was safe.

R2 only hoped that they would succeed in getting Leia home to Alderaan once they landed.

Bail Organa awoke in a small Escape Pod as he looked around him to see two of his Royal Guards.

"Where is My Daughter?"

The two guards were silent as Bail spoke, "Where is my Daughter?" Bail demanded.

One of the men then spoke, "I am sorry Your Highness but, After you were knocked out, Captain Antilles ordered us to get you off of the ship. He is dead, he never made it back with her. Our guess is that the pirates got to her."

Bail clenched his fists in anger, "Those bastards. I want them found and, I want my Leia."

"Sir, Lord Vader is working on finding them."

Bail merely laughed, "I can insure you boy that Lord Vader is the one that recruited those dammed Pirates."

Bail sighed, What would he tell his wife when he returned to Alderaan? She was going to be devastated.

Star Destroyer Exactor:

Darth Vader stood on the Command Bridge of the Exactor as two Pirate ships came into visual range.

"They are hailing us Sir," stated Captain Ozzel.

Vader nodded, "Let's hear what they have to say. Are our guns charged?"

"Yes My Lord."

Within moments, An image of a Large Trandoshan appeared before Vader.

Vader in anger spoke, "You were supposed to kill Organa as I ordered."

"His daughter is dead."

"I don't give a dam about his daughter. We want Organa dead," stated Vader as he reached out through the Force.

"I have no use for scum bag pirates like you that fail."

"We still need our payment, We did our..."

Vader smirked as the Alien's throat started to constrict.

Within moments, He heard a hideous snap as the Holographic image disappeared.

Vader then looked at Captain Ozzel and spoke, "Destroy those Ships immediately."

"At once my Lord."

Vader smiled as he looked out the viewport of the Exactor.

Within moments, The two Pirate Cruisers were decimated by the Exactor's relentless bombardment.

Vader then spoke, "I want a statement released to the Press. Tell them this, We found the Pirates responsible for the attack upon Organa who are responsible for the death of Princess Leia Organa.

They resisted arrest and fought back. We were forced to defend ourselves and, All pirates were killed in the battle that followed our attempt to arrest them."

Vader then smiled as Captain Ozzel bowed, "Of course My Lord."

"Further more, Be aware that informing the public of anything else will cost you your life."

"I understand Lord Vader," replied the nervous Captain.

Vader then looked out of the viewport in silence as Captain Ozzel left to make the report to the Press.

Vader frowned, He was twenty four years old and, His life was nothing like he had hoped for it to be two years ago.

Two years ago, his Angel was still alive and in his arms. She was pregnant with his child and then, She died. Just like that, All because of the fact that he choked her. Looking back on the dreadful day on Mustafar, He remembered how she seemed shocked to see Obi-Wan onboard her ship. He wondered what exactly went down between her and Kenobi before her death and his fight with the Old Man.

He had fought with him until the point that they had ended up above a river of Molten Lava.

He had been foolish enough to make the jump that almost killed him. The jump had costed him his lower legs and his left arm.

He had been lucky to cling to a ledge although he had almost slipped towards the river of lava. He was however fortunate that he had managed to keep his hold on the ledge otherwise, he would have been severely burned.

After the Emperor rescued him, He had taken him to Kamino where he had cloned him a new set of limbs. When he had recovered after around two weeks of surgeries and recuperation, He had been told that in his anger he had killed Padme.

He still had yet to forgive himself for what he had done. He lost so much with his Angel. If only she had survived, He never even got to hold their child. Their child died with her. It was a burden that he would carry for the rest of his life.

Naboo: Varykino:

Sola Naberrie stood on the back porch of her family's Lake house, with a cup of Caf as she saw a small craft crash into the sandy beach that overlooked the lake.

She frowned, "Darred!"

Darred immediately ran onto the porch and spoke, "What is it dear?"

"Look over there," stated Sola as she pointed to an Escape Pod.

Darred looked ahead of him in shock, "What is that Darred?"

Darred frowned, "It looks like some kind of Escape Pod. Let's go take a look."

Sola nodded as she set down her cup of Caf as she ran towards the Escape Pod.

In the two years since the death of her Sister, The two of them had grown closer than ever. Sola had never gotten over the death of Padme and neither had her parents. It was a death that had effected her entire family.

As they approached the Craft, She saw a golden plated Protocol Droid emerge from the craft followed by a tiny dark haired girl and, a blue domed Astromech droid that instantly made her think of R2, Padme's droid from her time as Queen.

She looked at the tiny dark haired girl in shock, The girl had to be no more than two but what shocked here was that the girl looked almost like a clone of her little Sister.

"R2-D2 I am sure that these people can help us. Plus, Mistress Leia requires nutrients that we cannot provide."

Sola frowned as she looked at the little girl who spoke, "I can't find my daddy, I was on his ship when scary men came onboard. Treepio and Atoo made me go with them."

Sola frowned, "What is your name sweetie?"

"Leia," said the little girl.

"How old are you?" asked Darred.

