His Love Fortune

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Rating: Pg-15/T

Genre: Humor/Romance

Pairing: Midorima/Takao, established Kagami/Kuroko and Aomine/Kise

Summary: For the love of fortune, Midorima has never imagined that he will discuss his love life with anyone else, much less with Kuroko, especially when a pair of annoyance like Aomine and Kise will definitely make fun of him and a very cranky Kagami is sending him a death glare.

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi owns Kuroko no Basuke and its characters. Luna only owns the plot of this fan fic and no profit (except fun) is made from this piece.

Warning: slight AU, shounen ai/yaoi, slight oOC-ness, foul language, possible spelling mistakes and grammar errors (self-beta-ed again, I wonder if someone can help beta this…)

A/N: Okay, damn it. I missed Midorin's birthday (7/7 and it's Tanabata too!), so this piece is sorta like… my contribution for the day even though it's quite late. Sorry Midorin…. Ah, also, like I mentioned in "The Matchmaker", this story is a sorta sequel from that story *grins* Of course there will be a lot of Kaga/Kuro and Ao/Kise aside Mido/Taka here~ XDDD (later, at least).

Now, enough with my babbling. Enjoy~ *hearts*

His Love Fortune

Part 1

Midorima Shintarou was in trouble.

No, it wasn't like he was in a grave trouble like forgetting about his lucky item or missing Asa-ura or something like that. It was more like… in trouble with dealing with a situation that was happening right at the moment.

"Happy birthday, Shin-chan~!"

Takao Kazunari, Midorima's team-mate and self-appointed partner at Shuutoku basketball club, his friend… sort of, greeted with happiness radiating from his face when Midorima just arrived at the gym to practice. The shorter dark-haired guy even had the nerve to hug him in front of their seniors who stared at them as if they were some circus show.

"What are you doing, Takao?" Midorima gritted his teeth, trying to hold down his embarrassment for being hugged like a stuffed bear in public.

Why didn't Takao have any self-awareness, or at least a string called shame in his body?

"Eh? Congratulating you of course! It's Shin-chan's birthday, right?" Takao grinned cheerily, seemingly unfazed by Midorima's irritation that was beginning to grow along with his discomfiture.

"Oh? It's your birthday, Midorima?" Ootsubo, their team captain, raised his eyebrows, seeming to be surprised, but he didn't look like minding the way Takao acts towards their ace.

Is that supposed to be the thing that surprises you, Captain?—Midorima couldn't help feeling rather baffled by the ignorant attitude his captain showed. After all, Takao was still hugging Midorima, and he was too damn close for Midorima's comfort.

Midorima didn't want to show his discomfort, though. He was a calm adult after all. The tall green haired shooter just sighed, frowning slightly while fixing his glasses up his nose-bridge before answering "Yes, it is. But it doesn't matter. I stop celebrating my birthday after I turned 15."

"Aww, don't be like that, Shin-chan. I even prepared a present for you," Takao said, before he released Midorima to take something from his pocket. "Here," and then he reached for Midorima's hand before putting something on his palm.

Midorima blinked slightly as he stared at the small prettily warped light green box on his hand. "What is this?" he couldn't help asking, rather curious as his irritation somehow slowly evaporated.

"Like I said, a present for you! It's a special lucky item for all-year long, Shin-chan. Wish you for the best!" Takao grinned again joyfully, seeming to be totally excited for some reasons.

Midorima felt an imaginary golden star just hit him on the forehead. A heat was threatening to rise on his face and Takao's happy expression was somehow contagious, but it wasn't like Midorima was pleased or anything.

Now Ootsubo and the other seniors made a face as if a storm would hit them in the face. Miyaji and Kimura instantly whispered to each other if the world would end tomorrow since Midorima actually smiled and looked happy for once. Midorima of course quickly coughed to hide his expression.

Damn Takao for embarrassing him!

"Well… I thank you for your sentiment, but it isn't necessary at all," Midorima tried to keep cool despite the disbelief written in their seniors and their other teammates' faces.

