His Love Fortune
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Rating: Pg-15/T
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: Midorima/Takao, established Kagami/Kuroko and Aomine/Kise

Summary: For the love of fortune, Midorima has never imagined that he will discuss his love life with anyone else, much less with Kuroko, especially when a pair of annoyance like Aomine and Kise will definitely make fun of him and a very cranky Kagami is sending him a death glare.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke and its characters belong to Fujimaki Tadatoshi-sensei. Luna only plays with them. No profit (except fun) is made from this fan fiction.

Warning: slight AU, shounen ai-yaoi, oOC-ness, language, possible spelling mistakes and grammar errors (still self-betaed, sorry).

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His Love Fortune

Part 2


Kuroko spotted a single vein popping out of Kagami's temple as he and Kagami were suddenly ambushed by Midorima who apparently had been waiting for them to finish their basketball practice, at the Seirin High gate.

"What are you doing here, Midorima Shintarou?" Kagami showed the bespectacled boy a feral glare, looking completely annoyed.

Kuroko sighed as he noticed the green haired boy in front of them push his glasses up slightly before answering "It isn't like I want to be here too, but fate has brought me here for a sole reason, to see Kuroko," with a haughty tone.

"Great. You don't even make any sense, and you think you can just show up here unannounced?" Kagami narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Midorima huffed in irritation. "What are you, Kuroko's manager?"

"What did you say?" Kagami raised his voice. He seemed to be more aggressive than usual.

Well, it was probably because the coach punished him and Kuroko by tripling their training portion because they were so late in gathering with the others after their running earlier, at their practice session today, since they had to stop quite awhile to speak with Takao on the roadside.

Kuroko sighed again, not wanting Kagami to start violence when he and Kagami himself were already tired out. It would be more exhausting after all. The teal haired teen just reached Kagami's tense back, which eased immediately at his touch, before rubbing a comforting circle on it repeatedly until he was sure that Kagami had reasonably calmed down.

Midorima stared at him and Kagami as if they were alien from Mars, but Kuroko promptly ignored his odd gaze before asking "So… what can I do for you, Midorima-kun?" with his even tone as usual. He was still rubbing Kagami's back as he spoke and Kagami seemed to enjoy it very much. It was kind of amusing somehow.

Midorima coughed slightly, probably hiding his blush seeing the obvious PDA between Kuroko and Kagami, before he looked another way while speaking hesitantly. "We should… probably change place."

Kuroko noticed how uncomfortable Midorima was. He was kind of… distressed? He stopped his ministration on Kagami's back and the red-head almost whined, almost, because Kuroko's attention was fully at Midorima now. "What happened?" he asked rather worriedly, but of course he didn't show it on his expression.

"I'm… not sure I want to talk about it in the open," Midorima answered quietly, acting like everywhere was more interesting than Kuroko's face at that moment.

Kuroko was silent for awhile before a light bulb in his mind. It must have had something to do with Takao, since he was also distraught today when he spoke with Kuroko and Kagami. Hadn't he spoken with Midorima yet?

"Is it about Takao-kun?" Kuroko voiced his suspicion bluntly.

Midorima visibly jerked and he widened his eyes as he faced Kuroko, looking very surprised, or shocked if it was a better word to describe his expression. "E-eh? I-I-..." Midorima seemed to be flustered. "I-it's not like…! That is…?" he faced another way again, appearing to be confused, but he covered his lower face as well with the back of his hand.

Midorima was actually blushing. That was somehow adorable. Kuroko noticed that Kagami seemed about to comment on it as well, which would definitely embarrass Midorima and probably anger the GoM shooting guard as well as ruin Kuroko's chance to hear what Midorima wanted to talk about.

So, before Kagami could do anything rash, Kuroko delivered a jab with his pointy elbow on Kagami's defenseless ribs… hard.

"Ow!" Kagami howled loudly, crouching while holding his side in apparent pain.

Midorima looked surprised at the sudden violent act, but then he turned to face Kuroko who gave him an understanding look. "Maybe we can eat something while talking," the shorter boy suggested after that.

Midorima pushed his glasses up his nose bridge again. "W-well, if you insist," he turned around and started to walk away, Kuroko following his step slowly while Kagami was swearing.

"Kuroko, you bastard…! I'll get you for this…!"

Kuroko hid a smile as he heard Kagami still grumbling in anger, trying to follow him and Midorima while nursing his abused side.

"I see you still have that violent tendency without considering your opponent at all," Midorima commented, inconspicuously glancing at the still fuming Kagami behind them as if the red-head was some kind of angry tiger.

"Really? I think Kagami-kun is quite adorable when he is angry," Kuroko didn't even change his expression as he said it, but he was quite amused.

Midorima turned to look at him with a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek. His eyes looked like questioning which part of the buffoon could be considered cute. "And I see you still have quite a weird taste," he commented again, looking forward again.

Kuroko glanced at Kagami. Now the red head appeared sulking. The sky-blue eyed boy slowed down so he could walk side by side with Kagami again. Midorima seemed about to ask what he was doing, but he shut up immediately when Kuroko reached to grab Kagami's hand.

