Name: When Worlds Collide.

Writer: Ann.

Fandom: Stargate SG1/Farscape Crossover.

Rating: PG13.

Main Characters: SG1- Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Colonel Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Vala Mal Doran.

Farscape- John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Moya, Pilot.

Summary: When the human race was told of the aliens the astronaut John Crichton met, shock was Earth people's reaction. Well, except for those working in "Area 52", who knew aliens long ago. Crichton doesn't know about the Stargate Program, nor does the government wants him to know. But what if he'd meet their best team?

Timeline: Stargate- S10, Farscape- Post PK Wars.

Disclaimer: All rights for Stargate are MGMs, and all rights for Farscape belong to the Jim Henson Company. I don't own anything (unfortunately).

Others: Had that idea long ago and I finally decided to publish. Enjoy!


The planet they found themselves on was a green planet full of water, which seemed highly unpopulated. It seemed that the lakes, that could have supported thousands of lives, destroyed them with an unbelievable amount of sicknesses, which the bugs around them passed on to the humans. Eventually the bugs died out when the humans learned how to defend themselves, but the planet's population never grew enough to even call it a country on Earth terms.

"What is that?" Cameron Mitchell pointed at the screen at the Stargate Command, on which there was a big object – which oddly enough, seemed like a ship – was seen. It was lying on the water, as if it was waiting for someone to come and get it.

"I'll try flying the UAV closer," Sam Carter, sitting in front of the computer, replied. She pressed a few buttons, and a moment later the UAV was flying by the ship, zooming in as closely as possible. "It seems familiar, Sir, but I can't quite put my finger on it," She mused, turning to the General standing behind her.

"I see." General Landry's voice was as decisive as ever. "Gear up. You're leaving in an hour."

"Yes, sir." Sam got up and the team left the Control Room, heading towards the dressing rooms to change their clothes and get ready for the mission.

An hour later, SG1 walked through the gate to P5S965. Other than the coolness, the planet they found was exactly the one they expected to find. It was full of vegetation, and they could hear humans working nearby, in the fields near the gate. They walked on the road from the gate to find themselves inside a small, very much alive village, filled with working men, women and kids playing around. Sam and Cam exchanged a glance, smiling slightly.

"Hello!" A young woman who looked about twenty years old greeted them. Despite her simple clothes, her smile was bright and welcoming. A moment later her eyes widened in surprise as she realized who she was talking with. "You are SG1, aren't you?" She asked, unsure whether or not it was true.

Daniel smiled at her. "Yes, that's us," He confirmed.

Before he could continue, Cam spoke. "Has, eh, any strangers been here lately?" He asked, automatically studying the village.

"You mean the Ori?" She asked, her face darkening.

"Amongst others."

She shook her head. "We have heard about them from our trading partners, but they have not reached us yet," She replied. "And there have been no other strangers in our village," She added quietly, "Although we had seen a strange ship landing here yesterday."

Sam smiled at her. "Thank you. We'll be back shortly."

"I've never seen a ship like this." Vala looked at the brown-gold spaceship in front of them.

"Neither have I," Teal'c agreed, also looking at the ship.

"Sam?" Cam turned to Sam, who was already working with her devices.

"It seems to be an organic ship," she said, slightly surprised. "Nothing we've like we've seen on this galaxy, but similar to-"

"-The Wraith's ships," Cam completed, speaking with her. "So what do you say we'll check it out?"

Before he even finished his sentence, Vala was already running towards the ship. Glancing at his teammates with a slightly apologetic look, Daniel hurried after her, calling her to stop. Sam, Cam and Teal'c walked after them, quietly discussing about the ship. They all wondered whose ship it could possibly be. And why does it look so familiar?

The inside of the ship was big, just like the outside. They saw halls and corridors, and even big, strange doors, but even though they knew it was completely alien, something still looked familiar to the Earth people. After managing to stop Vala from running away again, the team turned to what they thought was the bridge.

The bridge was full of devices which clearly weren't in use. While Daniel, Teal'c and Vala searched for writings of any kind, Sam and Cam tried to figure out how to control the ship, and if possible, how to bring it back home.

"If we'll understand this ship, we can potentially understand the Wraith's ships. Once we do that, we can figure out how to destroy them." Sam seemed excited. "This is a huge breakthrough."

"Well, let's start with bringing her home." Cam stood next to her, looking at her hands playing with one of the consoles. "You think you can learn how to fly it? Bring it home with us?"

"No." A quiet voice from behind them made them all freeze. They could almost feel the guns pointed at them. "I don't."