Part 28

Three Months Later

Bella sighed as she finally pulled her black Mazda into the garage of the house she shared with Edward. It had been one of the worst days she had experienced since she had started her job a month earlier at the local High School as the biology teacher. It wasn't that she didn't like her job she was just feeling so tired lately and now she knew why she found herself excited to tell her husband.

Her husband, she smiled when she looked over to the other side of the garage and saw his sleek black volvo parked their and quickly rushed out of her car so she could get inside to be with him.

"Honey I'm home" she smiled with a grin as she made her way into the house placing her purse and briefcase on the table before leaning down to pull her shoes off.

"Edward" she called out again when no one answered.

The house remained silent again and Bella frowned wondering where Edward was, she wanted to see him desperately.

She made her way up the stairs then and when she got to her bedroom door she found a folded note that said "read me"

She smiled as she flipped it open "Welcome home darling, come inside, undress and climb into the bath I poured you"

Bella smiled at she read the note out loud and looked up and down the hall wondering where her wonderful husband was hiding.

Deciding to do as he requested she opened the bedroom door and found it in darkness accept for the candles that were alight everywhere, she sighed and smiled before she began stripping out of her pant suit and making her way into the bathroom where there were more candles bating the room and the big bath full of red rose petals.

"Edward" she called out hoping that he was hiding somewhere in the bathroom with plans of joining her.

When he didn't respond she stepped into the bath and sunk down into the warm water past her shoulders. She tried to stay alert hoping that Edward would join her but she soon found her eyes closing.

Edward smiled as he crept into the bathroom and found his wife with her eyes closed, winding down from the week she had. He had never seen her so stressed and tired as he had the past week and was worried that she was over doing things, he also wondered if her job was worth the stress it was causing her.

He squatted down until his mouth was next to her ear and he reached out and took her lobe into his mouth and sucked on it in the way he knew drove her crazy.

"Hmm" she grinned, her eyes snapping open. "I hope you're already naked" she smiled.

Edward stood up and pushed his boxers down his legs and when Bella moved forward he slid in the bath behind her and brought her back against his chest where he immediately began kissing her neck.

"Hi" he whispered.

"Hi yourself husband" she grinned, so far being married to Edward had been everything that she had dreamed it would be, their honeymoon was pure bliss and when they returned they settled in married life easily and most times a routine that suited them both and allowed for plenty of time with each other to make love.

"This was a nice surprise," she told him.

"I know you've had a hard week and I wanted to start your night of relaxation out perfectly" he informed her running his tongue up her neck and causing her to shiver and moan.

"And what else do you have planned for tonight?" she asked curiously.

His mouth moved from her neck to her ear and then her jaw forcing Bella to turn her face "You'll just have to wait and see" he said before taking her mouth finally.

He loved her mouth thoroughly his tongue drawing out hers and caressing against it as he raised his hands to cup her breasts and massage them.

"M-Edward" she moaned in delight.

He rolled her nipples between his fingers as he sucked on her collarbone and Bella knew that she would have a mark then in the morning but she couldn't bring herself to care right now, what he was doing was absolutely pure bliss.

"Are you ready to get out of here?" Edward surprised her by asking her then.

"Do you have something else in mind?" she asked with a smirk as she wiggled her ass against his very hard cock, which was pressing, against her back.

"I have a lot of things in mind but that will come later" he replied before standing up and offering her his hand.

He tied a towel around his waist before wrapping Bella in a big fluffy towel and carried her back into the bedroom and placing her onto the bed.

"Roll over beautiful," he told her as he pulled the towel from her grasp.

"Edward, what?" she asked.

He walked to the side table and pulled of it a bottle of massage oil "Roll over" he smiled.

Bella did as was told and when she was settled Edward pulled his towel away and straddled her back. He rubbed some oil on his hands before squirting a generous amount on her back and began to massage her shoulders and back, working on all the knots that were formed there from her stress.

"Oh god Edward that feels so good" she moaned.

His hands were doing amazing things to her body, she had never felt so relaxed in her life and at the same time so horny, she could feel her juices pooling in her pussy.

Edward grinned as Bella wiggled beneath him, he could tell that she was becoming hornier by the second, his own cock was hard as hell and was now leaking pre-cum.

"Baby your hands are so good" she told him.

Edward shifted further down her legs and began massaging her lower back then and moving down to massage her ass.

"Oh god baby" she cried, he was so close to her pussy and she wanted him to touch her so badly.

His hands moved to her thighs but he was careful not to touch her where he knew she so desperately wanted him too, her legs separated and he could smell her arousal and he licked his lips in anticipation "Soon baby" he whispered.

He massaged her calves before finishing at her feet, paying special attention to the them and when he was positive that every muscles in her body was goo he settled in between her legs and poked out his tongue to lick her slit.

"Oh fuck" Bella cried rearing off the bed.

Edward used his fingers to open her pussy before thrusting his tongue inside it over and over again, scooping out her juiced and drinking them eagerly.

"Oh baby, yes that feels so good" Bella moaned.

He replaced his tongue with two fingers then and covered her clit with his mouth. It only took a few thrusts until Bella was exploding around his fingers.

"EDWARD" she screams as her orgasm washed over her.

Edward kisses his way back up her body until he reached her neck "I love you baby" he tells her.

Bella turns her head and reaches for his lips kissing him passionately and groaning when she can taste herself on his lips.

"I love you too," she whispers.