Kagami suddenly looked flustered and confused. Kuroko smiled slightly again. "I'll let you do whatever you want later," he said and Kagami's face immediately turned scarlet.

It was indeed amusing.

"I-idiot! What are you saying in a place like this?" Kagami raised his voice again, looking very embarrassed, but he was obviously happy as well.

Kagami was endearing. Very adorable.

Midorima coughed, earning Kuroko's attention again while he was still Holding Kagami's hand. Kagami was still trying to hide his embarrassment, but Midorima's face showed Kuroko that it wasn't working at all. Midorima looked disturbed.

Kuroko almost chuckled at Midorima's face.

"Can we walk faster? And please don't do that kind of stuff in public," Midorima pushed his lowered glasses back up, obviously trying to hide his embarrassment as well.

"What kind of stuff?" Kuroko fished, rising his eyebrows slightly. Somehow he understood Takao's feeling for wanting to tease Midorima all the time.

Midorima didn't answer that and just sent a warning glare at Kuroko who promptly ignored him again and gave his attention back at Kagami who was still rather troubled fixing his expression.

"Kagami-kun is cute," Kuroko said with straight face and Kagami turned even redder if it was possible.

"Shut it, Kuroko! Don't call me cute, damn it!" Kagami retaliated, but there was no bite whatsoever in his voice and tone. He sounded like whining instead of shouting and it was indeed adorable in Kuroko's eyes.

Midorima seemed to decide to ignore them and to resume his walk, faster, as if he wanted to move as far away as possible from the two.

Kuroko really chuckled at that this time. "Midorima-kun can be cute too sometimes," he couldn't help commenting and Kagami gave him an annoyed huff, his face still slightly colored.

"Why did you tease him?" Kagami asked, surprisingly knowing Kuroko's naughty intention.

"Was it that obvious?" Kuroko asked sheepishly, but it didn't show in his face.

"No, but who'd expect that Midorima can make such expression?" Kagami raised his eyebrows, genuinely looking surprised.

"Midorima-kun's personality is difficult. He's dishonest and rather selfish. But once you knew him, you couldn't help noticing these little adorable things about him," Kuroko admitted. "We weren't exactly close in middle school, but I know he's actually a caring guy deep down."

Kagami sighed. "You can't just let them be, can you? I'm starting to realize that dating you will have to require me to accept a bonus package of all GoM members butting in our life as well." He groaned pitifully after that.

"Are you regretting your decision?" Kuroko raised an eyebrow slightly.

Kagami glanced down at Kuroko's face and sighed deeply. "Hell will freeze over before I regret having you in my life." He leaned down before giving Kuroko a light kiss on his lips.

Then something collided with Kagami's head, making Kuroko blink and Kagami glower in vehemence.

"Quit it, you two!"

Midorima's horrified shout could be heard from a long distance and Kuroko glanced at the object, a yellow rubber duck, which had hit Kagami's head earlier. "Midorima's shoot is as accurate as always," Kuroko nodded in approval. The green haired teen didn't even need to undo the tapes from his fingers. That was awesome.

"On second thought," Kagami grabbed the rubber duck and clenched it so hard it almost burst. "I'm going to murder him after this!"

Then Kagami dashed to catch the offending green haired teen that immediately ran away upon seeing the danger and violence in Kagami's angry face. Kuroko sighed deeply now, shaking his head at their antics.

~Midorima x Takao~

"You didn't have to throw a lid of a trashcan on me…" Kagami whined slightly, nursing his bumped head.

"It was your own fault for chasing after me," Midorima glared at Kagami unmercifully and Kuroko seemed to try not to laugh. Despite his expressionless face, the boy was trembling slightly. He shifted his glare at Kuroko. "This isn't funny," he mocked in annoyance now.

"I apologize," Kuroko said almost ruefully, as politely as usual, before moving back to Kagami's side and tending to his boyfriend's head tenderly.

Midorima looked away from the 'tooth-achingly' sweet sight. It wasn't like he was disgusted. More like… no. No, just… no. It wasn't like he was envying their close relationship with each other or like that… perhaps. You could still do something like that with close friend, minus the kiss, of course, but….

Midorima sighed. He had no one like that since he was free from their GoM time. He was used to be close to them and he had to admit that being with them was fun… because they were special like him. They understood him pretty well.

"Shin-chan~! Let's hang out after practice today~!"

Takao's image popped in Midorima's mind, but he quickly shook it off. It wasn't the time to be depressed. He needed to ask for advices. But… in what way should he say it so neither Kuroko nor Kagami would get the wrong idea?

Anyway, why did Kagami have to go with them? Midorima only needed to speak with Kuroko, damn it!

Midorima huffed before turning to face Kagami and Kuroko again, intending to voice his complaint. However, before he could say anything as they passed a certain alley, the three of them heard something.

A rustling sound, followed by a quite moan.

"N-no…! Quit it, Aomine-chi…!"

Was that…?


Another rustle and now a low groan.

What the—?

"Nnh…! Yah…! N- not in a place like thi—ha-ahn!"

Midorima had turned as white as paper while Kagami had turned another crimson which put his hair color to shame.

