It was a loud day in the Matlin house. Today, for once since her rebellious streak, Katie was home and she brought Jake Martin, for whatever reason. And they were playing tic tac toe in the other room before, quietly. And then, Marisol trotted in with Mo and it turned into a loud game of Candyland. Mo and Jake were still arguing about the first game, third game in.

Also, Tori and Tristan were over. They were supposed to be studying sheet music with Maya but her mom had them watching Four Weddings with her all day in the living room. Their instruments were long forgotten. Every few seconds, she heard Tori gasp out all the air in her longs and yell something about what her wedding should be like. Or maybe, it was Tristan. Sometimes it was her mom.

Then, a few feet away, there was Cam and her dad who were talking intensely about something that seemed important, but her dad didn't appear homicidal. Tori and Tristan did, slightly glaring at him every couple of seconds, but everything was fine when Maya trudged upstairs to go to her room.

She was supposed to be studying her music, did she mention that? But it was sort of impossible with all that noise downstairs. It sounded like some sort of frat house, a lame one but a frat house nonetheless. And playing her cello, like she was supposed to, didn't really help diminish all the noise. She felt like the Grinch on Christmas.

Frustrated, Maya laid face down on her bed, listening to Tori and Tristan gushing about a butterfly release, Mo moaning about being eaten by an evil licorice man, and Cam… wait a second, she didn't hear him anymore… Maya raised her head and found herself facing the very same boy on her mind leaning on her door.

"Maya?" he asked quietly. "Why are you upstairs?"

"It's loud down there. I wanted to practice." Maya complained, a whine in her voice. He gave her a sympathetic look as he sat down at the edge of her bed while she sat up. She sighed, downtrodden.

"Do you want to practice at my house? It's empty." Cam offered.

Maya narrowed her eyes at him. "Are you trying to seduce me?" Cam laughed.

"If I was, I would have suggested that a long time ago." Maya rolled her eyes at him. "But no, I know music is important to you and if one day you get stuck waiting for me after hockey practice, then I can use this to counter your cleverly and thought-out argument with."

"Wait a minute-"

"Hey, where is Maya?" Maya heard Tori question from downstairs. Cam shushed her, smiling. As Katie and her crew made a chorus of uncertainty, she heard Tristan scoff.

"Is she with Campbell? We're supposed to be practicing sheet music, this is so not cool!"