"Hmm… but I still want to celebrate it. After all, it's an important day and I want to thank you for being born into this world, Shin-chan!" Takao said again, still wearing such blissful expression, his words and tone sounding very honest and sincere such that Midorima's heart skipped a beat for a moment.

Wait, wait, wait a damn second! That couldn't be the case! He couldn't be serious! Why was his heart beating so fast now? Maybe Midorima had developed a heart condition? Yeah, that must have been the case.

That was a big problem. Midorima couldn't play basketball with a heart condition!


Apparently, Midorima was silent for too long that Takao looked at him rather concernedly.

"What's wrong?" Takao tilted his head aside as he seemed to try to read Midorima's expression.

Midorima blushed slight-wait. Wrong! He didn't blush. He made a face. Yeah. Midorima Shintarou didn't blush. Thank you very much.

"I-it's nothing." Damn, did he stutter? The emerald eyed boy immediately looked away from Takao's curious, too close, expression.

Now Midorima completely noticed their other seniors and teammates' faces as well and they seemed about to laugh or something because their bodies were trembling and their expressions were very odd, as if they were constipated.

Midorima narrowed his eyes, glaring at them in annoyance.

"W-well, we didn't prepare anything for you since we didn't know so…" Ootsubo spoke slowly, seemingly still trying to hold down his own amusement and laughter in Midorima's expense. "You can ask for four selfish things for today," he continued.

The others' faces, except Takao and Midorima's, fell at that. They seemed about to protest as Midorima asked "Only one extra?"

"Don't push it kid," Ootsubo threw him a dangerous glare and Midorima looked away, slightly intimidated. Their captain was indeed scary, well not as scary as Akashi, but still.

Anyway, at least Midorima would still say 'thank you' to the captain as a polite response. He did have manner and did appreciate the sentiment after all.

"That's great right, Shin-chan?" Takao grinned again, slapping Midorima's back lightly before slinking his arm around his waist, hugging him again, which was bothering Midorima very much at that moment.

"Takao, quit pestering me," Midorima put his palm on Takao's smiling face, trying to push him away. But it was kind of futile because Takao was still stuck so closely to him.

"Eeh, I just want to sling my arm around your neck, Shin-chan, but you are so tall, so I can only reach your waist," Takao pouted slightly, appearing adorable for some reasons.

"That's not even the problem. Don't you know the term of 'personal space'?" Midorima narrowed his eyes hard again at the shorter guy, still trying to hide his (not) embarrassment by acting irritated.

"Isn't it okay? We're great buddies, right?" Takao grinned again convincingly and Midorima had a hunch that Takao wouldn't back down no matter what he did or said to their team point guard, so Midorima just sighed, resigned.

"I wonder why you even know when my birthday is… I don't have any recollection that I have ever told you," Midorima muttered slightly, trying to walk to the locker room casually even though he had to drag Takao along with him, still with that ridiculous position.

The others gave them another weird stare, but Midorima couldn't care less at that moment. He was used to it by now with Takao clinging to him every other chance.

Midorima was practical like always, and wasting time entertaining Takao with his twisted ideas was not practical, so he attempted to just ignore the owner of the Eagle Eye altogether despite still pocketing the present. Midorima wouldn't turn down any lucky item since he didn't want to get cursed.

"Well, isn't it normal to know everything about the people you like?" Takao said teasingly and Midorima would have blushed if he wasn't baffled first.


"Since I like Shin-chan a lot~, you know," Takao laughed cheerily before he released the hug and then jogged to the door of the locker room. Well, he stopped at the door and turned once again to face the still dumbfounded Midorima. "Come on, Shin-chan! Hurry up! The practice is about to start!" he shouted before disappearing to the gym.

"What?" Now Midorima couldn't help voicing his surprise.

Did Takao just tell him that he… liked Midorima?

~Midorima x Takao~

Takao Kazunari was in a good mood today. He had surprised Midorima with his present and he had confessed his feelings as well. The adorable tsundere Shin-chan must have been feeling confused at that moment, but it was okay because Takao didn't exactly think the feeling was mutual.

