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Space Florida (11/11)


Amy looked up with a gasp from where she was sitting in the library, curled up on a sofa chair, a book open in her lap only to hide the ring box she'd still kept since finding it a few weeks ago in the Doctor's coat pocket.

"What?" she asked, her eyes wide, "What did the Doctor do now? Am I going to have to duck and cover or find an escape pod?"

The Professor laughed from where she was leaning in the doorway, before heading into the room, walking around the pool and over to her, "Nothing like that, but come on! You'll never guess where we're going!"

Amy laughed as the Professor pulled her off the chair, managing to set the ring box under the book before the Professor could see it, "Where are we going?" she asked as she was tugged through the corridors by the eager Time Lady.

"Space Florida!" the Professor grinned, so widely that Amy couldn't help but smile as well, getting excited. It was a large beach-like colony floating in space, shaped like a disc with a dome on top of it, the beach enclosed inside.

"How did you manage that?" she nudged the Professor, the beach didn't exactly sound like an adventure the Doctor was game for. It had taken her ages of begging before he'd agreed to go to Rio…and even then it had taken quite a few attempts and other dangers before they managed to actually get there.

She smirked, "I simply explained the benefits of taking a trip to the colony and he was very agreeable."

Amy gave her a look, "Oh, so you just 'explained the benefits' eh?"


"And he just happened to agree with you? No arguments whatsoever?"


Amy smirked, "You kissed him to within an inch of his sanity and then asked him, didn't you?"

"Yes," she laughed, Amy joining her.

"Oh I need a man," Amy sighed, linking arms with the Professor, "Think I might find one on Space Florida?"

The Professor gave her a small, sad smile before making it a real smile as Amy looked at her, "You never know," she offered, not really wanting to think of Amy trying to find any man but Rory, but she couldn't exactly come out and say that, what with the man having never been born, "Come on!" she shook her head, "We must get ready!"

And with that, she pulled Amy into the wardrobe.


"What's up Doc?" Amy called as she and the Professor entered the control room, before laughing, "Always wanted to say that."

"Amy!" the Doctor cheered, his arm half buried under a panel under the console, tweaking something, "Excellent, we're just about to head off to…" he stood up, turning around, only for his mouth to dry up and fall open, his eyes widening as he just stared.

Amy was wearing her typical tank top, miniskirt, and boots, but with a dark flower print shirt on and pink plastic sunglasses.

But that wasn't what he was looking at. The Professor had forgone her typical attire, choosing a pale yellow thin-strapped tank top, with the straps of a emerald green halter-top bikini peeking out the top of it, tied around her neck. Her hair was up in a messy bun, exposing said neck, he swallowed hard realizing that. Her jacket was gone, her arms bare, and he only barely managed to bite back a groan when he saw the far-too-short pair of light blue jeans she was wearing instead of her skirt, he couldn't help but let his eyes drift down her legs to her dainty feet wearing black flip flops. Forget the skirt he'd gotten her for her exams, he should have gotten her those shorts…

"Doctor?" the Professor called, smirking at him as his head shot back up, a blush creeping up his neck at having been caught out by both of them staring so openly at her.

He cleared his throat and turned back to the console, "The beach!" he shouted though his voice cracked, crouching down so he wouldn't be tempted to stare at the Professor, trying to ignore the sound of Amy sniggering behind him, "The beach is the best."

"Automatic sand!" the Professor added, walking over to the console to check and make sure everything had been set properly this time, she was rather looking forward to this trip and really wanted to get it right on the first go. Not to mention, she was dressed for the beach as well and while she could endure in extremes fairly easily, she would rather not end up in some sort of ice caves with Yeti-like aliens living there wanting to 'have them for dinner' to appease their gods after the Doctor accidently destroyed their temple.

'Oi!' the Doctor called, catching her thoughts, 'That only happened once!' and then he made the mistake of looking over, finding himself face-to-face with her legs...

"Automatic sand?" Amy asked, thankfully pulling his attention away and back to the console, "What does that mean?"

"It's automated, totally," she looked at Amy, moving away from the Doctor's side and around to the other end of the console, continuing her check.

"Cleans up the lolly sticks..." the Doctor added, shaking his head, trying to clear it, not that it helped much. It was oddly hard for him to ever stop thinking of the Professor, and having her in that outfit wasn't helping.

Amy just walked over to a railing, leaning against it, watching them as they set the controls.

"Amy…" she thought she heard the Doctor sigh, but from behind her. She pulled off her sunglasses, turning, and looked around, "Amy?"

