Dark Angel

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Author's Note:  Alright, I am definitely redoing the Prologue through Chapter 25.  Why?  There is too many things that do not go well together at this point and I don't like it.  As of right now, the timeline for Star Wars and Dragon Ball Z are the same, meaning that three years have passed in both universes.  Goku is still alive and I will explain that at the very end.  When I had started this crossover a long time ago, I hadn't seen the end of the Android Saga/Cell Games, so I did not know what had happened then.  Now that I have seen the end of DBZ and Attack of the Clones, I can put to good use the new information that I have received. 

I am doing it chapter by chapter, uploading it every time I finish a new part.  Ignore what happens in the next chapters if they don't go together.  Enjoy!


            This was something he had not done in years but felt like he had been doing this for all of his life.  Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi stood in the throne room of the Theed palace on Naboo, no emotions on his face or eyes like it should be done.  His arms were slightly crossed over his chest as he stared straight ahead at the person that sat before him not too far away.  He was clad in the traditional Jedi robes that he wore nearly every day like the Jedi of the past.  He had his lightsabre clipped on his light brown belt, which gleamed in the light, natural or otherwise noted, of the room.  His bluish-grey eyes had a hint of longing in them as they drifted every so often to the child that stood next to him.

            It had been three years since he had been in this very same palace of the queen.  Three years since he had watched his Master, Qui-gon Jinn, die at the hands of a Sith.  Three years since he had killed the very same Sith that had dared to kill his teachers.  Three years since he took Anakin Skywalker in as his own Padawan, despite Yoda's and other's objections.  Still, as he stood in the throne room, there was a chance that Yoda and Mace could be right.  Right that the small boy could not be the one that would save them.  Of course, they had to prove it to him first.

            Obi-Wan sighed slightly as he shifted his weight from one foot to another restlessly.  Queen Amidala was sitting on the throne of her palace, talking about things that have come to pass, things that were happening at the moment, and things that were to come.  There were several other people listening to the young queen, including Anakin who hung on with every word that she had spoken.  However, the Jedi had lost interest from the very beginning of the conversation.  Amidala was just telling everyone else what he and his Padawan already knew: That there was another Sith still alive.  Still alive after all this time.  Looking for revenge for his fallen Padawan or perhaps something even greater then that.  And that he was looking for another apprentice.

            But there was something that Obi-Wan knew that the others did not, besides his own Padawan.  That there was just more than the Sith that was causing trouble.  A week earlier, maybe even longer then that, information had poured into the Jedi Council from a source only Yoda and Mace knew of.  What seemed to be a portal that might lead into another part of the universe had opened up near Tatooine, of all places.  Several Jedi had been dispatched to check it out, but so far none had returned from the trip. It made all wonder what was really going on with it. 

            It wasn't where it lead to, but who saw it.  Tatooine was one of the major criminal planets of the galaxy if not the only one, controlled by the slug-like Hutts.  It wouldn't be hard to not notice something was swirling in the Outer Rim, especially where the Hutts were concerned.  And, yet, he was surprised that there wasn't any reports of ships attempting to go through it, although he had figured that quite a few had already done so.  Even if they did, it wasn't his concern at the moment to worry about what was being created in another part of the universe.  Until he was given his orders to do so, his main concern at the moment was to appear interested in what the queen was telling him.

            "Obi-Wan, is there something that you want to tell us?"  Amidala's voice asked, breaking into his thoughts.  The Jedi blinked his eyes, looking directly at the queen from somewhere else in the room and forced a smile upon his lips.  Anakin looked up at this master as he stood next to him, wondering what was possibly more interesting then what she was talking about.

            "Why do you ask, my queen?"  Obi-Wan wondered, this smile slowly fading from his lips.  There was a moment of uncomfortable silence before the queen spoke again.

            "You have been quiet all this time.  You are rarely quiet, especially on the topics at hand,"  She replied easily, tilting her garnished head some.  "I know you know something else about what is going on.  Something more about this matter.  Jedi always do."

            "What if I do?"  Obi-Wan snapped, looking down at his Padawan.  Anakin gave him an innocent look as he placed his arms behind his back.