Moreover, Takao had said it as friendly and as casually as possible so it could be taken as a platonic 'like'. Either way, it was all good. He had seen how Midorima blushed too. Although Midorima would probably vehemently deny it even to himself, it was still very amusing. Oh how Takao loved teasing their proud ace.

Though, Takao couldn't help noticing with his Eagle Eye during practice that Midorima seemed to be quite distracted for some reasons… and he got scolded by Ootsubo more than twice already. Maybe Midorima did think about the confession seriously.

Well, Takao wanted to see how far he could go before Midorima snapped for real.

~Midorima x Takao~

Midorima was confused.

Okay, maybe the term 'confused' wasn't exactly accurate. To be honest, he was more surprised than anything. He kind of knew that Takao was a very friendly guy, the type of a boy that liked to bond by 'touching'. There were a lot of guys with that type in western country and it wasn't that strange. After all, Kise was also like that too, so Midorima more or less had the experience on dealing with it.

However, Midorima couldn't exactly accept the way Takao added that clingy habit with these… these nonsensical words. Birthday was okay, but this 'I like you, Shin-chan' thing was quite alarming. Surely, Takao didn't say it like those girls in shoujo manga, but it still could create misunderstanding.

Takao's body language said it in friendly manner, a platonic kind of 'like', but… Midorima couldn't help noticing that Takao only said it to him no matter how friendly he was with the others as well.

Seriously, Midorima wasn't stupid, nor was he clueless. He was considered genius not only for his shooting skill in basketball as one of GoM members, but also for academic achievement. He even believed that he was the smartest guy in Shuutoku basketball team aside their coach.

Midorima was also the smartest guy after Akashi during their Teikou days. He noticed a lot of things that he kept to himself, like how Aomine and Kuroko were probably having a deeper relationship than just normal friendship or like how Kise was pinning after Kuroko all the time… and maybe something about Akashi that... he'd better not go there for his own safety.

Well, although Midorima's suspicion was proven partially wrong now after knowing that Aomine was dating Kise (he still couldn't forget the horror of how he found out about their relationship. They made out in a public park for god's sake!) and Kuroko was with Kagami now, but still, the other part was a jack-pot. Midorima did notice the signs.

And now, Midorima noticed the same signs, once again, regarding his relationship with Takao. However, he could be wrong as well about this, because Takao… Takao was different from anyone else.

Midorima knew, as a prodigy, he at least would be alone a lot because he was different from other people, and he expected that they would maintain a reasonable distance from him. However, it wasn't that case with Takao.

"Hey, you are that Midorima, one of GoM members right? Cool! Let's be friends!"

"Heeey! Midorima, you bastard! How dare you leave me all alone on the road with a rickshaw! Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is?"

"Heeh, so your first name is Shintarou, huh? Then it's Shin-chan!"

"Isn't it okay, Shin-chan? It sounds cuter than Midorima, right?"

"Aah! That's not good, Shin-chan! You have to eat the vegetables too! Or else you'll get sick easily!"

"Shin-chan! Look at this! The big size of your lucky item!"

"Hey, Shin-chan, let's go on a date~!"

No matter what Midorima did, Takao had decided to stick to him since day one. Of course, he was noisy, clingy and a bit annoying sometimes, but Midorima was slightly amazed that Takao could put up with every selfish thing Midorima made the other guy do for him (even those guys at Teikou couldn't). Takao also had Midorima's back in their basketball game.

As a friend, Takao was a really great guy and even though Midorima wouldn't admit it out loud, at least he admitted it to himself.

"Since I like Shin-chan a lot~, you know."

Midorima sighed deeply. He didn't know what to do now. He wanted to stay in a good relationship with Takao, but accepting the guy as more than a friend wasn't in Midorima's agenda. He didn't expect that Takao would have a nerve to actually say that he liked Midorima, but apparently, the glasses wearing boy was wrong in his judgment once again.