"Ah, Kise-kun and Aomine-kun, good evening," only Kuroko would greet them casually and act like nothing happened when the three of them stumbled upon a sight of Aomine molesting Kise in a deserted alley.

One of Aomine's hands had slipped under Kise's disheveled uniform, while the other was suggestively planted on Kise's loosen belt. One of the dark-blue haired knees was between the blonde's legs, while his mouth was planted on Kise's earlobe, his teeth seeming to bite the earring sensually. Kise himself looked like he was thoroughly ravished with short shallow breaths and small whimpers and that flushing face.

"Kuro—?" Kise's expression was officially mortified.

"Ah," Aomine had just seemed to realize that they got audiences.

"W-wh-…!" Midorima was trembling in mixed feelings. "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TWO DOING IN A PLACE LIKE THIS?" and then he uncharacteristically screeched, shocked and furious (and of course in rage), while throwing another item, this time his own schoolbag, at Aomine's head.

Worse, Midorima wasn't quite satisfied with and didn't stop at just his things. He grabbed Kagami's sport bag and pulled it with such force that Kagami almost tumbled over if not for his great reflex, and even Kuroko's school bag (Kuroko almost fell over too, but Kagami caught and steadied him quickly enough), and began to throw them at Aomine as well one by one, successfully colliding all items with the defenseless tanned guy, who then was forced to release Kise and then collapsed on the ground with a number of bumps on his head.

"Ah…!" Kise was already as pale as a corpse when Midorima was panting, done with his violent attack at Aomine. Thus when Midorima's laser eyes turned to Kise, he squeaked and quickly ran to hide behind Kuroko. "W-wait, Midorima-chi! It wasn't my fault! Aomine-chi was pushing, and, and—!"

Neither Kise's frantic, full-of-horror explanation nor even Kuroko's adorable expressionless look could defend Kise from Midorima's wrath, for the emerald eyed boy already snapping because his day had turned into the worst possible day, ever.

Kagami wisely kept his mouth shut despite his shock and embarrassment (and horror) upon witnessing Aomine and Kise intercourse, and he opted to inch away with traumatized face when Midorima beat the shit out of Kise (and still managed to do it without damaging his precious hands) for conducting such lewd, shameless and inappropriate act in public with Aomine.

"Shouldn't he at least tell Kise-kun to zip his fly first?" was Kuroko's even comment facing the brutality of their situation.

~Midorima x Takao~

Kise and Aomine sat in silence, one in crocodile tears and one in annoyed look, in front of Midorima who was still lecturing (or more like ranting at) them about the appropriate social conduct in public. The both reprimanded teens were still nursing their abused (any number of) body parts as well.

Kagami and Kuroko sat at another table watching them. Kagami actually felt sorry for Aomine and Kise, and that spoke volume since both of them often annoyed the hell out of Kagami, while Kuroko was enjoying his vanilla shake (Kagami had bought him while they were waiting for Midorima finishing his rant) in a calm look, as if he were watching a movie instead of a sermon.

"Midorima could be violent, too, huh?" Kagami's sweat dropped, remembering how he had beat the life out of Takao as well when the dark haired teen dropped an okonomiyaki on Midorima's head at the dinner last year, after Seirin's first victory against Shuutoku in Summer Preliminary game.

"I think it is the way he expresses his care to his friends," Kuroko responded to it evenly.

"He's like mothers lecturing their kids," Kagami commented on the sight again, picturing Midorima with an apron scolding Aomine and Kise in their kid version. He almost cracked and doubled over at his own imagination, and had to use the most of his will power to hold it down.

"Hmm… in a way, he might be our mother," Kuroko agreed so easily such that Kagami almost choked on his own saliva.

Kagami threw Kuroko the weirdest stare he could muster. Kuroko gave him a small smile.

"Once, when we were still in Teikou, Akashi-kun had ever mentioned that our basketball team, the GoM especially, was like a family," Kuroko explained, looking forward again with an almost forlorn expression. "Aomine-kun is the reliable and the golden eldest son who brings our continuous victory single-handedly and is somehow attached to me, the ordinary, unnoticeable second son, who is acting as a stopper and a middleman if there's a fight between family members. Kise-kun is the third child who –Akashi-kun claimed- is always whiny and doing his best to get approval from Aomine-kun and to fight him over me, which I do not understand why, by the way," Kuroko chuckled slightly at this point. "And Murasakibara-kun is the overgrown baby who likes eating sweets and is being spoiled rotten by Akashi-kun, the father, obviously, because he's the leader of our team, the protector and the man who we respect (fear of) very much. So, it left Midorima-kun as the mother, who always brings senses into our thick heads sometimes."

"That…" Kagami began after Kuroko finished, "…was one fucked up analogy."

"How so?" Kuroko raised his eyebrows at that.

"Well, if you were indeed a family, then Aomine and Kise were the rebellious children who committed incestuous relationship," Kagami reasoned. "That's just sick," and he paled at his own conclusion.

Of course, if the father was a psycho like Akashi, then it wasn't strange if the family was screwed up too.

Kuroko blinked once before he looked away, covering his mouth. Kagami almost saw the boy snort in humor. But, since it was Kuroko, he didn't do something like snorting.

