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Nine months later:

"Here he comes Angel, here he comes," Anakin exclaimed as Padme cried out in pain. Within minutes, Anakin was awarded with the cries of his newborn Son as the boy took his first breath. He watched as the Medical Droids bathed him as the doctor examined the baby, "He is a very healthy boy."

"Let me see him Ani," Padme stated.

Anakin reached out for his Son and then moved towards Padme's side as she reached out and touched her Son's forehead as the boy opened his eyes, "He has your eyes Ani."

Anakin nodded, "Looks like he's going to have my hair too. So Owen Jinn Skywalker is his name then correct?"

"That is what we decided," Padme replied.

Anakin smiled as he kissed Owen's forehead.

At the same time he heard the doors of the hospital room hiss open as Luke and Leia rushed into the room followed by Sola and Jobal.

"Where's Ruwee and Darred?" Anakin asked.

"They went off to find something to eat," Sola replied.

Anakin nodded as he heard a voice, "We are right here."

Anakin exchanged a smile with Padme as his Father and Brother in Law entered the room with sandwiches.

"Did you bring me one?" Anakin asked.

"As a matter in fact we did, I figured that you'd remember that you were hungry once the baby was in your arms," Ruwee stated with a laugh as he approached Anakin with a large bundle that Anakin gratefully took in his arms as Padme drifted off to sleep, "Thank you."

"Can I hold him?" Jobal asked.

"Certainly," Anakin replied.

Jobal took the boy in her arms and looked down at him with a smile as Sola examined the boy from her Mother's side, "He certainly does have your looks Anakin, I think that he is going to be bigger than Luke though."

"I think that you're right," Anakin replied as he took a bite of his sandwich. At the same time, Anakin noticed Ahsoka walking into the room as Sola took Owen in her arms.

Ahsoka looked at Sola and nodded, "He is way bigger than Luke was at two months that is for certain."

"You helped with Luke a lot while Padme was recovering from everything didn't you?" Darred asked.

"It was mainly me for the first year that did the job," Ahsoka replied.

Anakin at the same time spoke, "So who is the new boyfriend Ahsoka?"

Ahsoka's face reddened, "Boyfriend?"

"Come on, I know that you've been seeing somebody. You're going to have to invite him over for dinner and make sure that he gets my approval."

Ahsoka nodded, "Ok Skyguy," She replied as she took Owen in her arms.

Anakin then looked over at Padme who was now opening her eyes, "Do you want the baby?"

"Where is he right now?" Padme asked.

"With me," Ahsoka stated as she brought Owen over to Padme's side.

Padme nodded as she took the baby in her arms and prepared to nurse him as she fell back to sleep.

Anakin at the same time noticed his son closing his eyes as he looked towards the door to see Obi-Wan and Dorme entering the room with a bundle of flowers and a gift.

For two months Obi-Wan and Dorme had been going out much to Anakin's surprise given Dorme's treatment of Obi-Wan although he did consider it somewhat of a good thing.

"Where is Siri?" Anakin asked.

"She's finishing up her homework, she's planning on coming later tonight" Obi-Wan replied.

Obi-Wan nodded, "Also, I hate to mention it but Yoda's ten years are up, he returned to Coruscant yesterday and has accepted a position on the Jedi Council under the authority of Master Ti. He said that he was sorry for all that he did."

"Only because he was proven wrong in the end," Anakin replied with a sneer.

"Well at least you don't have to worry about Organa again," Dorme stated.

Anakin nodded in response, not long after Mon Mothma's display of the Holovids that told of Anakin's turn and Anakin and Padme's interview, a group of men that had served under Captain Typho on Padme's security force had singled Organa out and had busted the Viceroy's jaw and broken both of his legs in a brutal assault before leaving him for dead in the streets of Coruscant.