Either Takao was just trying to tease Midorima (because he was the type that could pull off that kind of prank, obviously) or he was serious, but didn't want it to strain their friendship either. Hence the confession in such casual manner so it could be taken as a platonic 'like'.

Midorima got a headache now for thinking too much. Seriously, why was it never easy dealing with human feelings and relationships? Whom could he talk to, to get an answer about something like this?

Asa-ura and other fortune telling methods seemed to be appealing en-, no. It would definitely go to Midorima's first choice, so Midorima checked his love fortune with daily horoscope the next day.

"Good morning fortune mania! Let's start with our long-awaited love-fortune for all of you! Today is a very lucky day for Aquarius. So whatever you want to do with your beloved one today, it will end wonderfully especially if your partner is a Leo! As for Gemini, you will see your fated one today, so don't be lazy and don't stay at home all day! Have fun outside, okay? Ah, but too bad for all cancer, you might feel rather cranky and encounter a big problem with your feeling. Your relationship with someone precious might be at stake. So please be extra careful with your words, or else you might never be able to fix the damage and will lose that precious one forever. Virgo will have to be patient today because…"

The Asa-ura was still continuing the fortune telling for every zodiac from the radio, but Midorima had stopped listening to it after his zodiac was mentioned.

This was getting more disastrous. Even Asa-ura mentioned that Midorima would be in rocky situation with his precious one. Well, it wasn't like he had any precious one to begin with and it wasn't like he was thinking about Takao if he associated that 'precious' one with anyone or anything at all.

Anyway, if Midorima had to be careful with his words all day, it would be better if he just didn't speak for today... or, he could just stay at home. But if he did, Ootsubo would positively kill him for skipping practice as well.

Midorima sighed deeply as he took the all-year lucky item that he got from Takao the day before from his table. It was a small cute ornament in the shape of golden kitsune that, he believed, must have been obtained from Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto.

Midorima didn't know how or when Takao got the thing, but it was extremely rare and it must have cost him quite a fortune to get it. Maybe if he held the lucky item all day long, this day wouldn't turn to the worst…

"…and if you manage to hit a rock-bottom somehow, all cancers, you probably should ask someone else' opinion. Since Aquarius is the luckiest today, maybe he or she can help you with your problems…"

Midorima blinked as his hearing caught the announcer's words again.

Aquarius, huh…? I know only one Aquarius in this city….

Midorima contemplated the idea. Well, it wasn't like he didn't know the nature of the relationship between that certain Aquarius and a certain Leo which was probably, at some point, had ever been in his shoes just like right at that moment, but… to think that Midorima actually needed to consult with him of all people….

Midorima sighed again. Well, he needed to do what he needed to do for the best result, so… for once he would lower his pride and humbly ask for advice…

...okay, after finishing the school and the basketball practice later.

~Midorima x Takao~

Just as Midorima thought… he was a little bit cranky today.

Takao didn't shut up at all throughout the morning practice. He even didn't leave Midorima in peace during the lessons in class. The bastard was in a different class and yet he could still find a way to bother him through text messages, and they all were meaningless unimportant gossips too!

How come Takao had never been caught by the teacher for texting during lessons anyway? Midorima was caught twice, damn it. And he was off the hook only because he was quiet and smarter than the rest of the students in his class. He still got lectured, though.

Moreover, Takao actually dragged Midorima out of the class at lunch break in front of his classmates to eat bento together at the rooftop despite the cold weather. He even forced Midorima to eat two of his hated dishes!

Seriously, by the end of the last lesson for the day, Midorima was officially irritated beyond belief. If once again Takao said or did something that irked him, Midorima would kick Takao's ass for real.


Just like a cue after Midorima cursed the dark haired teen under his breath, Takao launched himself to Midorima, clinging to his back from behind. And of course, Takao did all of that in front of the seniors and the members of Shuutoku basketball club, making them stare at Takao and Midorima oddly again.

This was so embarrassing, but Midorima was already pissed, so he was more frustrated than anything else.