Without another word then Edward takes hold of his hard cock in one hand and guides it to her sopping opening, gliding inside her in one smooth stroke.

"Oh god Edward" Bella cried out in bliss raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

"Oh yes Bella" Edward moans stroking inside her slowly.

"You feel so good" he groaned in her ear.

"You too baby" she replies.

They're body's glide against each other as a sweat forms all over them.

"More, harder baby, faster," Bella pleads with him then.

Edward pulls back "come onto your knees" he encourages her, he loves taking her from behind, filling her up so fully and hitting her most sensitive walls in this position.

Bella pulls back and Edward begins pounding into her harder and faster hitting her spot over and over again and causing her to cry out in bliss.

Leaning over her body Edward takes her breasts into his hands and caresses them roughly "you so fucking gorgeous, I love you so fucking much Bella" Edward moans.

"Me too" she cries out, she is so close.

Edward feels her walls tighten around him and begins pumping in and out of her even harder and faster than he already is.

"Oh god Edward…ahh yes, yes, yes" she cries out clamping down on him and screaming out her ecstasy.

Edward closes his eyes and with one last thrust he throws his head back and shoots his seed deep inside Bella's body "ahh…..BELLA" he screams out.

They both collapse on the bed together absolutely exhausted but Edward finds one last bit of strength to reluctantly pull out of Bella's body and to roll on to his back so as not to squash her and pulling her onto this chest.

"Wow" Bella finally sighed when she got her breath back.

"Ditto" Edward replied causing Bella to giggle.

"That was unexpected" she turned on her side and told him.

Edward leaned in and kissed her "but very needed am I right?" he said quirking an eyebrow at her.

Bella smiled and nodded "Thank you, you have no idea how relaxed I feel now"

"And satisfied?" he grinned.

"Hmm for now" she purred tracing a hand down his chest "but I'm bound to need satisfying again later"

Edward chuckled "of course" he agreed.

He entwined their hands then and brought them up to his lips and kissed the rings on her finger "so the job it's kind of know what you expected right?"

Bella sighed "I love the work I'm not just not used to dealing with all these adolescent children who pull pranks on you, I thought I would be prepared with my TA work but these kids are ruthless" she frowned.

Edward smiled, he'd had his fair share of pranks pulled on him when he started teaching and not just by school kids the college kids could hold their own as well.

"So what are you going to do?" he asked her, one thing he knew about Bella was that she wasn't a quitter she would stick the job out until it killed her which is what worried him the most.

"Mrs Cullen will have a new attitude on Monday" she sighed.

Edward raised an eyebrow in question.

"No more Mrs. nice guy" she said causing Edward to laugh and kiss her hungrily.

They lay there in silence for a while until Edward's stomach grumbled so they got the take out menus out and ordered in.

They were sitting cuddled on the couch eating the pizza that had just been delivered when Bella put her pizza down and studied her husband. Edward was in mid bite when he realised Bella was staring at him.

"What?" he asked.

Bella smiled "nothing" she shook her head it was a stupid time to tell him.

Edward watched as she began playing with her pizza, obviously she had something on his mind and he wanted to know what it was so reaching out and taking her hand he pulled her attention back to him.

"Hey talk to me" he encouraged her.

Bella put her pizza down "so I didn't tell you because I didn't want to worry you or anything" she started which of course alarmed Edward straight away.

Bella shook her head "No that was a terrible way to start" she said out loud all of a sudden seemingly oblivious to the fact that Edward was sitting and waiting for her to speak.

"Bella" he said grabbing her attention by tilting her jaw up to meet his eyes.

"You got any plans for next June?" she asked him.

Edward frowned "Um no, I mean it's the start of summer vacation" he said, she couldn't be thinking about having a holiday already could she?

Bella nodded and smiled "Good, well don't make any" she told him.

"Um ok, can I ask why?" he said.

"Well I'm sure we'll be pretty busy and I'll be as big as a whale so I guess there won't be any short shirts for you for a while" she rambled.


Bella looked up at him and smiled "I said we'll be pretty busy"

"No the next part"

"Oh the part where I'll be as big as a whale?" she giggled.

Edward nodded mouth open, was she saying what he thought she might be saying?

"A-Are you?" they hadn't been trying; in fact they had decided to wait so that Bella could start her career. Secretly he had hoped that they would start their family sooner or later but he was happy to wait till Bella was ready.

Bella bit her bottom lip and nodded.

Throwing the pizza aside and not caring where it ended Edward pulled Bella into his lap until she was straddling him.

"We're going to have a baby?" he smiled awed.

Bella nodded "Yeah in about 8 months" she whispered.

"Wow" he grinned looking down at her stomach and placing a hand over it.

"I know" she said just as happily, at first when she had suspected she had been a little worried but since she found out yesterday she had grown to love the idea and the baby that her and Edward had created inside of her.

Edward framed her face and kissed her gently then "Thank you," he whispered.

"Don't thank me, we both did a lot of work to create this little one" Bella laughed.

"This is going to change our lives you know that right?" Edward smiled.

Bella nodded "you know what they say though" she told him.

Edward shook his head "What do they say?"

"A change is as good as a holiday," she giggled.

Edward groaned and leant in and began attacking his wife's neck causing Bella to shriek before it was replaced with a breathy moan.

"God I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," she told him back.

They stared at each other then with smiles of happiness on their face, both silently contemplating what lie ahead for them. One thing they both knew for sure was that as long as they faced it together it would undoubtedly be perfect.

The End

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