"Anyway, I hope you understand that your behavior is really unacceptable and disturbing society's peace, so please STOP it!" Midorima ended his lecture with a loud huff, earning Kagami and Kuroko's attention which became a sign to end their side conversation as well.

Both Kagami and Kuroko stared at the three people again. "Is it done?" Kagami asked, but before Kuroko could give any response, Aomine spoke first.

"Really, Midorima… you're such a kill joy," the tanned boy clicked his tongue and looked at Midorima lazily.

Midorima narrowed his eyes at Aomine, clearly pissed off. "And you are a horny bastard! Do you really want me to throw this fork and to sink it in your thick skull?" He already raised the said fork threateningly.

"Midorima-chi, scary~!" Kise was still crying his crocodile tears, but he seemed genuinely scared, alright.

"Shut up, Kise!" both Midorima and Aomine yelled at the blond at the same time before they glared at each other again.

"Come on, guys… you're disturbing the other customers," Kagami thought it was the right time to intervene before Aomine and Midorima started to throttle each other.

"I agree with Kagami-kun. Please mind where you are before continuing the useless fight," Kuroko supported his light with a flat tone.

Aomine and Midorima didn't seem to hear both Kagami and Kuroko the first time and continued their intensified glare. Kagami huffed and was about to go to them to stop them, but Kuroko beat him to it by approaching their table first, unnoticeable as usual, except for Kagami's eyes.

Kuroko positioned the both of his palms in front of Aomine and Midorima's face, making the two tall boys blink once in a visible surprise. "Please stop fighting or we will get kicked out of this place," he repeated and now there was an ominous shadow behind him that even his blank stare looked totally intimidating and scary.

Aomine and Kise immediately paled, and Midorima seemed to be nervous.

"Just now, I saw Akashi behind him…" was what Aomine muttered after Kuroko went back to his seat beside Kagami. Kise nodded frantically, his tears gathering at the corner of his eyes again. Midorima seemed to try to calm down by cleaning his glasses before wearing it again.

"So, are you ready to talk or do you just want to waste our time? Kuroko and I still have home work to do after this, you know," Kagami chirped. Not that he would seriously do the home work and honestly, he probably would copy Kuroko's the next morning, but it was a good excuse to leave early.

Kagami really wanted to be alone with Kuroko to have the earlier promise that he could do whatever he wants with Kuroko tonight.

"Excuse me, but you and these imbeciles here were the one interrupting. I need to speak alone with Kuroko," Midorima threw a glare at Kagami with contempt while Aomine made an irritated noise about Midorima being so rude in calling him imbecile and Kise just sighed in depression that he was degraded like that.

"No freaking way. I won't let Kuroko be alone with any of you for whatever reason," Kagami huffed.

Despite Aomine dating Kise or Midorima just another ex-teammate, Kagami couldn't be too lenient to them if it was about Kuroko. All of the GoM seemed to have a strange fascination towards his boyfriend and it was alarming enough, so NO.

Now, it was Midorima's turn to make an unsatisfied noise and to glare disagreeably at Kagami.

"No is a NO. We have followed your selfishness to have dinner in this… this boring family restaurant instead of Maji Burger, so you can at least relent by having us both hearing your problems," Kagami was obstinate.

"But fast-food doesn't agree with my taste-buds," Midorima still complained.

"No. Sorry, but we're not your teammates who can put up with your egoism more than we have to," Kagami bit sharply and Midorima jerked slightly at that.

"Kagami-kun…" Kuroko gave his boyfriend a disapproving look for some reasons.

"That's right, Midorima. Why are you here with Tetsu and Taiga?" Aomine asked, raising his eyebrows in obvious curiosity now.

"Hey! Don't call me Taiga! I haven't yet given you a permission to do that!" Kagami protested immediately at Aomine's overly casual way in calling him.

"Isn't that okay? Taiga sounds cooler than Kagami, right?" Aomine sighed lazily.

"Taiga-chi!" Kise beamed, seeming to think it was very amusing.

"Kise! Stop that annoying –chi! And don't you dare follow Aomine's mindless example, damn it! It's even more horrendous than what he did!" Kagami shouted at the blond who ignored it completely and kept calling him that until it irked Aomine as well.

"Kise, why are you calling other man's name with his first name but your boyfriend with his last name?" Aomine grunted, seeming to be jealous.

"Eh?" Kise turned to face Aomine with wide eyes. "But Daiki-chi will sound stupid, right?" he asked innocently, but it seemed to infuriate Aomine further since a vein popped on Aomine's head.

"What did you say, you airheaded idiot~?" Then Aomine processed to give Kise knuckles attack on the both sides of Kise's head.

Kise wailed pitifully in pain.

More customers decided to leave the restaurant in a hurry after witnessing the uproar in Aomine, Kise and Midorima's table.

"They don't get it do they?" Kagami deadpanned, so did Kuroko.

"Maybe a jab to their ribs will shut them up?" Kuroko prepared his hand.

But of course, Midorima acted faster and hit both Aomine and Kise's heads with the menu book. "Cut it out, you two!" And he sounded very exasperated too, added with the obvious shame for sitting at the same table as the two morons.