"Two," stated Leia as she held up two fingers on her hand.

Sola then looked at Darred and spoke, "We will turn on the Holonet and see if we can find her family Darred. In the meantime, We will get her fed."

Darred nodded as he looked at the Droids, "I am going to examine this Escape Pod. Then, I will see what the Droids What they can tell me."

Sola then spoke, "I am certain that that droid is Padme's droid Darred."

"Remember that one visit that we made to Coruscant Sola?"

Sola nodded, "Right in the middle of the war right?"

Darred nodded, "That golden Droid looks just like the annoying one that she said was a gift from Skywalker."

Sola nodded, "You have a point."

R2 meanwhile was examining the two humans as he realized who they were. Sola was the Sister of his Former Mistress, his rightful owner and Leia's Mother.

He was loyal to Leia and to his Mistress but, Organa had adopted Leia without telling Padme's family about her existence. What was ethical? Was it ethical to take Leia without telling her family or was it unethical? R2 would have to have a serious conversation with his Counterpart whom was programed to understand Humans.

Sola led the little girl into the house as she walked by her Two younger daughters.

Twelve year old Ryoo immediately spoke, "Where did the little girl come from?"

"An escape Pod that crashed outside. I am going to feed her and then see if there is any news on the Holonet that could possibly by any means tell us where she came from."

Ryoo nodded in silence as her mother passed her.

"Are you hungry Leia?" asked Sola as she looked down at the little girl

Leia nodded in response as tears came into her eyes.

She then spoke, "I want my Daddy," she screamed in tears.

Sola frowned, "How about this Leia? I will get you some food and, I will see about finding your parents."

"Ok," replied Leia.

Sola then, led Leia into the kitchen.

Darred Janren frowned as he finished examining the escape Pod, There was no ID codes that he could find or any signs of a homing beacon. It was as though, whoever owned the Escape Pod had made it to be untraceable for some odd reason.

As he left the Escape pod, he heard the Astromech droid beeping as the Protocol Droid spoke, "Well, If what you are telling me is true R2, What you witnessed was kidnapping. Humans do not approve of just taking a child away from a dead mother without telling her family. That is very unethical and that means, that Senator Organa kidnapped Mistress Leia."


"You thought that it was for the best because of Vader?" asked 3PO


"Why would Vader want to know about Leia?"

Darred frowned, Something was wrong. Who was Leia? What did The Droids mean when they called Organa a kidnapper.

At the same time, 3PO spoke, "Excuse me sir, R2 has just informed me that he needs to talk to you and your wife about something that is very important."

Darred nodded in silence, "Follow me droid."

Sola had just finished serving Leia some leftovers from breakfast when she saw Darred enter the kitchen.

She frowned, "That child is scared to death."

Darred nodded as he spoke, "It seems like that Astromech Droid is Padme's R2, he wants to talk to you."

"The droid wants to talk to me?" asked Sola in shock.

Darred nodded as Sola spoke, "Padme always did say that R2 had a mind of his own."

Sola then headed into the living room, where she noticed 3PO and R2 standing side by side.

3PO then spoke, "Miss Sola, R2 seems to think that he knows you from the past."

Sola nodded as 3PO spoke, "He claims that my mind was wiped and that Mistress Leia is your biological niece, I don't know what he is thinking, the odds that she is truly your niece are approximately Three hundred Trillion, Seven Hundred Billion, Six hundred million, one hundred and fifty thousand to one."

Sola was silent as R2 whistled a series of beeps, "He claims that Organa adopted Leia without asking your family permission and, that he left everyone to believe that she had died with your Sister."

Sola frowned, "Why did he do that?"

R2 whistled a series of beeps as 3PO spoke, "He says that it was for Leia's protection because, If Vader found out that she was alive, she would be in terrible danger."

Sola frowned, "Why would Vader care?

R2 whistled several more beeps as 3PO spoke, "R2 claims that the reason is not of your concern. I in all honesty would suggest that you return us to Viceroy Organa."

Sola shook her head in anger, "We lost my Sister and, We have no idea how she died and, you expect me to just return my Sister's Child to a man who isn't even her father? She is all that I have left of Padme, there is no way in hell that I am taking her back to Organa, My family has already lost enough," Sola yelled.

Sola then turned to see Darred behind her.

"How much of that did you hear?"

"All of it," replied Darred in anger.

Sola nodded as Darred Continued, "I am with you, We aren't giving her back. As far as I am concerned, Organa has no right to her. You and your Parents have already lost enough, The Man has no right to take Padme's child, just because she's dead and adopt her."

Sola nodded as she noticed R2 move towards a computer Terminal.

Within moments, She saw him access the Computer as she looked at the screen, she then watched as several words appeared on the computer screen, She soon realized that R2 was communicating with her without letting 3PO hear the two of them.


Sola frowned, "Why? she's just a girl."


Sola frowned as she looked at Darred.

Darred immediately spoke, "Family is family, I know the risks and, I also know that Padme would have risked everything for Ryoo and Pooja if we were in her place."