            "Don't worry.  Anakin did not tell me what is going on with your Jedi business.  I doubt he even knows what his own Master knows,"  Amidala assured him, her painted lips smiling brightly.  Obi-Wan took in a deep breath as he bit his lower lip, his eyes moving up towards her.  The queen leaned forwards, light dancing on her brown eyes.  "I do, however, want to know what you know, Jedi Master.  It seems to me that the Council wants little information to leek out even if it is in the best interest of the Republic."

            "I can not tell you at this moment.  I am sorry, my queen.  I have sworn not to say a word,"  Obi-Wan replied, the forced smile back upon his lips.  She blinked her painted eyes at him as she stared with disappointment on her young face.  Anakin was still looking at his master, a blank look on his face as he attempted to make sense at what was going on.

            "Master, why can't we tell them?  We can trust them,"  The young boy cried out, almost pleadingly.  Obi-Wan looked down at his Padawan, a stern look replacing the smile that he had.

            "No, Anakin.  Remember, we made a promise to Mace that we know can be told to anyone,"  The master said, sighing as he knew full well this was not looking good in front of respected members of the Republic.  "I, like the rest of the Council, know that we can trust them with things, but there are ways what information we have will eventually reach the Sith's ears. We don't want that to happen, now do we?"

            "No, Master,"  Anakin grumbled, looking down at the ground.  The older Jedi smiled down at his Padawan, satisfaction on his face.  Although Anakin could burst out things easily when he wanted to, he always could look so innocent when he knew he was wrong.  How did I get myself into this mess?  He thought several minutes later when Amidala felt it was safe to talk about other matters again, his attention going somewhere else.


            In another world that was nestled in another universe altogether, things were different then they were supposed to be and he knew it.  Goku stood just outside the Capsule Corps. main lab building, his arms lightly crossed over his chest.  His eyes stared straight ahead, his face emotionless for a change.  A light wind flew over him gently, the coolness of it touching what skin that was exposed.  The clouds moved in the sky slowly, blocking the sun at times.  Birds chirped in the few trees that were on the large compound, reaching his ears but he ignored them for the moment.  There was something else that was on his mind that was far more important at the moment.

            The Saiyan sighed, closing his eyes.  There hadn't been much activity in the last three years since the end of the Cell Games.  Freiza and King cold had been defeated by a boy from the future.  The Android threat was over and done with, so that was no longer a problem for the people of Earth.  Now there was nothing to do in the time of peace that had been going on in the last few years.  No threat to worry about, unless he considered the fact that Vegeta still hated him.  The Saiyan was glad that there was no trouble in the universe. No trouble at all.

            Yet, there was something out there, waiting in some part of the galaxy.   Waiting for the right time to attack or even worse.  Goku could feel it move through his body, ripple through his soul..  He knew the others could sense it as well but remained quiet until something drastic would happen.  He didn't want to tell his wife, Chi Chi, that he and his son, Gohan, felt something as well.  The Saiyan was scared enough of his wife as it was.  If he told her about it, there probably would be no end to her bickering about it.  At least, for a while.

            "Hey, Goku!"  A female voice called out to him.  Goku opened his eyes slowly, blinking them in the sunlight that poured down onto him from behind the clouds.  He looked over his shoulder to see Bulma Briefs waving at him from the entrance to one of the buildings as she walked over to him. The Saiyan smiled at her as she walked up to him, a small smile on her lips.

            "Hey Bulma," He said almost forcefully, the innocent smile still on his lips.

            "What are you doing here?  Vegeta left to train at sunrise.  I am surprised that you aren't with him,"  She said to him, standing next to him, her eyes gleaming in the sunlight.

            "No, no.  Not today.  Just your father about an hour ago.  Had to ask him something,"  He answered with a slight nod.  He uncrossed his arms, still looking at her with interest.  Bulma tilted her head slightly, a wondering look on her face.

            "What for?"  She asked, confused at this.   He sighed, looking up at the sky.

            "Lately, I have been sensing something, like a high power level that I know I have felt somewhere before. It started a few days ago but nothing has come or happened since the Androids,"  Goku said, moving his eyes along the sky line.  "It might just be me, but I don't know.  There could be something that is wrong out there, and I need to know what it is."

