Chapter 1

Tech has captured plenty of bounties, but there is one bounty she feels is unattainable. Where the prize is not money, but something she thought she never needed.

In the world of Lore, there are six great heroes. The Hero of Twilight, Czaph. The Necromancer, Des. The Black Mage, Seher. The Weaver of Souls, Xavier. Then there's the greatest hero of them all… The Hero of the Prophecy, Intex. Now you're wondering you only named five, well the sixth one is me. The Bounty Hunter, Tech. Suddenly, I'm disturbed from my inner monologue by a loud roar. I took out a treat from my pocket, and tossed it to the red dragon beside me. Xuithcoal caught it in his mouth and his black eyes shined in happiness, I looked up at him.

"I wonder what bounty will face us today, come on let's head to the Sandsea" He snorted.

I could never really hide anything from him, I climbed up his back and he took off. We reached the Sandsea, and I climbed off. I patted his head, and entered the desert city. I saw Zhoom in his usual place, near the entrance of King SekDuat the first. He was defeated by Zhoom and Intex, I walked over to him and he smiled when he noticed me.

"Hey, Zhoom" I greeted him.

"Tech, what brings you here in the Sandsea?" he asked

"Looking for a job, anything new?"



"If you really want a job, you can help me with mine, for free of course" he smirked.

"I thought there isn't anything new?"

"Ah. I meant for you" I rolled my eyes.

"Alright, I'm in"

"Good. Let's go" When we reached the desert, he informed me of the details.

"All we have to do is catch a man who is running away from his debts, and we need to bring him back alive. Simple"

"Right" I said a bit uneasy.

We reached an abandoned temple and went inside, it's quiet. Zhoom gave me a signal, and I hid behind a wall. I readied my bow and a little while later, I saw a man pop his head out. Like a mouse that saw that the coast is clear, he walked out from his hiding place. I waited until he was in my line of fire and when he was, I let my arrow go. It hit him in the leg, and he groaned in pain. Zhoom walked over to him, bow ready.

"If you don't want to die, follow me" He nodded obediently.

I slowly walked over to them and together we left the abandoned temple, we headed back to the Sandsea. Suddenly, I got a bad feeling. I turned and looked, at the same time I saw a glint of sliver.

"Argh" Zhoom fell.

He held his chest as the man runs away, headed deeper into the desert.

"Zhoom, you okay?" He groaned.

"Get him" He gritted.

Knowing Zhoom, he wouldn't forgive me if I put him ahead of a bounty. I ran after him and a little while later, I found him trapped like a mouse. These are my favorite kind of bounties, he got on his knees and begged for his life but I didn't listen. I knocked him out with the back of my sword, and then I grabbed him by the hair and dragged him back. I put Zhoom on Xuithcoal, and the bounty on Zhoom's horse.

I got on, and rode back to the Sandsea. I quickly went to the client and brought him his now half-conscious bounty, and got paid. Then I pocketed the money, and brought Zhoom into the Inn. I sat him down on one of the beds and stripped him of his shirt, there was a long cut on his tanned muscular chest. I opened one of the drawers and took out a first aid kit, the Innkeeper was smart to keep one here. I dressed his wound and when I was done, I asked him.

"Why did you take that dagger for me?"

He smirked and grabbed me by the head, and he pulled me down to his lips. The kiss was rough and full of passion… on both ends. Finally after what seemed like a long time but also too short, he pulled away.

"Did that answer your question?" A similar smirk appeared on my face.

"I think I need more convincing"

"Hm..." He leaned in again.