Sepulchure's point of view…

I opened my eyes and sat up, this is not Lore. Everything here was dark and gloomy, I stood up.

"Sepulchure?" A familiar voice from long ago called, my heart skipped a beat.

"Lynaria?" I looked up, and true enough a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, was in front of me.

"Am I dead?" I asked.

"No, you are drifting…"

"Drifting… between life and death"

She took my hand, it was cold. "Listen, we don't have much time"

"Please stop trying to bring me back, this is where I belong now" I was about to protest.

"You must stop living in the past, only then can you truly start living again"

"… And enjoy what you do have" Her eyes twinkled knowingly.

I shook my head. "I… have come too far to give in to such a trivial thing as happiness"

"I will bring you back"

"What reason do you have to bring me back? It's over, Sepulchure. What's done is done"

"Even then…. I-" I stopped when I had noticed we had an audience.

"You don't belong here" It was Death.

"Wait!" I commanded.

"Be gone!"

I opened my eyes again, and this time I'm on a beach. The broken remains of my Doom Knight armor was scattered in pieces around the beach, I found out that I'm on a deserted island which was just a boat ride away from the mainland. I stretched my fingers as I tried on my new armor, I didn't feel as powerful but still strong. I treated my chest wound made by that… traitor, after I treated my wound I made my way to Falconreach.

Along the way I heard that Intex had defeated the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich while I was passed out, I was unconscious for four days. I continued to walk on the path in front of me until I reached a cliff. It's the same cliff we would frequently meet on. The wind blew hard as I stared up at the sky, I held up the cloak of my master. I clenched my fist around it. I will get my revenge on him.

He is still out there, that traitor too. I frowned as I stared at the setting sun. Until then… I cannot return to what I had begun to call home. I cannot return to her… not until my job is done. I… owed her more than that, her and Lynaria. With a heavy heart, I turned away from the view and walked down the hill and followed the opposite path I wished to go. The sky is fully darkened now as I continued down the path. For the first time I felt truly alone.