            "Yeah, so?  How does that involve my father?"  She asked, starting to become a little annoyed at this. 

            "You ever notice how the clouds change at different times?"  The Saiyan asked suddenly.  "I mean, they change when it rains, when it snows, when it is a sunny day--every time there is something different about them."

            "Huh?  Goku, what are you talking about?  You are not making any sense whatsoever!"  Bulma cried out, throwing her hands up in the air.  She then stared at him blankly, wondering what he was trying to tell her.

            "Well, just look at the clouds for several minutes.  They are too dark today although I don't believe that it is going to rain anytime soon,"  He said plainly.  Bulma stared at him for several more moments before looking up at the sky, still confused.  The clouds were grey, some a little on the dark side, as they moved across the sky.  They were small in size, too small to hold any kind of water nor were they were fluffy enough for a day like today.

            "What are you trying to tell me, Goku?  So what if the clouds look like this?  You must have gotten hit on the head too many times with Chi Chi's frying pan,"  She said, rolling her eyes as she turned her gaze back upon him.  Goku went silent, his own eyes watching the sky.  His lips moved to form a thin line, Bulma watching him intently.  After several moments, he shook his head, placing his arms at his side.  He steadily kept his blue eyes on the light blue sky, seemingly waiting for something to come from it.  Waiting to see if anything would come out of the clouds besides rain.  To see if he sensed right.

            "I really don't know, Bulma.  I really don't.  Whatever is going on has to be something we already know about,"  The Saiyan muttered, moving his gaze from the sky back to Bulma.  He didn't fully understand it either nor he did know the exact words to tell his friend without know exactly what was going on.  There should be no more threats left to disturb  this planet unless there was something we overlooked, He thought, his face becoming serious.  Frieza was killed years ago, twice.  The Androids can not use their powers for evil any more.  Unless there is something, I shouldn't be worried.

            "Well, I believe I know what is going on,"  A knowing voice said behind the two.  Goku turned around on his heels to see Dr. Brief's standing a few feet behind them, his arms behind his back and his black cat sitting on his shoulder.

            "What did you find out?"  The Saiyan asked, an excited expression coming upon his face.

            "There seems to be some type of interference about several miles outside the Earth's top most atmosphere.  From the probe that I sent to investigate it, there looks to be some kind of portal that looks like it has been open for at least a week.  The information could be wrong, but I am not sure,"  He informed the two. 

            "Huh?  A portal?"  Bulma hissed, turning around quickly.  She faced her father directly as he pushed his glassed up.  "Like a hole in space where you can go to different places in the universe?"

            "Yes, but this portal looks to be different then that.  It leads to other parts of a galaxy that is not ours,"  Dr. Briefs replied simply.  He was answered by two blank stares, who blinked their eyes at him in confusion.  The doc sighed and explained further.  "Meaning, this portal doesn't just take us from one part of the universe to another.  I believe that it would take someone to a whole another universe that is not ours."

            "Oh, I get it now.  So, where does this portal take people to?"  Goku asked, a smile lighting up his blank look.  He suddenly looked like an innocent child again on his birthday.

            "I honestly don't know, Goku.  I supposed I could send someone through the portal to see where it takes them, but I don't know how stable it really is,"  He mused lightly.  "I don't want to send anyone through it till I know for sure."

            "Then let me go through first just to make sure,"  Goku demanded, crossing his arms back over his chest.  Bulma stared at him like he had just sprouted a second head.

            "No,"  Dr. Briefs said sternly, shaking his head.  "I don't want to endanger anyone's life."

            "I can handle it. I have faced worse,"  The Saiyan explained.  "Besides, if there is something out there, I should try to stop it at any costs."

            "Well, you aren't going anywhere without me.  I'll be damned if you are going to have all the fun,"  A demanded voice growled out from behind the doctor.  He front in place as Goku looked over him to see Vegeta standing there, his arms crossed over his chest.

            "Since when did you get back from training so early?"  Bulma demanded sourly.  Vegeta ignored her as he stared at Goku, his face unreadable.

            "Well, Vegeta.  It will be fun to try something new!"  Goku said a little too happy.  Bulma rolled her eyes in disgust, stomping away from the group.  Both Saiyans were about to leave for other places but Dr. Briefs voice stopped them.