"Hey, hey, why don't we have dinner together today to celebrate your yesterday birthday? We didn't get to do anything because we stayed so late for the regular players meeting yesterday. So, should we hit the karaoke boot after practice?" Takao suggested loudly and happily, rising another wave of annoyance almost to Midorima's limit, especially when everyone started to chuckle and laugh at them.

"Takao… I already told you that today is not good. Can you please listen to my request just once?" Midorima narrowed his eyes at Takao dangerously, daring the guy to really make him angry.

"Ahaha, what are you talking about, Shin-chan? I always listen to your request no matter how absurd it is! Since I like Shin-chan very much, of course~!" Takao grinned at that and it did it.

The idiot crossed the line.

"Quit it, already!" Midorima shouted, untangling Takao's arms from him and pushing the shorter teen away rather hard.

That moron even said something like that in front of everyone at the club! Doesn't he have any shame at all?

Takao seemed to be surprised. Heck, everyone in the gym must have been to, because they went quiet immediately.

Midorima glared at Takao angrily. "Stop saying such misleading things! It's annoying and seriously disturbing!" he added quite fiercely.

Midorima hated feeling humiliated and seriously, what the hell was Takao trying to pull? Using that kind of expression to say 'I like you', did he think it was a joke or something?

The silence stretched in the gym after the outburst and Midorima just realized that he had disregarded the fortune-telling advice this morning slightly too late as Takao set a very… odd expression.

Usually, Takao would keep grinning, and then throw a teasing remark about how shy Shin-chan was or how cute he was for being embarrassed, but not that day. Takao's expression slightly fell even though it was just for a moment.

The air in the gym was definitely suffocating for everyone before finally Takao smiled. It was neither a grin nor a smirk. It was a smile… and the smile was kind of forced as well that Midorima's heart throbbed slightly in guilt.

"Ah, you're right. Of course it will trouble Shin-chan if I keep saying something like that. Sorry. It won't happen again. I won't say it again, so relax, okay?" Takao said, still with that smile that disturbed Midorima's feeling very much.

Oh no….

"Ta-…" Midorima wanted to take it back immediately, but his pride…!

"Okay! I guess I'll buy some drinks. Senpai!" Takao had turned away from Midorima now and faced their upper classmen to ask if they want to order something as well for the drinks. "I'll buy them for you since today is my turn," Takao said, looking completely okay of course.

But really, even though the entire gym might have missed Takao's expression, Midorima saw it very clearly.

Takao was hurt.

Damn it.

"…or else you might never be able to fix the damage and will lose that precious person forever."

What to do…?

"Shin-chan, you want shiruko, right? I'll get it for you too," Takao said without looking back at Midorima anymore as he ran outside, seriously worsening the bad omen.

The gym was still in silence for some seconds after Takao left and everyone seemed to be in awkward atmosphere as well.

"What the—?" Ootsubo tilted his head aside, breaking the silence with his confused look.

"Do you think he'll come back?" Miyaji asked Kimura beside him, a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek.

"Nope, I think he just made excuse to run away and cry," Kimura nodded seeming to be sure.

Midorima flinched slightly at that, especially when the two -seeming to 'know'- seniors threw him an accusing glance. But the glasses wearing shooter didn't want to comment about it.

"Huh?" Ootsubo widened his eyes. "Aaaah! Damn it! Takao made excuse to skip practice, didn't he?" he roared then, upon seeming to just realize it.

"Too late, Captain," Miyaji tapped Ootsubo's shoulder repeatedly as if he was calming him down or pitying him for being slow.

"Ma, ma, let's just start the practice, kay?" Kimura suggested with a convincing smile.

"Takao will pay for skipping today, damn it! Midorima! Hurry up here and stretch!" Now Ootsubo shouted here and there, taking his role as a captain too seriously as usual.

Midorima just followed instruction and started stretching, trying to ignore everyone's eyes on him, but he couldn't help feeling out of place so suddenly because no one spoke to him. They seemed to be wary about him as well, probably because of his outburst earlier or…

Because Takao isn't here…—Midorima just realized that what connected him with the team was Takao's constant presence around him. Now that he wasn't there, it felt awkward and uncomfortable.