"No, the three of you, please zip it," Kuroko was back to their table and once again unleashed that very dark and scary shadowy aura around him with his straight face.

Midorima, Aomine and Kise seemed to immediately decide that antagonizing Kuroko would really earn them a painful death from Akashi, since they claimed to really see Akashi's face behind Kuroko at that time.

"Maybe Akashi really passed something down on Tetsu…" Aomine seemed to be convinced now. The other two terrified teens couldn't agree more.

~Midorima x Takao~

"So let's talk, Midorima-kun," Kuroko now was seated in front of Midorima and there were only two people in their table while the other three were at another table, eating and drinking their orders half an hour prior, while inconspicuously glancing at Midorima and Kuroko who were also eating their food slowly.

Of course Midorima could see the way those three were spying on him and Kuroko. Luckily for him, Kuroko seemed to be compassionate enough to agree to talk more privately, but Mdorima could compromise to be spied on as long as Kagami, Aomine and Kise shut their mouth up during Midorima's talk.

"Okay…" Midorima nodded slightly, setting aside his food for awhile to put his crossed hands in front of his mouth, getting more somber and serious.

No, Midorima was always serious. It was the others' fault for distracting him.

Midorima coughed slightly. "Okay," repeating while closing his eyes, he took a deep breath restructuring his speech in his head so he wouldn't stammer or be caught off guard with his own distraught mind about this problem with Takao.

Midorima opened his eyes again, feeling sure now. "It's actually one of my teammates' problems," he started.

Kuroko kept silent with his unreadable stare while the other three snorted. Those despicable guys would pay later, so Midorima ignored them. Truthfully, he didn't know why he was doing this. Consulting about his (not) love-life to anyone else was bad enough, even worse to an ex-teammate who wasn't exactly close to him since in middle school.

However, the worst part was that it would be heard by the other three people who definitely wouldn't let Midorima live it down. Aomine and Kise would definitely make fun of it, and Kagami was currently sending suspicious glare at him. What a possessive boyfriend.

Midorima sighed deeply. He should block them out of his mind and concentrate on Kuroko for now. "That teammate of mine has a friend. They fairly get along," the bespectacled guy continued. "However, that friend of min—my teammate," he coughed, hiding his almost slip, "-suddenly said something weird to him."

Kuroko was still silent and so were the other three. That was new.

"He said… that he 'liked' him," Midorima got to the main problem. "I thought he—I meant, my teammate said that his friend probably liked him more than a friend, but… he said it so casually and in a friendly manner that, possibly, it was just a harmless 'like' as in a 'platonic like'. So, he ignored it at first… but he couldn't help thinking about it as well," he stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. "He thought about that friend of his a lot… and realized that… he doesn't want to lose their friendship over something as unclear as… this… this 'like' feeling," he fidgeted—no, no.

Midorima didn't fidget. He was just slightly nervous and even though his hands were currently playing with the hem of the table cloth, he would deny that that ever happened.

Kuroko nodded slightly, seeming to understand. "So, if 'your teammate' has already decided to just continue being friends with 'his friend', what is the problem?" he asked slowly.

Midorima looked upward at Kuroko's expressionless face. He wanted to search for something in the shocking-blue haired boy's eyes, but he couldn't read them, at all. He was curious about why Kuroko mentioned Takao earlier. Did he know something?

Midorima shook his head, trying to find his words again of how to explain this very complicated feeling he had. "That teammate of mine… felt uncomfortable because his friend repeatedly said 'I like you' to him in front of other people, in public place, so to hide his embarrassment, he snapped at him. He had said some… cruel things… and he," he stopped again, collecting his thought as he remembered Takao's hurt look. "He believed that he had hurt his friend's feelings," he said, rather weakly.

"He isn't good at apologizing and he is too prideful to initiate the make-up process, but… he still wants to have a good relationship with him, so… what he should do to patch things up?" Midorima finally asked.

"Hmm…" Kuroko seemed to be deep in thought before he nodded slightly. "So basically, you h—I meant, your teammate hurt his friend, but on top of unable to apologize, he still wants to have a good relationship with him?" he seemed to try to resume and even though Midorima didn't like that he sounded like total jerk in there, he had to agree that it was the center point.

"Yes, that would be correct," Midorima took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

"May I know why this guy wants to patch things up so desperately?" Kuroko asked.

"I wouldn't say he's desperate, but… they are teammates as well. They will be needed to work together for three years in basketball club. How can they work together if there's animosity between them?" Midorima made a point.

Kuroko seemed to think it over. "Well…" he began. "How does this guy feel about his friend?"

"What?" Midorima frowned, a little bit confused. Hadn't he said that he wanted Takao as a friend?

"Let's say… if his friend is really serious in liking your teammate and if he confesses seriously as well, risking his friendship with you-," Kuroko slipped there, but he didn't seem to notice as Midorima flinched.

Kuroko really did know Midorima was talking about himself and not some random teammate. How the hell did he find out anyway? Was it because of his bad luck today? Was it?

"…how will you feel?" Kuroko continued.

Midorima sweated slightly. "It's about my teammate, not me," he 'corrected' stubbornly.

