Fumi slowly took a step back. Tabitha waved the gun around multiple times, causing Fumi to crouch down each time. Fumi bumped into one of the egg capsules. It didn't burst as the one that held Seiji did, but it just swung in the air.

"Don't Touch that!" Yells Tabitha. "You've already made a big enough mess" She motions towards Seiji's capsule. That made Fumi think. Well, some of the capsules burst and others didn't. Is it maybe because of the life cycle of the capsule? Until the clone matures until adulthood, maybe the capsule will be weaker. She looked at the capsule she bumped into. It held an adult she didn't recognize. Tabitha shot a bullet.

"Stop analyzing things. You're not going to live long enough to use any of this information." In fact, Fumi had already figured out how she'd use it. She ran towards another smaller capsule. "Stop running! The door is locked. You'll never escape." Tabitha shot next to the capsule. "Don't make me hurt my merchandise." She said in a sing-song voice.

"No. The merchandise is gonna hurt you!" Fumi's voice rose as it approached the end of the sentence. She pushed the capsule and it burst on contact with Tabitha. She bolted for the door that was locked and pushed on it hard. It needed a key or a finger print.

Tabitha scrambled to get off of the floor. The liquids made her slip. "Don't Run from me!" She screamed. When she finally found her equilibrium, she began to shoot at the top of the staircase where Fumi resided. "Damn it!" She said quietly. "I'm out of bullets." She was exasperated as she headed back to her desk for bullets. "This gun is ridiculous. I can't even get rid of the stupid shells!" She ran to her desk and pulled out her .45 magnum revolver. "This'll do the trick."

Fumi breaks out into a sprint towards the desk and purposely slipped on the capsule liquid so she could slide in between Tabitha's legs. She pushed Tabitha to the ground and pushed her gun away.

"You're such a pain!" Tabitha, again, tries to scramble to her feet. If she removed her high heels the task wouldn't be as daunting. Tabitha grunts. "Stay away from that drawer!" Fumi opens the door and finds a set of keys. She takes it and begins to slide on the liquid when Tabitha stops her in her tracks.

"Ahh! Let go!" Fumi screamed. Tabitha had gotten a hold of her hair. "Let me go!"

"Don't worry! You're not gonna miss this short hair when it's all gone." Tabitha wrenched at her hair once more, pushing her to the ground. It didn't matter because Fumi had attained the set of keys. She crawled towards the door again, leaving Tabitha to get to her feet. Fumi's hair began to stick to her neck because of the liquid that had oozed from the capsules had stuck there. She made her way to the stairs and tried the keys as fast as she could. She tried to keep track of them, but she accidently used a few of them twice. This situation brought a scent of nostalgia to the forefront of her senses. She remembered when she was trapped in a jail cell for a while with her friends. Friends. She needed to get out of here for Kazu. She wanted to inform him of all that was going on here. She turned around once more to see if Tabitha had caught up. She hadn't. She noticed that one of the capsules were entitled 'Kumiko.' She wanted to save her friend, but she didn't know what would happen if she made one of the capsules burst. She reluctantly pushed open the now unlocked door and ran for the exit. She looked back once more and noticed Tabitha staring back in a window. Why wasn't she chasing me? She thought. It didn't matter. Get out of here, now! Her subconscious screamed at her.

Fumi made her way to a local supermarket. She had already forgotten that she was in a completely different part of the country. She waited in line for the payphone. People stared at her and she glared back. What are they looking at? She thought. You're sticky clothes, obviously. Her subconscious chided her. She looked down at herself and frowned. Where am I going to get some new clothes? It was her turn to use the "all-to-rusted" payphone. She pulled out her wallet and noticed it was extremely soggy. To make matters worse, she only had cash, no coins. Who's gonna want to exchange money for change with a sticky girl? Her subconscious said. There was a long line of people waiting to use the phone. She didn't want to go to the cashier and lose her spot so she asked a person behind her.

"Hi. Do you mind trading me 2 500 yen coins for a 1000 yen bank note?"

"Sure..." The man behind her responded. He was obviously concerned with they way she was dressed. "A-Are you okay, miss?"

"Oh!" Fumi looked down at herself. "I got into an accident. I'll be okay though." She hands him a soggy bank note.

"You know what? Keep it." The man said. "I'll give you the coins anyway."