No, it wasn't like Midorima regretting his action or anything since it was Takao's own fault for acting stupid. If that moron really liked Midorima, he should just tell him seriously, so then he could reject Takao seriously too.

Despite what he thought though, during this practice, Midorima couldn't shoot properly. His head was filled with Takao's hurt expression.

~Midorima x Takao~

Takao was still running even though he already passed the school gate. He even passed couples of convenient stores and dozens of vending machines. He didn't know why but he felt like running, far-far away from the gym and Midorima.

Though, Takao's battery was out approximately an half hour later after running with his full speed without slowing down even once, not even when he crossed the street.

Takao was panting slightly, staggering before stopping to lean on the wall at the roadside. He was honestly… very surprised… or shocked. The latter seemed to be more fitting. Midorima actually snapped only a day after the confession. Man, it was… far faster than Takao thought it would be originally.

Takao squatted down now, covering his face which was probably blushing very hard because of the exertion from running… and probably of the embarrassment as well.

Remembering Midorima's expression was too much. His Shin-chan was too adorable. While saying such vicious words, he was blushing and his face was contorted in confusion and in embarrassment… so damn cute!

Though… even if the reaction was absolutely very amusing, Takao had to admit that being rejected by the one you love did hurt. He understood in the head that Midorima probably didn't mean anything he said since he was such a tsundere, and he kind of believed that Midorima was actually happy, but still… his heart refused to understand, and it stung hearing that his love for Shin-chan was disturbing the green haired beauty.

"Aah, what do I do with you, Shin-chan…? How come I got this serious about you when initially I only wanted to tease you…?" Takao sighed deeply, his face still hot. Now he was totally troubled. He didn't expect that he'd fall for Midorima for real.


Takao blinked as he heard a slightly familiar voice and suddenly, in front of him was the face of a teal haired teen with sky colored eyes and a deadpanned expression.

Takao jumped away with a slight shriek, totally surprised out of his life. "K-K-Kuroko?" Really, he must have been very distracted that his Eagle Eye even stopped functioning properly. "W-what are you doing here?" he couldn't help asking after that. His heart was still beating too fast for his liking because of the surprise earlier.

"That should be my line, you know," Kuroko said evenly, slowly standing up as well since Takao had stood again now. "Your school is at the other side of the city, but here you are…"

Takao noticed that Kuroko was also wearing his sweatshirt for basketball practice, so he must have been in the middle of a break or something?

"Are you on a break?" Takao asked, not yet answering Kuroko's question regarding the reasons of his presence there.

"No, I am in the middle of practice," Kuroko answered accordingly.

"Hmm…" Takao hummed, looking around. "Alone?" He didn't see any other Seirin guy there.

"Well, I am quite behind…" Kuroko said slowly before-

"Oi, Kuroko!" another voice came, calling the ex-phantom sixth player of Teikou Middle Shcool basketball team, and Kuroko perked at that.

"Ah, Kagami-kun…" Kuroko mumbled slightly.

"You…! Don't just disappear in the middle of running! The coach is throwing tantrum, you know- huh?" Kagami, upon running closer and closer to Kuroko's direction, seemed to notice Takao there as well.

"Yo, Kagami," Takao grinned at the taller red haired teen as the tallest of the three stared at him ridiculously.

"You… the guy from Shuutoku… ah, Midorima's partner?" Kagami seemed to remember him.

"That's me, Takao Kazunari. Though I wish you'd remember my name as well aside Shin-chan's Kagami," Takao said, sweat dropping.

Really, the buffoon didn't seem to think about anything else besides basketball and defeating the GoM members. Where would Takao's value stand then, if Kagami only remembered him as Midorima's sidekick?

"Okay… so why are you here?" Kagami looked at Takao with curious expression.

"Taking a walk while fetching drinks for the others!" Takao said with a wide smile. He was a very generous person after all!

