From Brookland to Brecon

AN: Hey guys, another long story on my long list of projects (not to mention work which is killing me) but a very good author agentcherub had to stop writing this story due to a loooooooong trip to China. Since the plot line is good (albeit, the writing presentation needed a little tweaking), I decided to adopt it and give it a shot.

So, onwards with a very overused idea and let me have my fun folks.

Disclaimer: Not only do I NOT own the Alex Rider series in any shape of form, but the original idea came from the author agentcherub.

Summary: Separating his secret life from his real life isn't very easy, but when Brookland school goes to Brecon Beacons, let's just say it's getting harder. Not to mention that Alex is going there as Cub.

Now, after this little note, on with the story.

It was a Friday afternoon in Brookland Comprehensive School, otherwise known as simply Brookland to the local population. And who says Friday afternoon says Year Ten in History Class with Mr Kydd.

Said teacher had just finished class ten minutes earlier in order to make an announcement. Of course, the news was lost amidst the chattering chaos. Unable to take it any longer, a massive headache mounting from the whole week, Mr Kydd shouted, "QUIET!".

When silence finally came, Mr Kydd gave a tired smile. "Thank you. Now, I know that you all want to go and enjoy your week-end but I still need your attention for the next couple of seconds. As you all know, the government wants to better promote interest in the army. Therefore, our class was part of the lucky few who get to spend a month in the nearest training camp. Ours would be with the SAS, which would be where exactly?"

A blonde girl with a handful of brown streaks raised her hand. When she was acknowledged, she answered. "Brecon Beacons in Wales."

"Very good Miss Bladeheart. Yes, we will be going at Brecon Beacons for a whole month starting in two weeks. Your parents have already received a more detailed letter with the inventory that would be needed. I have your permission slips right here which should be signed and returned by Monday. No delays except for special circumstances. Who will take the permission slips for Mister J. Clark, Mister M. Clarke and Miss Lee? It is imperative that they have it by the this week-end."

A couple of students raised their hands. Mr Kydd nodded to them. "Alright, come up to me so that I give you your permission slips and off you go. Have a nice week-end."

The students rushed to the teacher's desk so that they could go on week-end. Only two specific students, with a couple of others, didn't join the crowd. Tom Harris was trying to convinced his best friend, Alex Rider that he shouldn't look so gloom. Nobody was to sure since they didn't want to be to near the "druggy". They were the last two to get their permission slips.

"Mr Rider," the History teacher called out, "don't forget to either make sure your guardian signs the papers and have a doctor sign a medical excuse so that you can be excused from the exhausting activities.

"Yes, sir," Came the muttered reply.

— 4B2B —

Alex slammed the front door viciously. Tom just couldn't get the bigger picture! Brecon Beacons! The Hell of all Hells! His own Personal Nightmare with a capital P and N thank you very much! But nooooooo, Tom could only see the cool training camp where the class would be going.

"Well somebody had a good day," Jack mocked gently.

"Perfectly well until the last couple of minutes," Alex responded. "Say Jack."

"Yes Alex?"

"Did you get any letters recently from my school?"

"Now that you mention it, yes I did today. I didn't open it yet."

The phone rang before Alex could say anything. His day just couldn't get any worse than the last couple of minutes, could it. Spirits already very low, he answered with saccharine "Hello?"

"This is the Royal Generals Bank. We are calling since you have a problem with your account. Could you please come in the hour please?"

"But of course. How shouldn't I?" The sarcasm could be distinctly heard.

The phone clicked shut. Alex sighed dejectedly. "I've got to go to the bank, once again."

"Oh, Alex." Jack felt helpless. "I'm sure that it is nothing."

"No, it's about what's in the letter. Read it while I go and see what they want once again."

"Maybe it is nothing for once." The housekeeper tried to lift her charge's spirit. But even she didn't believe it.

"I'll see you later Jack."

"Ok Alex. Pizza tonight?"

The blond boy smiled slightly. "That would be great." Off he went to the Headquarters of Doom with the Devil Boss himself. He wasn't in a good mood, so what?

— 4B2B —

Of course the meeting went exactly like he imagined it would be. Except for one little detail.

"I'm sorry Mr Blunt, I may have misheard you, could you please repeat that?"

Mrs Jones intervened, nipping a potential argument before it could happen. "What Mr Blunt means is that we believe that this is an excellent opportunity for you to train yourself in concealing in plain sight. Therefore, you will be leaving by Monday with Agent Daniels to get re-use to military structure for the next two weeks. You'll be undercover as Cub for the next month for your class."