She turned back around to face them, "Did you say something?" she asked them.

"Nope!" the Doctor cheered, standing up and clapping.

Amy shook her head and walked over, just managing to grab onto the console when the box started shaking in the typical landing sequence. The Professor and the Doctor ran around the controls, getting the box down and locked.

"We made it!" the Professor smiled, seeing their location on the monitor, they'd actually done it.

"First time for everything eh?" Amy laughed.

"Right!" the Doctor clapped, "Let's head to the beach!"

"What like that?" Amy eyed him as he stood there in his usual outfit but without the jacket.

"What's wrong with this?" he looked down at himself.

The Professor shook her head, "We're at the beach dear, go out there like that and you'll end up very warm and probably very smelly. Amy and I will be forced to throw you into the water."

He rolled his eyes at the small threat but smiled and glanced at the Professor a moment before turning and dashing off.

"No!" the Professor's eyes widened as she tried to run after him, but he'd gotten a head start and had already turned a corner to the anti-gravity lifts before she could even make it up the steps, too far behind to stop him. She let out a huff of air and turned back, walking over to the jump seat and sitting down.

"Do I want to know?" Amy asked her, eyeing her a moment, confused at her reaction.

"Be afraid Amy, be very afraid," the Professor told her, "He's going to pick out his own clothes!"

Amy just laughed, wondering what sort of ridiculous outfit the Doctor would come up with for the beach...


And continued to laugh even as they walked out onto the beach, picked a spot, and set up with a large rainbow colored beach umbrella and TARDIS blue towels.

The Doctor had decided on a bright, neon green Hawaiian shirt, plaid orange and purple swim trunks, his boots still on, with laughably large sunglasses on his face, a straw lat that was frayed around the rim, and streak of sun block down his nose. He was sitting on a blanket, cross-legged, sipping away at a banana daiquiri with a little umbrella in it, a gleeful grin on his face.

Amy shook her head at him and looked at the Professor who could only give her a 'what did you expect' sort of look. And really, they both should have expected something like this, he was the bow tie wearing alien after all.

Amy was in the process of smoothing out her blanket and pulling off her boots to put on sun block when she heard the Doctor start coughing, nearly sounding like he was choking. She looked over and tried her hardest to hide her smirk.

The Professor had apparently pulled off her tank top to reveal her bikini and the Doctor had had the 'misfortune' of looking over just as she had. Which was why he was now choking on his drink and his face was brilliant red, and not from the sun.

The Professor looked over at Amy and sent her a wink, starting to laugh at the Doctor's reaction, he was now openly staring, 'See something you like?' she called to him quietly.

He didn't reply for a few moments, putting a hand to his chest, 'You're trying to kill me aren't you?' he asked her, infinitely relieved he'd managed to convince her to leave her blaster in the beach bag sitting beside him, he didn't think his hearts could take the sight of her holding it now.

'What would be in that for me?' she asked him playfully, 'I'd be without my Bonded if I were.'

He just shook his head at her, gulping down his ice cold daiquiri when she started pulling her shorts off to reveal her bottom half, trying his hardest to look anywhere but at her, not an easy thing to do.

Space Florida was quite beautiful, if a bit smaller than the original. It was more like a space station that was just an enormous beach. It was literally sand, with a make-shift ocean, waves, salt water, a holographic sky to make it seem like the water really went out into the ocean. But if you squinted and really looked you could just see the stars past the projection, quite a lovely sight really. The temperature was controlled as well, making the sand warm enough not to burn your feet, the air hot enough to make you feel like you were at the beach without fear of heatstroke, the water cool enough to refresh…

There were people and aliens filling the beach up and down the length of it as far as the eye could see, small lifeguard stalls set up despite the fact the water was automated as well, if anyone were in danger of drowning it would turn into a pudding like consistency and buoy the person to the surface till they calmed or help could reach them. The water was a crystal blue, sparkling, the sand a perfect tan, clean, there was even a soft breeze blowing.

"Doctor?" the Professor called.

He looked over, nearly jumping out of his skin seeing her kneeling right in front of him, "Oh! Sorry."

She smiled, "A little help?" she asked, holding up a small tube of sun block and turning around, gesturing to her back.

He took the tube and stared at her skin for a moment, swallowing hard and looking over to see Amy was standing half in the ocean already, which explained why the Professor had decided to torture him like this. He squeezed some of the lotion onto his hands and applied it to her back, giving her shoulders a little squeeze in the process, kneading the muscles of her back just a bit as he worked.