"…on the other side of the city?" Kagami threw a ludicrous expression once again.

"I just felt like it," Takao kept his wide smile intact.

However, the quietest member there seemed to think otherwise as he stared at Takao's expression more intently, actually making Takao self-conscious for a moment. A bead of sweat broke out Takao's cheek as he slowly looked back at Kuroko's deep unreadable eyes.

"What is it?" Takao asked rather awkwardly, unable to chase out the feeling that Kuroko seemed to read his mind or something.

"Aha!" suddenly Kagami exclaimed, surprising both Takao and Kuroko before Kuroko gave any response to Takao. "I know. You're skipping practice, aren't you? Is that really okay?" he smirked at Takao, as if reminding him that he needed the practice since their team was still unable to avenge their loss against Seirin last year.

Takao pouted. "It's not like I did it on purpose," he muttered while looking away.

"Something happened between you and Midorima-kun?" Kuroko asked and Takao thought his heart almost leaped out of his chest.

"E-eh? W-what is that? W-why do you think like that?" Takao's heartbeat increased in speed. Kuroko couldn't have known, right? He wasn't an esper.

"Well… it is just a thought. Though, you do not seem to be in a good condition. Are you okay?" Kuroko asked again, still looking at Takao intently.

"Eh, really? He looks fine to me," Kagami tilted his head aside, looking confused.

Takao blinked in a slight surprise and astonishment. Wow—he thought. He had heard from Midorima that Kuroko was extraordinarily observant, but experiencing it first hand was really amazing.

"Kuroko… you are truly observant, huh? And I am pretty confident with my poker face too," Takao chuckled, letting his expression run freely for a moment.

"Poker face? I think Takao-kun is an honest person. After all, you will say directly to the person's face if you do not like them," Kuroko commented dryly and Takao's sweat dropped at that.

Takao indeed said he didn't like Kuroko once because he was similar with Takao in the matter of playing basketball. Was Kuroko holding a grudge?

"Ahaha," Takao laughed awkwardly. "Uh… well, I don't dislike Kuroko as a person though," he said, trying to make amends of it.

Kuroko nodded slightly, still expressionless, but he seemed to understand. "Do not worry about it."

"So, what's your problem? We still have to practice, but the coach will still double or triple our training portion whether we hurry back now or later anyway, so we'll just hang out here for awhile. I'm not very inclined to hurriedly return to our physical training from hell," Kagami stretched his arms above his head before he leaned his back against the wall.

"Err… who says I got problem? I told you I was just fetching drinks," Takao looked away again. He didn't really want to discuss something like this with people he barely knew after all.

"Are you serious? You're not near any vending machine and store right now, you know… and you're too far away from your own school." Kagami stared at him, deadpanned.

More beads of sweat rolled down Takao's cheeks as he also realized how absurd that excuse was.

"Kagami-kun, it is not nice to force people to speak if they do not want to," Kuroko looked at Kagami still with his expressionless face, but Kagami seemed to be sheepish, somehow, looking rather guilty.

Takao wondered if Kagami really could tell the differences in Kuroko's expression because now the red haired ace from Seirin basketball team was acting as if he was scolded or something.

"Well, if you insist that you are okay then…" Kuroko turned to face Takao again. "How is Midorima-kun, by the way? I haven't heard from him since that accident with Aomine-kun and Kise-kun. Is he doing okay?" he asked slowly.

"Huh, Shin-chan? Yeah, he's at the top of his- err…" Takao looked away again. After all, Midorima wasn't exactly at the top of his game since he was distracted. Takao just knew, especially after that outburst in the practice earlier.

"What's wrong?" Kuroko looked curious again after Takao abruptly stopped. Takao flinched.

"Something did happen, huh?" Kagami raised his eyebrows at that.

Takao looked upward at the vast blue sky before sighing deeply. They were such a busy body, but he understood now why Midorima respected Kuroko very much. After all, he even said that Kuroko's style was otherworldly. Takao guessed it wasn't just for the basketball style, huh?