"No way! I refuse! Already I have to make sure that K-Unit or any other other members who remember me to not say anything, but now I have to do the other way around? Are you insane or what?"

"We have no choice Mr Rider." Alan Blunt stated with his usual tone of voice. "We've received threats from Scorpia concerning your class. They don't know which class exactly but our spy in the inside gave us every class that was in danger. Hence this little government project to uphold the reputation of the army by having a class staying one month in the camp nearest to the school. Your class was labeled number twenty out of twenty."

"So in short, my class and nineteen others are at risk due to Scorpia?" Alex couldn't believe it. Scorpia was attacking students again and this time it was his fault.

"I see that we understand each other perfectly. Go see Smithers for some gadgets and get ready to leave by Monday at ten o'clock."

"Yes sir." The muttered sarcasm was thinly veiled with melancholy. He had no choice but to go save his class by being undercover. At least he didn't have to save the world again, but it would be just as difficult to not be recognized at camp.

Walking towards the lab of one out of the two favorite persons of this Agency. Maybe Smithers will uplift his spirits.

As usual, as he entered the lab of the jovial man, he thought he had entered a toy store. Smithers was there, nearly jumping out of his skin in excitement. "Alex my boy." The giddiness and happiness was emanating from the bulky man while infecting Alex as well.

"Hi Smithers. So, you know what I'm about to do, right?"

"Sure I do. And I got a couple of gadgets just for you." Bouncing towards a tray, Smithers motioned Alex to him. "Since you will be going to a training camp, you can't have may gadgets. So, I had to think very hard as to what you can bring."

"So, you can't give me very much, can you?"

"Au contraire." The fake french accent made Alex both smile and wince. "I looked up at the basic kit that you can bring. The items that you can bring are razor, shaving foam or gel, Shower gel or soap with soap dish, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and towels. Not to mention, a couple of extras. Which brings me to your new gadgets." They were six items in total.

Alex had to restrain a smile. "Can you tell me what boot laces, toothpaste, shaving foam, a blue towel, a wristwatch and a mobile phone are as gadgets? Not to mention the last two are already in my possession."

"Yes I can. The boot laces are in reality diamond edged laces. You have a small gap for you not to cut your fingers, but the majority of it is very cutting. The toothpaste is a paralyzing paste coded to your DNA, mix it with your saliva, spit it out and as soon as the mixture hits an another DNA, it will activate a nerve agent and paralyze the body in less than five seconds. The shaving foam is the same as the zit cream I gave you. It can eat through anything metallic, on top of that I am giving you a smaller bottle for you to refill and carry anywhere with you. Not to mention, it is an excellent shaving cream. The razor is plastic so it doesn't melt." He turned to look at Alex. "Those were only the small gadgets for fun. Here are the better ones, if I do say so myself. The towel is actually a portable raft and parachute. You see the designs here?" He pointed at the triangle and circle shaped patterns on the side. "Triangle is parachute and circle is raft. You need your fingerprints on only three shapes of the same type for three seconds before the towel become one of the two options. Nobody else can activate it and if you press on different shapes, it won't change."

Smithers put everything into a bag except for the last two gadgets. "Now, these last two are a beauty. The mobile phone has a connection anywhere in the world and you can access any criminal database with our allies, with your security limit of course."

"Of course." Alex parroted. "But what is my security level?"

"You'll have to wait and see, Alex. But it is quite high, what with the missions you have done. Now, to access the database, you either type in the name or upload a photo on the MyCrime application. Finally, you can call directly to MI6 by pressing the one, Agent Daniels by pressing the two and myself by pressing the three."

"Got it." Alex pocketed the phone. "And the wristwatch?"

"It's not like I wanted you to go there unarmed, despite you being in the military and surrounded by weapons. The watch has three paralyzing dart which you can activate by pressing three times the button on the side. On top of that, it has a GPS tracking device and you can alert us if you are in trouble if you don't have your phone on you. Just adjust the needles to Twelve o'clock and press the button five times to send the alert."

"Thanks Smithers. At least I know that you've got my back."

"Don't you worry about anything, Alex. Just come back in one piece and give hell to your class."

"Will do." Just as Alex was about to leave, Smithers stopped him.

"Just one moment. I made another watch for your young friend Mr Harris. It has the same features as you do so that you won't have to worry about his protection."

"Thanks Smithers, you are a real pal." Alex practically bounced out of the bank and back to his house. The key word being "practically" since he was still a teenage boy and it wasn't proper to act that way. It was only after waking up the next morning that he remembered one crucial detail. How would K-Unit react to his class and that he would have to hide his identity?