Kazu and Daisuke stayed in their hiding places. Daisuke looks at Kazu expectantly, as if asking him what they should do. Daisuke continued to raise his eyebrows out of panic. Oh god. Thought Kazu. This guy better not get me found out. The same guy that you made out with. His subconscious corrected him. He mouthed to Daisuke, 'Don't move'. Daisuke shook his head in understanding, but his nervousness was evident on his face.

"Maybe they're not here." Mr. Hiroshima suggested.

"Yeah, you're probably right." replied. Kazu silently rolled his eyes because they're stupid enough to not check the two most obvious places. He was still happy that they were not on their trail. Daisuke began to move to open the closet but Kazu motioned for him not to. There was no telling if they were gone from the second level.

"Why?" Daisuke mouthed.

"Because they might still be here." Kazu replied. He didn't want to mouth anything profound in the fear that Daisuke wouldn't understand.

"They just left."

"They haven't left the house." Kazu let some sound escape his lips. "Listen for the door, okay?" Daisuke shook his head in understanding.

Kazu placed his head as close as he could to the ground and listened hard. He closed his eyes in the hope that losing one sense would enhance another. He couldn't tell if it was working, but he could definitely hear pretty well. He could hear the air conditioner shutting on and he could here the miniscule drops of the sink in the bathroom. He could also hear the crunches of the ground as Mr. Kazumi and Mr. Hiroshima stalked the second floor, looking for their prey. Kazu shot open his eyes when he heard Daisuke fidget once more in the closet. "Don't move!" Kazu mouthed furiously. Daisuke returned Kazu's glare with an exasperated and pained expression. He closed his eyes once again. They stayed close for only a moment because when he opened them, he heard the door open and close. He mouthed to Daisuke, "It's safe!" Daisuke fell out of the closet and complained that he had a Charlie horse. Kazu still shushed him, but Daisuke didn't care because he was finding relief in his now outstretched leg.

"So, can we leave?" Daisuke asked.

"I guess. When we leave, we need to beware of Mr. Kazumi and Mr. Hiroshima turning around and catching us." Kazu replied.

Kazu and Daisuke left the house and waited on the front porch. They scanned their surroundings while keeping an eye out for any of the adults. It was snowing lightly and they were swiftly gliding through the ground. It was sticky and wet and Daisuke thought that he's fall over and bust his head. They ran to the local grocery store. Kazu noted the 'closed' sign on the window. Woulsn't this be a perfect time to have Kumiko...? Kazu thought. He turned in astonishment as Daisuke began picking the lock. He blinked a few times and then smiled as the front doors pried open. They were electronic so Daisuke and Kazu had to push on the doors to fully open them. They ran in and unzipped their back packs and duffle bags. They stuffed in bread and other non-perishable foods. Daisuke use his locking skills and robbed the cash registers. Kazu made room in his second duffle bag, and added bottles of water and crystal light.

"Daisuke," Kazu called! "Use your second duffle bag for water and crystal light.

"Can we travel with that much?"

"As long as we take reasonable breaks, we should be fine."

Daisuke willingly completed his task and ran to meet Kazu at the front. Do we really need all of this? Daisuke thought. Yes we do. Plus, these bags are small. We packed just enough to last us a week away from actual home. Kazu and Daisuke looked at the front door of the Grocer in horror. and stood there, glaring at them. They ran, pushing over stray carts and jumping over food islands that were place in the middle of a walkway. Kazu motioned over to Daisuke to help him break the lock on a freezer door. They had sufficient time, considering that the adults that were chasing them were passed middle aged. They forced open the door when they ran to the back of the freezer. The door that lead to the back parking lot was locked. They banged it hard but all was futile when Mr. Hiroshima and Mr. Kazumi cocked their guns. They were going to be shot.

"Thank you for giving me a ride!" Fumi said.

"No Problem," The truck driver replied. "Anything for a pretty girl, right?" That comment made Fumi chuckle.

Fumi was thankful to this truck driver. He had purchased clean clothes for her to wear and offered to take her to an airport so she can make it back to driving distance of Yukinomai. The rest of the trip to the airport was filled with awkward silence, the dreary pitter patter of rain on the roof of the truck, and the consistent burn of rubber tires on the road. Fumi looked out to the hills on the highway and noticed a few rice fields in the distance being munched on by sheep. She then realized how stupid her abductors really were because the rare amount of sheep in japan live in Sapporo-Shi. She hadn't actually made it that far north. How could I not have noticed? My senses must be slipping... The truck driver grunted when her heard Fumi's audible sigh.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" He said. His eyes moved around suspiciously and then returned to the road.