"Oh, right." Kuroko seemed to realize his mistake. "Right… 'your teammate', would you happen to know how he feels towards his friend. Can't he consider him as a potential date? Does he really dislike spending time together with him?"

Midorima was silent thinking about them. Honestly, he didn't dislike Takao's presence around him, making jokes and teasing him. Even though it was annoying, it also brought colors to Midorima's life. Maybe, it was what everyone called 'fun' to be with a friend, and Midorima really didn't want to lose that.

He already knew how it was to have a good friend, so Midorima didn't want to be alone again.

Still… accepting Takao's feeling meant dating, and dating required Midorima to do those icky things lovers usually do as well, right? Midorima paled slightly thinking about it. "I don't dis-… I meant, I don't think that my teammate dislikes being around his friend even though he's annoying sometimes. I can probably say that he likes having him around. Although… he isn't particularly happy about doing… things if they are really going to date each other," he coughed slightly, his face getting hot for some reasons.

"Then, why don't—doesn't your teammate say it to his friend? That he wants to stay beside him, but uncomfortable with the things lovers do? I'm sure he will understand and respect it enough to let you—r teammate to lead the way, to move forward together," Kuroko suggested.

Midorima sighed slightly, not realizing that he had held his breath for quite awhile. "Oh, that seems to be a nice advice…" he nodded. Now if only he could tell Takao all of that without effort, but it was probably difficult since he still had to deal with the 'hurting' Takao.

"Just a curiosity, though," Kuroko spoke again, earning Midorima's attention. "How does your teammate feel knowing his friend harbor a romantic feeling towards him?"

Midorima blinked at that. "Pardon?" he was honestly puzzled.

"I meant… normal people usually would be disgusted, right? How about you-r teammate?" Kuroko asked again.

Midorima took a long time to think about that. He tried to think that he was disturbed in a bad way, but… honestly? He didn't mind it at all. He was just bothered at how casual Takao dealt with it, like it was a game to him instead of a serious matter. Midorima couldn't treat it as a game, especially when he knew that Takao was somehow serious about the 'feeling' part.

"Okay, let's change the question," Kuroko seemed to realize that he wouldn't get anything out of Midorima, so he asked another question. "What do you think that your teammate will do if 'his friend' decides to have a girlfriend or another boyfriend?"

Midorima widened his eyes at that. He looked at Kuroko in disbelief. How could Takao have another girlfriend or boyfriend when he was supposed to like Midorima?

Suddenly, an ugly feeling fleeted through Midorima's head. It was a very ominous feeling like he wanted to hurt someone if that someone had tried to steal Takao away from him…?

"Ah," Now, Midorima got an epiphany. "I see…" He chuckled slightly then, feeling idiotic.

Right, of course…

It was jealousy.

That horrible, very terrible thought that seemed enough for him to put a curse on people because of Takao… if they wanted to take Takao away from him…. Midorima didn't want to admit it, but that was definitely jealousy.

Kuroko seemed to be satisfied with the look Midorima had shown him, so he gave him a small smile as well. "Do you think he will be able to tell his friend his feelings?"

"I don't know," Midorima answered honestly. "It might be too hard to do because it's embarrassing, and he hates being embarrassed most." He probably has to give up and must deal with this ridiculous feeling of pain later, but Midorima didn't care anymore. He wasn't built up for this kind of thing. Maybe Takao was better off without him anyway.

"Well, it can't be more embarrassing than finding Aomine-kun and Kise-kun making out in public or doing lewd things in the alley earlier," Kuroko shrugged.

Midorima almost laughed at that, but he just chuckled lightly. "You made a point there," he couldn't help responding to it, honestly feeling funny.

"Oi! Why did our names come up there?" Aomine grunted, seeming to hear their conversation completely.

"Shut up, Aomine." Midorima just realized that the three other teens were still with him and Kuroko and they probably had heard everything as well.

"But, really, Midorima-chi, using a third person for your own problem is kinda lame. I feel bad for Takao-kun," Kise seemed to be quite disappointed.

"Kise, you want me to throw my plate at your empty head?" Midorima threatened ominously.

"You're done, right? Let's go home already," now it was Kagami who complained.

Midorima was thinking how to murder them without getting caught by the police now.

"Well, since you seem to have found your solution, I would like to go home as well," Kuroko raised from his chair.

"Ah, let me pay for your food as a 'thank you' for helping me… and my teammate's problems," Midorima added as an afterthought, standing up as well, reaching for his wallet, but Kuroko stopped him.

"You do not have to, Midorima-kun. Treat it as a gratification for that 'lucky pencil' you gave me before our school test. It was very useful that even an idiot like Kagami-kun could pass the exam with above 90 percents mark," Kuroko said with straight face.

"Hey!" Kagami protested at him from behind.

Midorima almost dropped his jaw, but that would be undignified, so he just opened his mouth and stared at Kuroko disbelievingly. "That buffoon used it instead of you?" He couldn't have been more surprised.

"Yes… was he not supposed to?" Kuroko raised his eyebrows at Midorima's reaction.

Midorima processed to glare murderously at the very confused Kagami who didn't seem to realize why he was being glared at so intensely like that. "I should have put a curse on that pencil instead of lucky chants," he muttered in annoyance.

