One evening megamind was sitting in his living room when the boys were in bed, minion was powered down and the brainbots were unplugged yet he felt like someone was watching him. As he thought about his beloved wife he cried thinking of how she hated him so much. He sat quietly in tears until the stroke of midnight approached. As he heard the bell striking midnight in the distance he then felt a cold wind slide past him,he got afraid. He then saw a shadow fall upon his.

He was too scared to move as the shadow came closer to him as he turned around to see what it was he felt no more than a BASH to the head!

The next morning he awoke in a hospital bed and around him he saw the faces of his worried children,fish and brainbots.

"What... happened.''He spoke in a weak voice

"Uh sir you kind...of...well can I put this nicely you...''Minion stumbled his words

The doctor came in and helped him.''

"He suffered from severe blows to the head as well as neck wounds similar to puncture marks.''

Minion scoffed. "show off.'' he thought.

Draven and Chez shuddered at the horrible thought that had just come into their minds. Had Alex and Ivy bitten their dad?

At the house Draven and Chez chatted about what to do.

"Its not possible bro.'' Chez said

Draven got angry."yes it is they are vampires, how else would you explain the marks on dad.''

Chez could not disagree as much as he loved Alexandra he and Draven both knew what was best.

That night Chez found Alexandra after she had been hunting. She smiled so sweetly making Chez feel guilty.

"Hello snoogems.'' She smiled them saw he was sad.

"Baby vat is wrong.'' She was very worried

Chez took a deep breath then spoke.

"Alex I'm terribly sorry but this isn't gonna work out.'' He said sadly.

Alexandras face fell horribly. up vis me.'' Her eyes filled with tears

Chez said nothing more before walking away from his heartbroken girl now on the floor in tears.

Draven said his words in a text message but never got one back.

THIS WAS HORRIBLE was whole Mind family sentanced to death by heartbreak