She gave a soft moan, "You're quite good at that," she told him, looking over her shoulder at him.

"At what?" he asked, smiling at her.

"Massaging," she replied, thoughtful, "Will you give me one later?"

"Anything for you dear."

"And I'll be sure to return the favor. Or…" she trailed off.

He frowned a moment, "Or?"

She turned around, "I could give you a massage now."

He blinked, "Now?"

She nodded, moving closer, "But, of course, we'd have to do something about this…" she reached out and snuck her hands under his open shirt, by his shoulders, moving closer as she pushed his shirt off him, making him lie back the closer she came…

He swallowed hard, his breath hitching, she wouldn't. Not here. Would she?

"Kata…" he said quietly, trying to warn her away from what she might be planning even as his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Too bad there's children around," she pushed herself back up, smirking at him, "Wouldn't want to scar them."

And with that, she jogged off back to the water's edge where Amy was.

He sat there for a good few minutes, his mouth open, breathing quite heavily, before flopping down onto his back. He was sure of it now, she was trying to kill him…that or drive him insane.


The Doctor was, for quite possibly the very first time, consciously contemplating homicide.

He was sitting there, steaming in a way that had nothing to do with the sun. The tube of sun block the Professor had left with him was mangled in his hands, the lotion all over the towel beside him as he glared out into the distance, his shoulders tensing, breathing hard.

There weren't just families or aliens at the beach…there were…men.

A number of men really. Good looking men, large men, with large muscles. Large, muscular, good looking men…ogling the Professor.

Possibly Amy too.

But also the Professor!

And that would not do. She was his. His Bonded. His WIFE.

Before he even knew what he was doing, he'd discarded his sunglasses and boots, and was up and walking…more like stalking…down the sand and towards the water. The Professor and Amy were in the ocean, the water halfway up their bodies, splashing each other in jest and laughing, as though they were oblivious to the men staring at them.

He snuck up right behind the Professor, how he'd managed to do that, he wasn't entirely sure, probably because of the noise of the ocean, the noises of the beach, the splashing, possibly her having water in her ears, and the fact that his movements were masked by moving through water, whatever reason it was, he didn't care. He wrapped his arms around her waist, making her squeal just a bit in laugher when he scooped her up and spun her around.

She laughed as he put her down and he was very pleasantly surprised when she pulled him into a kiss as soon as she'd turned in his arms. He pulled her closer when she moved to pull back, smirking as he kissed her more. Very, very pleased when she gave in to his prolonged kiss and put her arms around him, his around her waist. He picked her up just a bit and spun her around once more. She pulled away, laughing, as he set her down again.

"What was that for?" she asked, smiling, breathless.

"Just wanted to ravish my beautiful Bonded," he told her, though his gaze flickered over her shoulder at the men standing there, stunned, their mouths open in disbelief as they stared at him and her. It almost looked as though they couldn't believe what they'd just seen. Their expressions reminded him of Craig's football team when they'd learned he was married.

The Professor gave him an odd look, seeing his attention drift, and looked back over her shoulder to see the men and back at him as he gave them a hard look. She started laughing, working it out, "Somebody's jealous," she half sang, teasing him, poking him in the chest.

"Am not," he murmured, though he still didn't look away from his stare down with the men.

She rolled her eyes, smiling at him as she shook her head, "How long were they staring?"

He blinked and looked at her, his eyes wide, almost confused, "What?"

"They must have been for a while for you to get this worked up."

"No, not that," he shook his head, "You…didn't notice them?"

"Why would I notice them?" she asked, taking his hands between them.

"Well…" he blinked, not having expected that. He'd thought she was just ignoring them, "They weren't being subtle…"

She gave a little laugh, putting her arms around his neck, "The only man I notice is you Theta," she told him quietly, "Only you," she glanced at the men and back at him, "This whole beach could be filled with men, and I'd still only see you."

He smiled at her, pulling her closer into a gentle kiss, "I've only ever seen you too," he whispered in her ear as he pulled away, still holding her close.

"Now…how about we take a walk?" she asked him, "I think Amy's found a way to keep herself occupied for now."

He looked over to see Amy had gone back to their spot, lying on her towel, tanning. He frowned a moment, now that he thought about it, Amy hadn't seemed to notice the men either. But he shook his head, they'd both worked out that she clearly still remembered Rory in a way, she wouldn't notice the men in that way either, her heart wouldn't let her.

"I'd love to," he grinned, kissing the back of her hand as he took it, leading her off, smirking as he heard the men grumbling as they passed.