Shortly after being released from the Hospital, Organa had returned to Alderaan and his popularity on Alderaan was also taking a nose dive. Organa had far to many problems at this point to worry about Anakin. A good portion of the Galaxy was still angry with Anakin for his actions as Vader but the people of Naboo were very forgiving and accepting of him despite his past. He was grateful for those that were off of Naboo that had accepted his apology although he knew that there were people that still hated him with good reason.

Anakin ended his thoughts as he looked over at Luke and Leia who were gazing at their baby brother as he spoke, "I already can see that you both are going to be spoiling him."

The twins both smiled at their Father in response.

The next morning, Anakin and Padme found themselves walking into their house with Owen in their arms and Luke and Leia following them closely behind.

Anakin looked at Padme with a smile, "I am so grateful that I have had a second chance."

"And another baby," Padme added as she kissed her Son on the forehead. Anakin nodded as he reached for Owen.

At the same time, he noticed Owen extending his tiny hand towards his face.

"You're trying to reach your Daddy?" Anakin asked with a smile.

Padme smiled as she spoke, "This is going to be a great time for us. The only thing is that we have a lot of late nights ahead of us."

"How did you handle them with Luke?" Anakin asked.

Padme sighed, "Ahsoka would get him out of his crib, I would be delirious from the lack of sleep as she woke me up to nurse him. A lot of times he would nurse while I slept and I would wake up and find myself holding him while Ahsoka watched. I am so thankful that she was there for me."

"The same is for me, she will always have a place in our family as long as I live," Anakin replied.

Padme nodded in agreement as she kissed Owen's forehead, "With you in the picture it's going to be a lot easier to handle those nights because I was really heartbroken over you during those long months with Luke, Ahsoka and Owen and Beru."

Anakin shook his head as he took Padme in his arms. He then spoke, "How about we call Owen and Beru and tell them the news? They will be up by now, it's only about 0400 in the morning on Tattooine but they are farmers."

Padme immediately followed her husband towards the holocom as it was activated.

Within moments, the couple was awarded with the sight of Owen and Beru Lars who both appeared on the Holocom.

"Hello Owen," Anakin stated with a smile.

Owen smiled as Beru spoke, "It is good to see you."

"Likewise, we have someone that we want you to meet."

"That you want us to meet?" Owen asked.

Padme then allowed Owen to appear in the Holocom as she spoke, "This is our baby, Owen Jinn Skywalker."

Owen looked at Anakin and Padme in disbelief, "You named him after me?"

"You kept Luke away from Kenobi, you and Beru saved my wife with the help of Ahsoka, if you ask me that name was well deserved," Anakin replied.

Owen was in complete disbelief as he spoke, "I-I'm overwhelmed."

Anakin smiled at Owen in response as he spoke, "How are your kids doing?"

"They are doing great, they are both asleep right now though," Beru replied.

Anakin nodded, "When Owen gets a little older we will have to come out and visit you and see the kids."

"That would be nice, we will be looking forward to that visit," Owen replied.


Yoda sat alone in his quarters in shame and regret as he meditated on his mistakes ten years earlier. He had failed the Jedi Order in so many ways. Now he wasn't even the Grand Master, his position had been passed onto Shaak Ti. Now here he was as a Jedi Master who was now filled with shame as he thought over his mistakes. His mistakes had turned Organa from a good man to a selfish and cold hearted greedy political pig. He had almost caused Padme death. He had deprived the woman of nine years with her daughter who was raised by Padme's sister, he had almost succeeded in only keeping Vader on the Dark side when Vader was able to be redeemed.

Redemption, he had never thought of a fallen Jedi being redeemed. He had always said, "Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

But by saying so he was ignoring history. He was ignoring Revan's redemption or the redemption of Ulic Qel-Droma.

Yoda sighed, he had failed everyone and everything after nine hundred years and all of the wisdom that he possessed he had gotten to the point that he didn't think logically or use the wisdom in the manner that he was meant to. Yes, he was right about many things in terms of how destructive the Dark Side was but after ten years of exile and a nine hundred year lifespan he still had a lot to learn.

