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The Final Mission


Chuck stumbled into the hotel room, headed directly to the bed, and basically collapsed onto it in a heap. It was a long moment before he could do anything except lay there and gasp for breath. "Thank you for rescuing me," he was finally able to get out. "It was pure hell out there."

"You're welcome," Sarah said as she looked at her husband in genuine concern. He was positively drenched in sweat. "Are you sure that you're all right?" she finally asked. "You really don't look so good. One of these days our final mission is actually going to have to be our final mission before you really get hurt."

"That's the worst torture I've ever heard of," he replied between panting breaths. "She put all of those old Fulcrum people to shame. Why didn't you warn me?"

Sarah was finally convinced that he was okay. "I did warn you," she said with a laugh. "Chuck, what were you thinking? Trying to keep up with an eleven year old all day in the Magic Kingdom? That's a suicide mission."

Chuck finally was able to crack a smile. "Where does she get all that energy?" he asked between pants. "I've never been more exhausted in my life. For the first four years we came here Molly was all into the princesses. All I had to do was stand in line with her while she waited to talk to Ariel and Belle. Now all of a sudden she's into the thrill rides. She must have dragged me on Space Mountain some twenty times. She is actually very fast. I think that she might become a track star in a few years."

"Don't exaggerate," Sarah said, openly making fun of him. "It was only twelve times. I honestly never thought I'd see you less than enthusiastic about riding Space Mountain. You may want to be careful. Jeff and Lester may come back from all the groupies in Germany and take away your nerd badge."

"Right…" Chuck said sarcastically, intentionally drawing out the word. "Like Jeff and Lester would ever leave groupies. If they did, I'd take away their nerd badge."

That got Sarah laughing. "Good point," she said.

Chuck finally was able to lift his head enough to look around. "Where is Kate?"

Sarah laughed at him even harder. "Some responsible father you turned out to be," she teased. "You're just now noticing that your four year old daughter is missing? It's a good thing that Chuck Junior stayed with Morgan and Alex. Katie is with Grandma Emma and Molly down at the pool."

"Next year Chuck Junior comes with us right?" Chuck asked. "I really miss the little guy."

"Yes," Sarah sighed. "That was our deal. He'll be three. Besides, who knows what new 'skills' Morgan is teaching him as we speak? I really miss him too. I'm going to call him in a few minutes."

"Kate really loves the pool, doesn't she? Maybe we should think about getting one put in."

"Pools are a lot of work," Sarah said thoughtfully. "It would have been different if we had stayed in L.A. In Chicago you don't get to use them for very many months of the year. Besides with the jet, we're always close to someplace for Katie to go swimming. So let's think about it. But you're right. As it turns out, we've raised something of a fish. I'm going out there to join them in a few."

"You're not wearing that?" Chuck asked in faux alarm once he realized that Sarah had changed into her bikini. Normally having two kids would have taken a major toll on the body of a woman in her mid-thirties. But Sarah Bartowski was honestly more beautiful today than she had ever been before the kids. Part of it was she still worked out every day like a body builder. And okay, maybe part of it was the bigger chest. But it was far more her aura. Now days she almost always had a relaxed smile on her face that simply shouted confident beauty. She had always turned heads. But now it was bordering on ridiculous. "I'm not sure that you're allowed to wear that sexy of a bikini inside the borders of Disney World," Chuck explained. "I think it's in the official hotel rules. After all, probably lots of single dads walking around the pool. We wouldn't want any unfortunate incidents in front of the children. Would we?"

"I could take it off," Sarah teased. "But then again, I'm almost positive that would be against the Disney rules. Thank you for your concern. It was sweet. Why do you really think that I do all of those sit ups?"

"I'm actually too tired to put up a valid protest," Chuck sighed as he turned again so that the air conditioner would blow directly on his face. "So go ahead and be as sexy as you want. I can't stop you. I'm taking a nap. Don't forget our deal."