Kuroko visibly looked another way and covered his mouth again, seeming to hold down his laugh, but Midorima knew that Kuroko was amused at what he said.

~Midorima x Takao~

"Okay, I think I'll take my leave now," Midorima said after he finished his eating. Kuroko and Kagami, also Aomine and Kise seemed to have already bored waiting for him to finish. "You can always leave first if you want to, you know," he commented on their strangeness for waiting for him.

"Shut it, four eyes. It's already late and what will we do if you're kidnapped?" Aomine asked.

"Yes, yes, Midorima-chi. You're surprisingly quite dense at times. We are worried," Kise agreed childishly.

"I think both of you need to shut up," Midorima narrowed his eyes at them, displeased that they were underestimating him like that.

"Well, we want to know what you will do with Kuroko's advice. You'd better 'inform' that 'teammate' of yours so he could 'confess' to 'his friend' quickly," Kagami showed him a feral grin after that.

"You have such a bad hobby," Midorima was too tired to deal with all of their stupidities, so he just sighed in response.

"I think you-r teammate will do great," Kuroko said, seeming to be confident but damn if Midorima knew. Kuroko's poker face was recognized as an S-class internationally after all.

"Thank you," still, Midorima could appreciate Kuroko's sentiment.

They went to separate ways as they went home. However, Midorima changed his mind about going home. He needed to tell Takao about this quickly, when he still had Kuroko's confidence in him. If he waited for too long, he was almost sure that he would lose his nerve again. That's why he called Takao and asked him to meet outside pronto.

When Midorima met Takao that night, the shorter boy immediately ran towards and launched himself at Midorima, hugging him tightly before the emerald eyed boy could even give him any response, and started wailing.

"Waaah! Shin-chan! Thank god you're okay! You turned off your cell-phone, damn it! And I was desperate to find you but you weren't at the practice this afternoon! Ootsubo-senpai said you weren't feeling well and went home early, but when I called your cell-phone, it went straight to voice mail and when I called your house, your mom said you hadn't come home! I'm so worried, you know!"

Now Takao sounded more like angry, but Midorima knew that he was only very worried, just like what he said. Takao was so transparent sometimes. He almost kind of envied that side of him. Not that Midorima really, really envied him. Almost was the operative word here.

"Sorry," Midorima said and he slapped his mouth shut as he realized that the word just came out louder than his thought. He was supposed to only think about apologizing not saying it out loud, but his body just did the unexpected, defying his own brain!

Takao seemed to be very surprised at that. He quickly straightened his body to look at Midorima's face which at that moment felt so… so hot. He couldn't be blushing, right? He couldn't be!

"Shin-chan… you look moe," Takao couldn't help saying, smiling goofily.

"Shut up!" Midorima retaliated loudly and Takao put his index finger on his mouth while making a light hushing voice.

"Ssssh, not so loud, Shin-chan. You'll disturb the neighbor," Takao reminded.

Whose fault do you think it is?—Midorima really wanted to reprimand this guy, but he just settled with huffing and turning his face away from Takao, pretty annoyed again.

"But… thank God that Shin-chan is here now…. I didn't know how long I'd last fidgeting at home doing nothing while waiting for any news about your whereabouts. I even called Ootsubo-senpai to arrange a search party if you hadn't come home by midnight," Takao sighed in relief now, chuckling slightly as he rested his head on Midorima's chest.

"What am I? An elementary kid?" A vein popped on Midorima's head because Takao treated him like a damn useless child. Even as a child, Midorima wasn't that weak. He was smart and he could always find his way home one way or another.

Still, Midorima couldn't muster enough annoyance to push Takao away this time since the guy seemed to be genuinely upset and worried about him missing for some hours and how relieved he was when Midorima called him out.

"So, what happened, Shin-chan? Why did you come home so late? Where have you been?" Takao asked then, looking upwards at Midorima's face which was still feeling rather hot.

"Um… I spoke to an old teammate," Midorima answered slowly, not looking back at Takao's clear cobalt eyes. He tried to look for words again to say because Takao seemed to be still waiting for him to continue.

Midorima put his hands on Takao's shoulders, slowly pushing the shorter teen away so he could speak to him more comfortably, but apparently, Takao took that gesture the wrong way as he immediately jerked away like Midorima's body was on fire or something.

"S-sorry, Shin-chan. I did it again. I know you aren't comfortable with it," Takao explained frantically, but Midorima felt rather strange about Takao acting so self-consciously around him.

Midorima didn't like it. Strangely, he didn't like Takao acting that he needed to be careful around him. "Takao, just shut up for a moment and let me talk," he said gruffly and Takao immediately clammed up. Midorima sighed, massaging his temples for a moment before starting.

"About your confession… I'd like to make sure one thing before giving an answer. Do you seriously like me, Takao?" he finally asked.

Takao was silent for a few seconds before answering "No."

Midorima's heart sank as he heard it.

"I don't just like you, Shin-chan. I love you," Takao said while staring straight at Midorima's eyes. His gaze was so sure, so positive and sincere that Midorima's heart couldn't help skipping a beat before increasing its pace and momentum.