The Ancient Jedi Master immediately hobbled over towards his nearby tea kettle as he poured himself a cup of tea before sitting back down and going back into meditation mode.


Anakin held Owen in his arms as Leia ran up to his side. He smiled, "Would you like to hold him?"

"Yes," Leia eagerly replied.

Anakin smiled as he handed Owen to Leia before standing up and leaving the room. He immediately headed into the kitchen where he started to make sandwiches for lunch as Luke entered the room, "Is your Mom awake yet?"

Luke shook his head, "She was very tired."

Anakin nodded as he saw Leia walk into the room with her crying brother in her arms.

"Dad, I think that he's hungry, he's crying."

At that moment, Anakin noticed Padme walking down the stairs from her sleep, of course a Mother would hear her baby's cries even in her deep sleep, Anakin mused as Padme took the baby from Leia and headed into the living room to nurse him.

Anakin then gestured to the plate of sandwiches, "Go ahead and take one for yourselves, I'm taking one to your Mom."

The twins both nodded in response as Anakin headed into the living room where Padme was sitting with Owen. He immediately handed her a sandwich as she spoke, "I'm so glad that we have him."

"Me too, I'm just happy that we're all together now."

"And nothing will ever pull us apart again," Padme stated.

"Well you know, Leia will get married after I beat a few boys up, Luke will probably get married and the same for Owen, that will probably pull us apart."

"Ani, you stop right now, they are ten years old for Force sakes and Owen is only two days old. Do not talk that way!" Padme stated.

Anakin merely smiled at his Angel in response, "I love seeing you like this."

Padme playfully gave her husband a smack on the shoulder before leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

At the same time, Anakin saw Luke and Leia walk into the room. He looked towards them with a smile, "So tomorrow someone is starting their first day in the legislative youth program," Anakin stated with a smile towards his daughter.

Leia eagerly nodded in response as a smile crossed her face. She had been waiting for the moment that she would enter the program for her entire life. Tomorrow was the beginning.

"I'm so ready for tomorrow," Leia replied.

"I'm sure that you are and you will succeed," Padme stated.

Leia nodded in eager response as she heard the doorbell ring, "I'll get it," Leia stated as she stood up and ran to the door.

She opened the door to see Han Solo standing right before her in full uniform while holding a bundle of flowers and a large package, "Hello Han."

"Hello there Leia, are your Parents home?"

Leia nodded, "Come on in."

"Mom, Dad, Han Solo is here," Leia excitedly stated.

Anakin smiled as Han entered the room, "Good to see you again Commander Solo."

"Thank you sir, I can't stay long, but these flowers are from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor along with the gifts inside of this box. They asked me to deliver them personally and to congratulate the two of you on the new addition to the family."

"Tell Mon and Pooja that we really appreciate the gift," Padme replied.

Han nodded as he looked at little Owen, "Looks like he takes after his Dad."

Padme nodded in agreement as Han looked over at Luke, "How you doing Kid?"

"Good," Luke replied.

Anakin then spoke, "So Mon and Pooja have placed you in their personal security force?"

"Yes Sir, and it's a busy job," Han replied.

"I can imagine so," Anakin replied.

Han then bowed politely before taking Anakin's hand, "I will see you later Sir."

Anakin nodded, "I am certain that our paths will cross again just stay on the path that you're on," Anakin replied with a smile towards the young Officer as he turned and left the house.

Padme moved towards the box in near tears, "Look Ani, they gave us some outfits and some toys. How thoughtful of them."

"Mon is our friend and Pooja is family, of course they are thoughtful,"

Anakin replied with a smile as he kissed his wife.

Padme then looked towards Luke and Leia before looking back at Owen. Anakin picked his Son up as he looked at Leia, everything had started with him finding her almost one year before here on Naboo while visiting his wife's grave. Now, here he was with his completed family. Now he had everything that he wanted and needed and he didn't want anything besides the wonderful wife and daughter and two sons that he had.

He smiled as he looked his family over one last time while giving Leia a firm hug.


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