            "There is something else you two should know about this,"  He said before either one could fly away.  The two stopped in their tracks, their eyes wandering over towards the doctor.

            "What is it now?"  Vegeta hissed angrily.

            "That was the good news I just told you."

            "What's the bad?"  Goku wondered, suddenly wishing that he had not asked that question.

            "Someone has been using the portal."


            It was a find to end all finds no matter who else knew it existed.  In fact, he didn't even care.  As long as they didn't interfere with what he was doing, then he would be fine.  Darth Siddious sat in the cockpit of a ship that he had long since forgotten where he had gotten it from, his eyes staring out of the window into the deep space.  He wore a pure black cape, which draped over his shoulders gently.  The hood was on his head, covering his face completely so that no one could see who was veiled in darkness.  Not even his dead Padawan knew his true face or identity.  The Sith was silent, his ship sitting near the desert planet of Tatooine. 

            The portal a lone smuggler had found several weeks ago sat right in front of the ship, a light dust-like cloud swirling around it.  It reflected off of the twin sun's that kept Tatooine in it's infinite heat, causing the particles of dust to become multicolored.  He knew where it headed to even though many had not survived.  One that not one had seen without dying first by his own hand. He had found new planets to conquer, new spaces to explore---a whole universe to claim as his own.  Siddious also found that he could travel back in time using the portal.  With every blast he hit it with, the time in the other universe shifted back a year.  The Sith  went back in time three years.  Three years to see what would happen.  He found that on the planet that was called Earth, in which the portal came out to, there was a strong force.  He had seen that force but was not satisfied with it. So, using the portal to come back to his own universe, the Sith hit the portal several more times, thus sending the years back more.  He then went back into the portal once again, using his scanner on his ship to locate this new force.  Siddious located it on another far away planet that he soon discovered was called Namek.  there, he found the force and brought it back to the portal.  Back to the Sith's own universe.

            Reversing the years back to the future wasn't easy.  The creature that Siddious took from the other universe should have been defeated, which would have caused history to change. Change drastically.  It wasn't like he cared about that, but he then figured it would probably affect the portal as well.  Yet, he found a way to defy that without causing too much stir.    Having the best droid makers on Tatooine create a exact replica of the creature took a few hours but short enough to know that nothing was really messed up.  Once it had been completed, the droid was sent to the exact time and place the creature was from.

            Days later, Siddious returned through the portal to find the planet Earth and the universe had been placed back to the way he had first seen it.  Somehow, without damaging anything else, the time balance shifted back forward to the future.  The time that the Sith wanted it to be at.  Without that new shift, then his plans would have been destroyed.

            "When will we meet up with my father?  I am growing impatient and it isn't nice to make me wait,"  A feminine-voice stated from behind the Sith.  Siddious turned his head slightly over his shoulder to see a figure standing behind him, it's arms cross over it's smooth chest.  A pair of horns jutted out to the side of it's purple crested head, the light in the cockpit reflecting off of it.  It's three-toed feet held up the figure's small body, it's tail moving impatiently, the tip of the tail tinted purple.  The creature's sing was a light pink, it's ruby-red eyes staring coldly forwards.  It's black lips were pressed in a frown, anger upon it's face.

            "Soon, Frieza.  I took the liberty of switching him with a droid as well.  That way, your past won't change and this portal won't disappear," Siddious replied, turning his attention back to the front.

            "You had better hope not for your sake," Frieza growled out, narrowing his eyes.  "I wonder why you didn't change the rest of them."

            "Who says I did or did not?  I just have not found some of them.....useful,"  The Sith answered, his gaze still on the portal.  "Those that I need right now are on the planet, waiting.  Waiting just like we are for your father."

            "As you say,"  The other replied, closing his eyes.  "I wonder still as to why you even bothered to do all of this."

            "Easy, my new friend.  I need your help in controlling his universe.  You have most of it in your grip already if not all of it.  With your help, there is nothing to stop a ever rising force,"  Siddious replied, a hidden smirk on his lips as he leaned back in his chair, his own plans unknown to anyone.

To Be Continued