Midorima stared at Takao speechlessly. Takao kept his honest smile. "I know Shin-chan probably doesn't feel the same way, but I'd like to keep this feeling for you like thi—!"

Midorima didn't know what made him do this. Maybe it was impulsiveness that wasn't like him at all, but at that moment, Midorima didn't really care about it.

Midorima had grabbed Takao's shoulders before he leaned down and planted a kiss on Takao's lips. It was so sudden that even Takao seemed to be caught off guard. His words died down before he finished his line and his eyes were still wide open as Midorima pulled back.

Now, Midorima had to make excuse to explain what he had done. He looked another way for a moment. The heat in his face was unbearable, but he would allow Takao to see his feelings just this once. "It was an apology and a 'thank you'."

Midorima couldn't help it. He felt extraordinarily happy that Takao had 'loved' him. He probably would deny it if he was asked, but he couldn't lie to himself. The fluttering feeling of happiness was making him giddy and a little bit embarrassed. But, if it was Takao… he would allow him to see a glimpse of it.

Takao was still silent and Midorima was curious, so he turned back to face the shorter boy. The sight that greeted him almost stole his breath away.

Takao was flushing. His face was so pink such that it looked ridiculously adorable. "E-eh…?" He seemed to just realize what had happened and he put his finger on his lips before he looked at Midorima who blinked slightly in surprise at how cute Takao could look.

Midorima lowered his eyes before he leaned down once again, not breaking his gaze away from Takao's. "Shin-cha—," and he cut another of Takao's speech by plating another kiss to those lips.

Surprisingly, Midorima didn't hate how it felt. Despite his thought that dating Takao would be troublesome because there were so many feelings he had to deal with, but this one, kissing Takao, didn't feel bad at all.

Now Takao closed his eyes and kissed Midorima back almost timidly, which was very uncharacteristically of him since Midorima had thought that Takao was the bold type. However, this shy type of Takao was adorable too.

Midorima chuckled. Those moronic guys had gotten to his head as well if he could admit that a guy like Takao was cute. It was entirely their fault, indeed.

When Midorima pulled back again from their kiss, Takao was smiling so happily at him. Midorima looked away, feeling self-conscious again so suddenly.

"Shin-chan, I love you! I love you, I love you, I LOVE you!" Takao beamed before he launched himself at Midorima again, hugging his arm so cheerily.

"Shut up! Don't say it so much like that! It's embarrassing!" Now Midorima was sure his face burned in total embarrassment.

Seriously, Takao really had no shame at all!

"Don't care! I love Shin-chan! I just loooove you, Shin-chan!" Takao didn't seem to want to stop that it started to annoy Midorima.

Well, there was an easy way to shut him up quickly. Thus Midorima kissed Takao again. And look, it indeed shut Takao's mouth… for the time being at least.

Well, the day generally ended wonderfully despite starting badly for Midorima. It was good that he had faith with his horoscope love fortune, right?

~Midorima x Takao~

"Seriously… he scolded us so much about doing things in public, but look at what he's doing," Aomine threw a hateful glare at Midorima and Takao, who was kissing on the roadside. "Mine was better because there was no one at that time."

"But, Midorima-chi is really a tsundere, huh? I wonder why it seems like he's about to top Takao-kun in this relationship. Tsundere and top don't seem to mix, right?" Kise wondered loudly, smiling slightly.

"Well, I'm glad that he can settle things down with Takao-kun." Kuroko showed a small smile at that.

"Let's just go home. Why are we spying at them again?" Kagami was confused of why he put up with all of this.

"But, really, I was quite worried about Midorima-kun at first. Since he has such difficult personality, I was afraid that there would be no one who could understand him like the way we did back then at Teikou," Kuroko said again, earning both Aomine and Kise's attention, as well as Kagami. "But… if it is Takao-kun, I think Midorima-kun will be alright. He is in good hands," he continued in relief.

Kise and Aomine looked at each other before Aomine snorted and Kise smiled widely. Kagami threw an easy smile as well. Kuroko really did care about his friend after all.

"Okay… then, should we continue where we left of, Kise?" Aomine smirked before closing in and whispering at the blond's ear seductively, and Kise visibly colored pink at that.

"Aomine-chi you pervert!" Kise shoved the dark-blue haired teen away before walking away, huffing, pouting and blushing furiously. Aomine laughed hard before running after him.

"Really… Aomine is like a horny beast," Kagami face-palmed, also read from remembering the earlier incident.

"Eh… I think Kagami-kun can be quite a beast too if he is motivated enough," Kuroko glanced upward at Kagami who glanced back down at him.

"Oh, I'm sure you get the picture," Kagami gave Kuroko that wild grin of his that made Kuroko's heart beat faster and the shorter immediately planted himself on Kagami's embrace.

"Are you still up for tonight's promise?" Kuroko asked, hiding his (probably) blushing face on Kagami's chest.

"Absolutely," Kagami didn't think twice before he swept Kuroko's feet to lift him bridal style despite Kuroko's light protest about how embarrassing it was for a guy to be carried like that by another guy, even though nobody exactly saw him since he was still unnoticeable in ordinary people's eyes.

End of His Love Fortune Part 2

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