Part 1 – Job Offer

Bella Swan smiled with delight when she read her email.

Dear Ms Swan,

Thank you for your application for the position as my teacher's aid for the coming semester in Anatomy 101. I would like to offer you the position if you're still interested. Stop by my office one day this week and we can talk about it.

Professor Edward Cullen

"You're looking very happy about something" Alice Brandon commented to her best friend as she entered the apartment they shared.

"I have a lot to be happy about" Bella giggled in response.

"Ok you have my interest peaked" Alice sighed and sat down on the couch waiting for her friend to spill.

"I got the teachers aid position with Professor Cullen," she smiled happily.

"Oh you're kidding, you are so lucky" Alice sighed thinking about the close proximity her friend would have to the scrumptious Professor Cullen whilst working with him.

"I know" Bella squealed.

Bella had spent three years of university drooling over the delicious professor. The first time she had seen him she thought that he was just another one of the students in her class. He had come in and sat down with everyone in his jeans and black sweater, looking good enough to eat, and chatted with her and a few other students about their course load. Bella had instantly fallen for him. He was tall, dark and handsome and mysterious as well, she had decided then and there that she would get his attention.

That never happened. She had tried a few strategies like acing his classes and staying back after lectures hoping it would draw his attention to her. It had but not the type she wanted. Instead, he had recruited her to tutor some of the other students who weren't doing so well.

When that didn't work, she had decided to alter her image. Short shirts and shorts were a must, and tight tank tops that showed off her ample cleavage made a regular appearance as well. Every guy on campus noticed but it didn't seem to work on Professor Cullen.

In the end, Bella had given up. She had heard through the grape vine that he was in a very serious relationship and she realised then that her crush on him was childish and pointless.

A man like Edward Cullen would never be interested in a girl like her.

Sure, she still drooled after him, watching him move through the classes she had with him over the three years of her academic career but she no longer flaunted herself in front of him.

Edward Cullen sighed as he thought about the email he had sent the day before. He wasn't sure if he was making the right decision by choosing Bella Swan to be his teaching assistant for the upcoming semesters Anatomy 101 class. He had a few very capable candidates apply for the position but none of them had the grades or work ethic of Bella Swan, which is why in the end, despite his better judgment he had picked her.

Bella Swan was every young Professor's nightmare and every teen boy's wet dream. She was gorgeous with a killer body and a mind to match. He swore on occasion that she wore her short shorts and skirts to drive him crazy. On many occasions he had to rush to the toilet after a lecture with her to relieve himself because she had gotten him so worked up. It wasn't like she was doing anything specific that he could put his finger on but every time she would shift in her chair, giving him a better view of her beautiful tanned legs, he found himself unable to look away.

He was in a relationship for Christ's sake. Sure, it wasn't the happiest one but that still didn't excuse the fact that he was lusting after one of his young students.

And that was another issue in itself. Up until this semester, Bella had been a student of his for all three years. It was like there was no way to escape her. But now she was no longer in any of his classes.

His thoughts were interrupted then by a knock on the door.

Bella grinned as she looked over her appearance in the mirror. She had paid special attention to what she was going to wear for her impromptu meeting with the Adonis professor, convinced that this was the perfect opportunity to try to seduce him.

Sure, he was with someone but frankly, she didn't care. She was so hot for Professor Cullen that she couldn't think straight sometimes, and she knew that if she wanted to move on that she needed to get it out of her system.

So happy with what she saw she grabbed her bag and headed towards the biology wing.

"Come in" Edward called out from his seat behind his desk.

Edward watched in trepidation as Bella Swan entered his office. He knew from the moment the door opened and the long brown hair appeared that it was her, but what he wasn't prepared for was the sight of her.

Bella was wearing one of her normal short shirts but this time it was pleated and he could tell that it barely covered her tight ass. It didn't stop there though the skirt was accompanied by a white tank top that appeared to be at least one size too small and made it more than obvious that she was only wearing a thin lace bra underneath it. Her breasts were spilling over the top of it and he could see her erect nipples pushing through the mateAll. Her beautiful hair was hanging free and on her feet she wore a pair of wedge sandals enhancing her short frame. He felt his mouth water at the sight.

"Is this a good time Professor Cullen?" Bella asked hesitantly. She watched happily as his eyes scanned her body from her head to her toes.

"Yeah sure Bella, come on in," he told her standing up and putting on his normal aloof attitude.

Bella noticed that he looked very casual today, dressed in a tight white shirt and a pair of denim three quarter shorts but he looked just as delicious as he normally did.

"Thanks" Bella smiled.

"Take a seat," he told her gesturing to the seat on the opposite side of his desk before getting up and walking towards his filing cabinet to get out some things to discuss with her about the course load.

When he turned around, he was shocked to find that Bella was sitting on the edge of his desk near his chair instead of in the chair across the desk, and her eyes were following his every movement. Edward swallowed before talking.

"So I take it your still interested in the position?" he asked her.

"Of course! I'm really excited. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity" she told him.

Edward smiled "You're welcome, and you deserve it so no thanks is needed" he sat down in his seat then and the minute he did he regretted it. It brought him face to face with Bella's beautiful crossed legs.

Bella noticed immediately where Edward's gaze was and purposely uncrossed her legs before re-crossing them the other way.

"Well I've got some information to give you so you might like to write it down" he told her hoping that she would take that as a hint to sit in a chair instead of on his desk.