"Well… I might have freaked Shin-chan out a little bit," Takao suddenly said, laughing lightly in defeat.

Kuroko raised his eyebrows slightly while Kagami asked "What did you do?"

"Well, I finally said I liked him," Takao answered bluntly.

Kagami visibly sputtered in surprise and Kuroko merely blinked in reaction.

"I think Shin-chan always knows it subconsciously, but it's the first time I said it aloud, so… maybe he's surprised by it, I guess…. Fu, he snapped at me after I said it again today," he continued while scratching his cheeks slightly, feeling sheepish suddenly.

"I see…" Kuroko nodded slightly.

"Seriously…?" Kagami gaped.

"Still, I knew that, that tsundere was probably just embarrassed. He was so cute when he was angry," Takao chuckled, remembering Midorima's face as he lost his cool today. His expression was priceless.

"Hah… another love problem," Kagami made a face now. "Really, Kuroko… why are your former teammates so troublesome?" he rolled his eyes, looking bored after the shock seemed to wear off.

Kuroko gave Kagami a look. "So… if you already knew the outcome, why are you hiding here?" Kuroko asked then.

Now it was Takao's turn to sputter. "Wha—? Who is hiding?" He stared at Kuroko disbelievingly.

"But… you'd have still stayed around him if you were as calm as you appeared to be, Takao-kun. After all, you already knew Midorima-kun's character," Kuroko pointed that out.

Takao suddenly felt that he shouldn't have told Kuroko anything at all. He sighed deeply again. Really… no wonder all the GoM members seemed to be attached to Kuroko very much. He apparently understood people's character just by meeting them several times.

"Yah, well… even though I tried to be casual about it, it still hurts if the person you love said your love was disturbing him," Takao looked away, sighing slightly. "I know Shin-chan didn't mean it, but still…"

"Takao-kun," Kuroko cut suddenly, surprising Takao and even Kagami. They both turned to face him wonderingly. "You cannot act casual to the person you love," he said calmly, but there was a glint of seriousness in his clear blue eyes.

"Eh?" Takao blinked, confused.

"Midorima-kun is a very serious person. Moreover, his personality is like that. If you appear casual when you say you like him, he probably is confused about it. He cannot take your words and attitude seriously even though he probably feels the same way. That is why he is angry, I think…" Kuroko explained.

Takao was officially amazed now. Seriously… how could this little guy know so much about other people to that extent?

"Damn it…. Kuroko, I really dislike you right now," Takao squatted down again, hiding his blushing face.

"What the hell—?" Kagami was the one that seemed to be irked.

"Kuroko knows so much about Shin-chan… I'm very jealous of his knowledge…!" Takao confessed, very embarrassed at his own words and feeling. After all, he sounded like a brat, right? Kuroko was just Midorima's friend, an ex-teammates, and nothing more. Takao was the closest person to Midorima at this moment.

Kuroko smiled slightly and Kagami snorted, commenting about how embarrassingly honest Takao was.

"So, are you going to fix your attitude in confessing to him?" Kagami asked after Takao was calm enough to face the two teens in front of him without blushing again.

"I will," Takao grinned in a new determination. "Well, I'd better get back before my captain catches up to me and kills me for skipping practice. I wanna see Shin-chan quickly. You guys better be going back as well to your 'training from hell'," he said in a snicker while turning away, flailing his hand.

"Oh shit!" Kagami cursed, seeming to just remember about it. "Come on, Kuroko! Or coach will really kill us later!" he then grabbed Kuroko's hand and pulled him away as well to go back to their school.

Takao couldn't help glancing at the two teens that didn't seem uncomfortable or embarrassed walking hand in hand like that in public. He smiled. They looked cute together. He wanted to be comfortable holding Midorima's hand in public too, but the green haired teen probably would hit him if he did.

"Well, if we're official, maybe Shin-chan will let me do that time to time," Takao's grin widened a fraction.

Now, it's time to apologize and to confess once again seriously!

End of His Love Fortune Part 1


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