Title: Second Life
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100.
Series: FFVII. (Specifically Crisis Core/Dirge of Cerberus).
Notes:Written for ffvii_100 on DW's 'fate worse than death' prompt. I don't own FFVII.

When the Goddess rejects him, he thinks that's a fate worse than death. He welcomes the oblivion that comes after. (Since when has Zack become so strong?)

He thinks that's the end of it and dies, or rather drifts, through the next years hardly conscious, barely aware, experimented on then ignored and forgotten.

When Genesis wakes in a changed world, alone and with the knowledge that the Goddess expects him to make amends, he revises his estimation of what a fate worse than death really means.

For him, it's living.

And in learning that, he begins to understand the Goddess.

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