Sola nodded as she spoke, "What happened to my Sister?"



Sola then looked at Darred and spoke, "You know what we have to do."

Darred without a word, moved towards 3PO and, deactivated the droid as Sola spoke, "I am glad that today is the day that we are returning home."

"Finding her couldn't be more perfect, I am going to take our other speeder and, Go ahead of you and the girls."

Sola shook her head, "Let me lead the way. You bring the girls home, I will take Leia shopping for some clothes and, Get her an appropriate bed and, some toys."

Darred nodded, "She is only two, We should get her a smaller bed, that is for certain."

Sola smiled in agreement.

Sola at the same time, spoke, "We should talk to the girls."

Darred nodded, "We will do it when we get home."

"That is a good Idea," replied Sola as she left the room

Naboo: Theed:

Sola looked down at her two year old niece with a smile, she had dressed Leia in an appropriate Nabuian dress and, she had obtained several new toys for the girl.

She had ordered a new bed along with a new dresser and, a new wardrobe. She knew that no doubt, Leia was going to be well taken care of.

She was grateful that Leia was only two, Leia would have barely any memories of Organa or ask any questions once she got older.

Sola at the same time, decided to give Leia a good explanation on why she wouldn't be seeing her adoptive Parents again.

She had simply told Leia that she was her Aunt and, that her Parents had asked her to take care of her for a very long time. Once Leia was old enough to understand kidnappings, she would tell Leia the truth.

After shopping, Sola returned home with Leia and, took Leia to her spare bedroom where, she laid the two year old down for a nap.

Sola then headed towards her Holocom and, Dialed in her Father's frequency.

Within moments, An image of Ruwee Naberrie appeared before her as she spoke, "Dad I need you and Mom to come over immediately, we have a lot to talk about."

Ruwee frowned, "Ok. Is everything alright?"

"Yes, Just come on over."

Ruwee nodded in silence as his image faded away.

A few minutes later, Sola and Darred Sat in their living room as Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie entered the living room. Sola noticed the grief that was visible in both her father and her mother's eyes. She wondered if the discovery of Leia would relieve some of that grief that had hurt them so much since the day that Padme had died.

"How was your vacation?" asked Jobal as she sat down.

"It was wonderful but, we did gain a new family member," replied Sola.

"A new family Member?" asked Ruwee.

Darred nodded, "There was an Escape Pod that crashed by the Lake, it contained two droids and a two year old girl."

"Who is the Girl and where is she from?" asked Jobal suspiciously.

"Remember R2? Padme's droid."

"Who could ever forget that droid?" asked Ruwee.

Sola smiled, "He was one of the droids onboard the Escape Pod."

"Are you sure?" asked Ruwee."

"Positive," replied Sola.

Darred then spoke, "Did you ever examine Padme's body during her burial?"

"Only My Mom did," replied Jobal.

Sola frowned, "I don't know what exactly happened but someone lied to us about the baby that she was carrying," stated Sola in anger.

"What do you mean lied to us?" asked Ruwee.

At that moment, It dawned upon Ruwee as he clenched his fists in anger, "Are you saying that, that the girl is her daughter?"

"Yes," replied Sola in anger.

Darred then spoke, "It appears as though Bail Organa adopted her. He stole her from us."

"You mean that Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan is my Granddaughter?" asked Jobal in shock.

"Come take a look if you don't believe us, she looks just like Padme," stated Sola.

"Just don't wake her she is sleeping," added Darred.

Jobal nodded as she followed her Daughter towards her spare bedroom with Ruwee at her side.

Minutes Later, Sola opened the door to Leia's Bedroom as her Parent's looked into the bedroom at the sleeping child in shock.

As Sola closed the door, Jobal gasped in shock, "For a moment, I thought that she was my little Padme."

"I thought the same thing," added Ruwee.

"I have lost all respect for Organa," stated Ruwee in rage.

"We lost Padme and, He steals her daughter? He had no right. I would like to tell the press."

"We can't," stated Darred.

"Why not," asked Ruwee.

"R2 said that Leia would be in danger if the Emperor or Vader discovered her. He said that she needs to be kept with us and, that we can't tell the Galaxy about her."

"That should be easy, The People of Naboo will be loyal to the child of their Queen. I doubt that we will have to do to much to hide her, I am going to consult with Dorme though and, see what she knows," stated Ruwee.

Sola nodded, "So shall Darred and I raise her?"

"Ruwee and I are both Sixty years old Sola.

We are way to old to be raising a two year old by ourselves. Of course you and Darred will raise her. We will even provide you with some of Padme's funds for the task. I never had the heart to spend her money."

"Save it for Leia, I have plenty of money that we can use for her easily," stated Darred.

Ruwee nodded as Sola spoke, "So it is settled, we will raise Leia and, I promise you that she will be treated as though she is our own child. She is after all the only living piece of Padme that we have."

"That is for certain," replied Ruwee.

Sola then walked towards the living room, followed by her husband and her parents.

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