"Okay" Bella smiled before turning around and leaning over the table to reach for her bag where she kept her supplies.

Edward's eyes almost bugged out of his head as Bella leaned over the desk causing her skirt to rise up over her perfect ass, and giving him an extremely tempting view. He felt his pants tighten immediately at the sight of her naked ass cheeks. She was either wearing nothing at all under that skirt of a very tiny thong; he wasn't sure which idea aroused him more.

After finally reaching her bag Bella pulled out the notepad and pen she kept in there more than aware of the view she must have been giving Edward.

"Okay" she smiled when she turned around "I'm ready" she told him but apparently Edward wasn't.

"You know Miss Swan, if you're planning on wearing that outfit when you teach my lectures you're going to be more of a distraction than anything else" he says.

Bella knew that he was trying to be as nice as he could while trying to tell her that her outfit wasn't appropAlte. She wanted to tell him that she wasn't stupid that she would never dream of being that unprofessional, but where would the fun be in that.

"You think I'm a distraction Professor Cullen?" she asked innocently.

"You can call me Edward since we'll be working together and yes in that outfit you are" he told her.

"But it would be a good distraction wouldn't it, Edward?" she asked then her voice becoming a little huskier.

Edward looked up and met her eyes briefly before quickly darting them away to the picture on his table of his girlfriend. Bella followed his eyes to the picture, leaned over, and picked it up. She studied the picture of the blonde. She had beautiful hair and piercing blue eyes, a very attractive combination but there was something missing. There was no sparkle in her eyes she seemed to be just dead.

Bella put the photo back down in the same place "Your girlfriend?" she asked.

"Yes" Edward nodded.

"So the outfit, no go for lectures?" she grinned playfully.

Edward couldn't help but grin as well and leant back in his chair "No, not for lectures" he agreed "We want the male students to learn anatomy from their text books, Bella" he laughed.

Bella laughed too "I know I should be insulted by that comment but surprisingly I'm not for some reason" she told him.

"Hmm I guess that's a good thing, you feel comfortable with me. I think that's good since we're going to be working together so closely" he said.

"How closely?" Bella asked him then.

"Well we'll need to meet a couple of times a week at least" he informed her "that won't be a problem will it?"

"No" Bella shook her head.

"Good" he said.

"So if I was trying to get someone's attention this would be a good outfit?" she asked.

"Yes" he nodded. "It would be," he tried to keep his eyes off her and his face neutral, Edward didn't want her to think that it distracted him he wanted to keep this completely professional but he was having a very hard time.

"And if someone was trying to get the attention of someone like you would this be a good way?" she asked.

Edward looked a little shocked to hear her imply that she wore the outfit to get his attention? "Well if it was a student no because it's against the rules, and I am already involved after all," he answered.

"True" Bella agreed "But you're still a man."

Edward watched as Bella uncrossed her legs then and parted them slowly. It wasn't enough that he could see her hidden treasure but it gave him a nice view of the insides of her thighs and he swore he could smell her arousal.

"Yes, yes I am but…" he told her getting prepared to offer her a solid argument for why he still wouldn't get involved with someone.

Bella's gaze wandered down Edward's body and she immediately noticed the huge bulge in Edward's shorts. She decided to take a chance then and dropping one of her shoes on the floor, she raised it, placed it gently in Edward's lap, and rubbed it gently over the bulge.

When Bella raised her foot it caused her legs to part further and gave Edward a delicious view of her mateAll covered pussy, and answered his earlier question about what she was wearing under the tiny skirt.

"What about someone that wasn't your student?" she asked him huskily. She could feel his eyes burning her everywhere that he was staring.

Edward reached out and grabbed her ankle stopping her actions.

"You're an incredibly sexy women, Bella" he told her his voice deep with desire "you could wear a paper bag and you would have most men's attention" he told her. His hand was now caressing her calf and Bella had resumed her caressing with her foot.

Bella grinned at his words "Thank you" she said "but so far it doesn't seem to be working on the man I want" she informed him.

"Well it's working on me" he finally groaned unable to pretend he wasn't enjoying her caresses any longer.

"Good" Bella moaned as Edward's hand crept up her leg towards her inner thigh. It didn't take long for him to reach his goal and Bella immediately spread her legs wider when she felt his finger trail over her drenched thong.

Edward stood up "I've been wondering what you were wearing under that tiny little skirt" he groaned.

Bella leaned forward and licked the shell of his ear before taking the lobe into her mouth. He tasted sweet and spicy and she couldn't wait to find out what the rest of him tasted like. "Now that you know what will you do about it?" she whispered seductively in his ear.

"Do you want to fuck me, Bella?" he asked bluntly his hand never stopping its slight caress of her pussy.

"Yes" Bella moaned.

"You are so fucking sexy," he groaned then before leaning in and taking her mouth for the first time.

There was nothing soft and gentle about it, their mouths came together hard and passionately both of them opening their mouths immediately to the other.

Edward reached up and roughly grabbed her breast through the fabric of her tank top and began to finger her erect nipple causing Bella to moan in delight. His big hands fit her tits perfectly and she loved the feel of his hands on them, but she would love his mouth even more.

"Touch Me," she begged against his mouth.

Edward immediately reacted to her plea using his hands to shove the mateAll up and over her breasts never once taking his mouth away from hers.

When they broke apart, they were both panting but what Bella did next shocked Edward. Using her hand on his chest she pushed him back slowly before getting off the table and heading towards the door.