For My Female Viewers:

This chapter will appeal to you greatly.

This was highly inspired by a friend that some of you may know as Mahouko-Chama

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Fumi rummaged through the woods, watching for her pursuers. She was still wet from the river she had hid in and the rain that pounded above her, but survival and escape was her main priority. The greenery from the small canopy above her had shadowed everything around her. The faint glow of the lights that are on the boundary of the woods, indicated that she was on her way to civilization. She slightly brushed against leaves and trees to analyze the amount of sound they would make. If her abductors reappeared, she would know exactly how much she could move to attract attention, taking in the account of distance. The rain continuously fell, drearily dimming the dormant beauty of the forest at night.

Meanwhile, Daisuke and Kazu reported Seiji's death. How could this have happened? They shut him away from the curse for two years, thinking that the effects would wear off. Kazu lied on a sofa in their house.

"A-are you okay?" asked Daisuke. "I'm sorry about your friend."

" too..." replied Kazu.

"Were you two...close?"

"Good friends. When we were freshman, we would hunt for suspects of the curse. When his parents died, he came and lived with me."

"He lived with you? For how long?"

"Until, the 'Kumiko incident'."

"Yeah, about that..., what was her issue?"

"After we got out from jail-"

"You went to jail!?" exclaimed Daisuke.


"Hot..." thought Daisuke.

"Anyway, we thought she had died, but she held a grudge every since we accepted her death. Afterwards, the curse of-"

"Ghuy Park?"

"Stop interrupting me!"

"S-Sorry! Um...Kumiko told me about how it makes you suicidal. I assume that's what happened with Seiji?"

"Let's not talk about it..."

The boys sat around the house in silence. Daisuke began to hum a tune foreign to Kazu's ears. It was peculiar, most of the melody did not correspond with what was originally thought to be the melody. Although, the sound was soothing. Daisuke's tenor voice in the upper register brought an unknown calm to Kazu. It made him feel awkward, yet the sound was so allaying that he began to look at Daisuke in an odd way.

"I'm sorry, am I bothering you?" asked Daisuke.

"N-No. It's actually really good. Keep humming..."

Kazu moved in closer to listen to his voice. Daisuke could tell that he was enjoying his sound.

"How come you stopped singing?"

"I just don't think I need to do so."

Daisuke leaned in and kissed Kazu. To Daisuke, the moment was absolutely right and completely wrong all in the same instance. Kazu opened his eyes, still kissing him. He then suddenly pushed away.

"I...what are you doing?" said Kazu.

"I-I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking! I-I'll leave!"

" don't have to go..."

"I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be sorry. Come here..."

Kazu stands up and pulls Daisuke to the couch, kissing him again. Daisuke somewhat stutters but then submits to Kazu, returning his kiss. Kazu whispers, 'I like to be on top' to Daisuke and they switch positions.

This was a side that Kazu must've hidden. Was it really hidden, or did no one contemplate Kazu's unseen disdain for women? He never really acted in any way that would indicate his sexuality. It was more than the village members that had secrets.

Fumi made her way out of the woods, finally reaching the edge of the woods. The cars sped by her, making her hair move through the air. The distance between her and the road was almost nonexistent. Among other things, the highway she was on was virtually empty. The lights she saw must've came from the large building across the street. It's odd that the one building on this highway would be a nuclear power plant. They must've finally rebuilt it after the earthquake last year.

When the road cleared for a moment, Fumi crossed over to the peculiar building. She tried to open the double doors, but they appeared to be locked. There were vans around the west side of the building, all seeming to be vacant. She walked up to the first one and tugged on the back door. It opened; Fumi always knew she was a lucky person. She looked around, dumbfounded at the excess guns and grenades that were pinned up on a shelf within. She was surprised that she didn't see syringes until she opened a first aid box filled with them. 'What kind of operation were they running?' thought Fumi. Everything abnormal about this place except for the fact that no one was working. Maybe the place is closed on Thursdays. Thursday... Someone would die in her village if they didn't leave. It was already getting late. The time read 9:14 p.m. She wondered if Kazu would live in those cursed houses on Ghuy Park. 'Maybe I'll call him.' thought Fumi.

She looked through a window that had been on the wall. She saw a phone she could use, but how would she get in?

"Hey!" yelled a man from behind her. "I guess you didn't think to close the door as you made your escape.

The man chased after Fumi, whom he thought was a burglar. She ran to the backside of the building, trying out the door. When it opened, she quickly found a pole and lodged the door, hindering her pursuers struggle useless. The man mouthed the words, 'I got you now' when a mysterious smog began to fill the room. Fumi frantically tried to call 110 so the police could find her, but unfortunately, the phone line was dead. She ran up some stairs that she saw that leaded into a room with these enormous egg like capsules hanging in the air, suspended by black tentacles. She touched one, and a boy who looked like Seiji fell from it. 'Is this some kind of human cloning plant?' thought Fumi. Are they the ones behind the curse. Fumi ran to a desk that was in the back of the room. Most of the drawers had been locked except for one that contained checks. One of the checks contained the name of Fumi and Sono's families. Why are there consistent annual payments to this place? 'Were Sono and my parents..., funding the curse?' thought Fumi.