The Doctor couldn't stop smiling as he gazed at the Professor, the two of them walking hand-in-hand down the stretch of the beach, just along the water, feeling the waves crash into their feet as they walked on. He swung their arms between them, just too happy to care what others thought or if they looked stupid doing so. He was in a beautiful place, walking beside a beautiful woman, having a beautiful time. He wasn't even perturbed by the fact that there hadn't been some sort of danger looming around the corner or that they hadn't gotten into some sort of situation that had them running from the authorities. And, to be honest, he wasn't sure he wanted there to be some sort of situation like that, he really didn't want anything to ruin this moment.

They walked up to a line of rocks jutting out into the water and grinned at each other, moving to climb over them, ready to explore what might be on the other side. They were pleasantly surprised to see that there was a small little grove beyond, wedged in between another line or rocks jutting out, creating a little nook, almost like a little private beach. It was as beautiful as the rest of the beach, and the best part was that it was empty, it was more private than the rest of the beach, and just begging to be explored.

They headed down into it, the Professor tugging him by the hand over to a curve in the rocks, sitting down with him, placing herself between his legs, his arms around her, as they watched the waves come in, the sun seeming to be about to set in the distance.

"It's so beautiful," the Professor murmured, smiling as she watched the scene before them.

"It's alright I suppose," the Doctor countered. She blinked and looked at him, confused, "I've seen better," he looked at her pointedly.

"You're sweet," she leaned up to give him a peck but someone had other ideas.

The Doctor reached out and cupped her face, holding her to him as he deepened the kiss, smiling as he felt the Professor shiver in his arms and turn in them to kiss him properly…

It was a rather good thing the nook was as private as it was for the kiss quickly turned into something more…



"Oh what now?" Amy groaned, blinking awake at the sound of the Doctor shouting. She'd just pushed her sunglasses onto her forehead when she felt someone grab her arm and yank her up, "Ow, what happened?" Amy asked, watching as the Professor grabbed their towels and bag, the Doctor grabbing the umbrella before trying to pull her away even as she grabbed for her boots.

"We have to go, now," the Doctor told her, sounding a bit frantic, a red tint on his neck and cheeks, "Quickly now!"

"Why?" Amy asked as they ran across the beach, and then she noticed a few men in shorts and windbreaker jackets running across the beach after them, 'Security' written across the jackets, "Doctor what did you do?"

"Why does everyone always assume it was me?" he grumbled as they ran up a dune.

"Because it usually is," Amy remarked, "Now tell me!"

"I forgot to check the layout of the beach," the Professor told her as they ran towards a line of stands where people were selling refreshments.

"And?" Amy shook her head, "What does that have to do with why we're being chased?"

"Apparently Space Florida has security cameras blended into the sky," the Professor told her.

"Ok…still not getting it."

"The cameras were put in place to prevent crimes," the Doctor explained quickly, "Assault, fights, arson…other assaults…"

Amy nodded, understanding what type of 'other assaults' there might be in such a place with many people scantily clad, the temptations…

"They prohibit any such actions," the Professor added, "Even if the…other assaults…are consensual…"

Amy's eyes widened, "Oh my God, you're a cocktail!"

"A what?" the Doctor stopped suddenly and turned to Amy, confused.

"No time!" the Professor reminded him, tugging his arm.

"Right, later," he decided, the three of them running towards the TARDIS, rushing through the doors and slamming them shut behind them, not stopping till they'd gotten to the console and sent themselves into the Vortex.

The Doctor looked at the Professor, the two of them panting a bit from the run in the heat, before laughing, Amy joining in.

A moment later though, the Doctor looked at Amy, "A cocktail?"

Amy just shook her head, patting his shoulder as she headed for the stairs. For a man who knew almost everything about time and space, he was rubbish at other bits of information.

The Doctor frowned, watching her go, before turning to the Professor, "A cocktail?"

The Professor just leaned over and whispered in his ear exactly what Earth drink Amy was referring to.

The Doctor's eyes widened as she pulled away and he looked at her, "What goes through the minds of Earthlings to name a drink after that?"

She smirked, "What goes through the minds of Time Lords to do something like that?"

He looked at her, "My wife is so beautiful and if I don't do something soon, I'll go absolutely mad," she looked at him oddly and he leaned forward to rest his head to hers, "What was going through my mind."

She smiled, closing her eyes, "My husband is far too good a kisser, far too…tempting," she opened her eyes, "What I was thinking."

He kissed her quickly before taking her hand, the two of them heading into the corridors.

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