That got Sarah laughing openly at the faux deal she had made with him several years ago at Beckman's retirement party with all of the agents milling around looking for a conquest. She had never been in a room with so much testosterone on disgusting display. "Don't worry," she said. "How could I forget? You remind me every couple of days. If anybody even looks like he is about to hit on me, I'll kick him directly in the side of his head and then come and tell you all about it. Happy?"

"Happy?" Chuck groaned. "How can I be happy? Can't you see that I'm dying here?"

Sarah's laugh held very little sense of sympathy. "Don't forget," she said. "Katie wants to show you how she can jump into the pool all by herself."

"I'd better get out there," Chuck said with clearly more energy than he had expressed just a moment ago. "Where is my suit?"

"Relax," Sarah said with a smile as she saw the father in Chuck come quickly to the surface. Naturally she was only teasing about him being a bad father earlier. In fact, he was nothing short of amazing. She had always looked forward to seeing Chuck as a dad. But she wasn't honestly thinking he'd be this great. He was totally devoted. Both Katie and Chuck Junior worshiped him. "Take your nap. You've earned it. Katie can practice with Grandma until you're ready."

Chuck sighed in relief and enjoyed the air conditioning blowing directly on his face for a long moment. "You're not fooling me," he said. "You just want to flaunt that sexy bikini for a while without me messing up your style. I'm on to you missy."

That predictably got Sarah laughing again. But then again, for the past five years she had spent most of her days laughing. The jealousy act was actually an inside joke between them, a leftover from the spy days. Well, Chuck's jealousy was an act anyway. Sarah could still occasionally find a way to let some young woman know in no uncertain terms that she didn't appreciate the way she was looking at her husband's ass. For some reason it was happening more and more often lately. And actually, Sarah knew the reason. Chuck was still cute as ever. And being a billionaire thanks to some good investing didn't hurt either.

So far Sarah had resisted the temptation to kick any of the gold digger wannabes in the head. But it had honestly come close more than once. Fortunately, he always made a point of making sure that she knew that she was the only woman he would ever look at. "Maybe," she said. "But don't worry. I'm pretty sure that having a four year old daughter holding your hand messes up your style just as much."

Chuck had no choice but to agree. "Thank you, Katie," he sighed in faux relief. "Always looking out for daddy."

That got Sarah laughing even harder. "Remember," she said. "We're all meeting for dinner in a little while, so it's going to have to be a quick nap. And you promised Molly that you would take her back tonight to watch the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle. I think that Clara and Katie should stay here for a couple of years. The fireworks would scare them. And you promised the gang EPCOT tomorrow. Katie is constantly telling anyone who will pretend to listen that daddy is going to take her for a ride in the big shinny ball."

Chuck openly groaned. "This is a nightmare," he said. "EPCOT is twice as big as the Magic Kingdom. And now I suppose you're going to expect me to seduce you tonight when I get back."

"Well, it is your turn," Sarah said with a laugh. "A third 'maybe baby' isn't going to just fall from the sky, right? A deal is a deal. Kate is sleeping with Molly and Grandma again so the stealth moves won't be necessary. Just between us, it might help prime the seduction pump a little if you didn't make it sound like such a chore. I think that you might be taking me for granted a little. Maybe you could even take a shower first. I mean, no offense or anything, but right now you're… well, you're kinda gross."

That actually got a twinkle. "Like that's really going to stop you," he teased. "Who are we trying to kid? I'm thinking that the seduction pump is already plenty primed."

"Good point," Sarah said as she plopped down on the bed and playfully straddled her husband, leaning forward to pin his arms over his head… and conspicuously rub her scantily covered chest against his along the way. "Who really cares if I get all sweaty? I'm about to jump into the pool anyway. Understand something. Whatever pre-nap quickie I can coax out of you here now does not in any way relieve you of any of your responsibilities tonight. I expect some fireworks of an entirely different nature. Disney probably isn't the place for James Bond. Maybe you could break out a Full Bartowski Treatment. It has been a few days."

