Chapter 11


"Are… are you sure this is going to work?" I asked.

All eight bacon orbs were floating in a circle, and I'm surrounded by the mages.

"Nope" Cysero grinned.

Cysero and I went to gather all eight bacon orbs, using the time machine. We fought elementals and Doctor When. At the same time they kept the shield up, this protected Falconreach from the darkness. This is our only chance to defeat the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich.

"It… it is reckless and paradoxical but… it actually might work"

"The Orbs have to be returned as soon as possible though if we succeed"

"I am relieved that my roommate had enough restraint to limit the possible catastrophic damage to less than a day's time…"

Suddenly the generator blinked and stopped, we looked toward it worriedly. I forgot to mention that the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich ate the sun, so… yeah.

"At least the light shield is-"

The shield that was protecting Falconreach blinked and went away, but then returned seconds later.

"Let's get going" There is no time to waste.

"Yes, we must move swiftly" He closed his eyes, and held out his orb.

He opened his eyes, they were white. He let out a blast of magic and the orbs lit up, they started to spin and turned into one Orb. I held it in my hand.

"Such power…"

"This is our only shot"

"Hellebore! Let's make it count!" He roared.

I got on him. His green eyes were determined. He took off, the shield blinked once and I hoped that it will hold up. I heard Warlic as we left.

"Go, Intex, Hellebore! You're our only hope!"

"You must destroy the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich"

I nod. I will save Lore, even if it means fighting till my last breath.


"Hellebore…" His black body is tattooed with the primal skill of the Bacon Orb.

"We can do this"

"We were meant for this."

"To save Lore?" I asked.

"To destroy a planet" He growled.

He roared a battle roar, before we flew toward the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dragon. We started firing fireballs at his head. He roared as he got hit with them, we avoided the darkness elementals and debris. We continued to hit him with fireballs. He roared and we went to him, before we got overtaken by the shadows. We attacked his tail, but when we destroyed it, it regenerated within the shadows. This continued on, we breathed fire on him, and then hit a part of his body but it regenerated.


"It's too big… Anything we defeat just gets recovered in shadows!"

"You cannot defeat me. The darkness surrounds me, foolish mortal"

"Intex…" A new voice called.

"It makes me stronger! Stronger than you can comprehend!"

"Intex, listen to me"

"I have eaten the sun and continue to grow!"

"You remain nothing. Nothing but a plaything for me!"

"Soon I will even block out the stars"

"Who is that?" I asked Hellebore.

"It's draconic…"

"Darkness devours all"

"My power surpasses that of Voidstar!"

"…Draconic… Fluffy?"

"Not even the avatars could stop me!" It continued to gloat.

"I was not meant for this. The Orb lies within the heart… destroy it, and let the Light go free"


We breathed fire on his chest and a hole appeared, light shined within it.

"What have you done? What have you done?!"

The Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich had burst and the sun returned to its rightful place. I sighed in relief, it's over. Finally.