"Yes. Quite fine..." Fumi tried to let her suspicions about this man be unknown. He didn't seem shady, but she shouldn't have gotten in the truck with him. She inched closer to the door and placed her hand over the door handle. It was chrome that reflected as well as a mirror. She could see the driver periodically glance in her direction, trying his best to be discreet and not be seen. He glanced at his own door to make sure that both doors were locked. She felt the coolness on the handle and it made her more uncomfortable than the atmosphere already was. Her mind drifted off to the fact that she didn't know she was in Sapporo the entire time. if I didn't enter the Ishikari river, I must've entered Toyohira. That one's a tributary to the Ishikari. At least I was still on the Ishikari Plain. At least the boneheads had the general idea... She thought.

The rain began to come down just a little bit harder which made Fumi nervous because the driver may want to stop somewhere until the rain subsides. He doesn't seem quite concerned, but she doesn't know his true motives. She decided to focus on her location; Being attentive to her whereabouts would be important in the case that this man wasn't taking her to the airport. Airports were now stuck on her mind. I take the new Chitose Terminal...I wonder how much a first class ticket would cost...? She reprimanded herself again for being side-tracked by her thoughts. She looked out of her dew covered window and set her eyes in the distance. They were not focused on anything specific, but she thought that she could daydream and keep track of her location simultaneously.

Gray mist and light fog hung low on the earth. Not much could be seen in the haze and the driver had to put o his high beams. Fumi had a hard time keeping track of the rode signs that passed by. As the truck came closer to each sign, Fumi could only catch a glimpse of each sign, few letters actually sticking out to her. She also began to notice that the truck was moving faster than usual because she could no longer keep up with the signs. She noticed on the opposite side of the rose, cars moving by with their high beams on.

"Umm..." Fumi started. "Do you think that we'll make it to the airport anytime soon?"

"I think so..." said the driver. "Although, we may have to stop for gas soon..." Damn...Fumi thought. She hoped that she'd make it to the airport without having to be stopped by the fool she allowed to driver her.

"It's time for you stupid kids to die," said as he stared Kazu and Daisuke down, his barrel level with Daisuke's eye. This is one of those moments where you pray that the person you're with is a hero and jumps in front of the bullet... Daisuke thinks. What are we gonna do?

pulled the trigger in excitement, the idea of the explosion brought to move back as he did it. Fortunately, there was no bullet that fired off. He looked down at his gun in astonishment. pulled his trigger as Kazu ducked to the left. He pushed a tall, metal cart of pastries over on , meanwhile Daisuke stood in the corner, his eyes darting across the small kitchen. stepped over the cart and went after Kazu, who was on the other side of the room pulling at the door that led to the supermarket. Daisuke noticed beginning to come to, so he picked up a skillet and banged it on his head. His technique was quite awkward, hitting with the flat side while he was laying down wasn't the most traditional way. Kazu lifted up a fire extinguisher and slammed against . Neither of the boys' technique were customary. Both grown men seemed to be unconscious. Daisuke risked a glance at Kazu, his heart rising as their eyes meet. They ran towards the front of the building and skipped over stray grocery carts. Kazu hadn't realized he left the duffle bag that contained water.

"We're close to the airport..." The truck driver said.

"Really?!" Fumi exclaimed all too loudly. "O-Oh...that's great."

"You sound a little discouraged..." It was quite the opposite.

"Not at all..." Fumi again tried to mask her relief.

"Oh! I haven't even offered you a drink!" The man says as he pulls out a water bottle that was definitely opened before. Fumi looks past the fog and can see the outside of the terminal, people filing in and out like clockwork. It was quite long, but she finally made it to the airport. Although, the driver seemed like he had no intention of slowing down so he can make the right. "Water?" He said a little more forcefully.

"No...thank you." She definitely gave herself away by stalling the second half of her sentence. She peeked through her newfound bangs and noticed the man's fist clenched around the sturring wheel. Now she was plotting the possibility that she'd have to jump from the car. How will I ensure I land on something safe? She thought. What if I don't make it to the terminal, if I stop in the middle of the road and get ran over. I don't want to be Fumi Hiroshima Road Kill.