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck sighed. "Sarah, I'm trying hard to not ever take you for granted. If you think that, then…"

Sarah stopped him with a finger to his lips and a huge grin that clearly told him that she was just teasing. She felt a little bad teasing him about it. She knew that he was pretty sensitive to the idea of ever appearing anything but grateful to have her… needlessly sensitive. The honest truth was that her life was simply perfect. There was no other way to describe it.

Almost every memory had eventually returned. And even the bad memories now didn't seem quite so bad. The only major gap that remained was their wedding, their first wedding that is. She had watched the tape a gazillion times but still couldn't remember it. But she did have some wedding moments to fondly recall. Chuck insisted that they make that memory just for her, so they had reaffirmed their vows a few years ago.

Naturally that included a third first wedding night and honeymoon in Paris. Chuck pulled some strings, the ones that were wrapped around a pile of cash, and they got the very same room as the first time. They even rode the same train and again tried very hard to rock it off the tracks. After all, what good was being filthy rich if you couldn't enjoy yourselves? Fortunately there were no terrorists on the train this time… at least none they were aware of.

And her amazing husband… even after being married for over six years, two kids, and another being actively worked on, he could still make her laugh helplessly on demand anytime he wanted. And he was constantly romancing her, in his own incredibly sweet, totally nerdy way. He was still making it a point to be sure that he always appeared totally appreciative of what they had. It was indescribably sweet. And that didn't come close to how appreciative she was of what they had. She could honestly say that she was looking forward to whatever moves he would come up with tonight every bit as much as their first time in Paris, or even their second first time back at the old apartment in Burbank.

Perhaps they were currently in Disney World, a place where fairy tales are commonplace. But her love story with Chuck was a real life fairy tale that was more magical than all of the storybook ones combined. And the funny thing was that it got better every single day. If Sarah wasn't almost constantly laughing, she could get a little teary eyed just thinking about how incredibly lucky she was. But she had learned long ago to stop trying to figure it out, and just enjoy the ride. "Chuck," she said in mostly faux annoyance.

"Shut up and kiss me."

The End


A/N: This is a little bittersweet for me. On the one hand, I'm very proud of the story. And although we argue a lot, BrickRoad and I just seem to click together. I'm a much better writer because of her.

We got tons of amazing support. I was very appreciative of that.

But there are also elements of the fandom that I certainly won't miss. One of the worst things about the internet is that the anonymous nature emboldens some to say things that they would never have the courage to say in person. I'm honestly saddened by that more than angry. There are ways to disagree and still be civil. I've always tried to be open to listening to different points of view. I've actually changed storylines based upon reader comments. Critical reviews are one thing. Personal attacks are different.

Anybody who was hanging around in the weeks prior to the finale knew that some variant of this story was what I was expecting from the finale. I fully expected to see Sarah falling in love again. To say that I was disappointed in what we got is far, far short of reality. I'm not sure how anybody could be happy with the main storyline of the series being reset and not resolved. We should have ended with Chuck and Sarah together, happy, and planning their future. Anything short of that was, in my opinion, a cheat. The flash forward would have been a nice touch.

Reading fan fiction is no substitute for watching the show. I get that. But hopefully this helps a little.

Chuck and Sarah Bartowski are fictional characters. They only truly exist in the mind of their creator, Chris Fedak. He says they are together someplace and happy. And since he is the only one who would know, we don't have much choice but to believe him.

People ask me if this is my last story. Probably. It is far more work than I think people realize. But there are still plenty of opportunities for interesting stories. Chuck and Sarah have pasts with enemies, there are still plenty of men to lust after Sarah (just kidding), Chuck is still the only intersect in the world. There are still plenty of chances for them to find trouble. I'm frankly a little surprised that there is still this much interest. The show has been off the air for almost exactly a year now.

So, we'll see.