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Dark Repercussions:

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Chapter 1:

Striding through the dark halls, Sang Lys smirked as everything seemed to still in thick fear. Midnight black cloak billowed behind him as he went, shadowed hood covered his head showing only a coal black mask that occupied the top half of his face. The mask was plain except a blood red lily covering the left eye, and Avada green eyes pierced through showing power; freezing terror in to your very soul. Although heavily cloaked, it was easy to tell that the body was lithe, sharp and deadly with grace that of a cat on a silent prowl. Throwing open the great doors, the figure glided up the centre of the room looking towards the only other occupant of the grand room.

"Ah Sang Lys, just in time. I had thought you would be late assassin," A chilled voice rang out and Sang Lys raised an eyebrow even if it couldn't be seen. The assassin Sang Lys was known for his eventful torture sessions and no mercy, when he came after you he gave no signs and left no evidence, he was someone who interested Lord Voldemort greatly and that's why they were working together. The Lord and the assassin left via side door to a study, Sang Lys threw up locking and silencing spells with a flick of his wand and he dropped himself down in front of the desk kicking his feet up showing his black basilisk hide boots. He let out an undignified sigh causing the Dark Lord raised an eyebrow now he had removed his snake like Voldemort guise.

"Trouble young assassin?" Voldemort asked with a smirk, the assassin pulled of his masked and threw Voldemort a withering look.

"One would think being a trained assassin I would have some patience, but apparently spending time with you has made me have a very low tolerance for fools." Running his hands threw his midnight black hair that stood out against his snowy skin, his full red lips curled in to a sneer of disgust.

"Soon I think I will end up killing the mudblood or the blood traitors, it makes me laugh how they think I'm going to fight their pathetic battles for them as they sit back and spend my money."


Harry was walking in the dark corridors of Hogwarts under his cloak trying to clear his head when 3 very familiar voices came in to his hearing range.

"Now that Black has been dealt with the boy is in the perfect position to be moulded for death in the upcoming battle." Dumbledore said in a low voice, Harry's interest perked 'what was going on?' he thought curiously. Hermione's voice interrupted his musings,

"Are you sure that Harry won't catch on that Sirius was set up for death?" She asked worriedly and Harry's breath hitched, that couldn't be true could it?

"I'm sure as long as you keep him ignorant we can marry him to young Ginevra and when he dies in battle all his money even the stuff he doesn't know about will go to her." Dumbledore replied in a matter of fact tone, by now Harry was fuming.

"What is the estimated fortune Potter holds and what about us will we still be paid monthly?" Ron questioned intently.

"Potter is the richest person in the whole wizarding world as he doesn't know that his mother was a pureblood with a lot of money and an heir to two of the founders same with his father and yes Mr. Weasley you will still get your monthly 5,000 galleons as long as you and Miss Granger continue your excellent spying and dumbing him down as his so called relatives are doing a fine job of beating him in to submission that is all that is required of you. The only thing left to do is remove Lupin from the equation but that will wait until he has a tragic accident."

"Ok sir, as Potter is coming to the order this year when will out private meeting be with all the trusted members?" Hermione simpered and the sound made Harry feel sick, he listened to them arrange their meetings and watched as they split. Harry decided there an then that he was going to unleash the hell he kept bottled up and bring everyone who stood against him down, they would pay a steep price and wouldn't know until it was too late; summer was going to be interesting.

End Flashback.

"Is keeping up the perfect, ignorant Gryffindor act a problem?" Mocked the Dark Lord, Harry hissed in agitation.

"Well you have been gathering yourself a name taking out high standing members of society, I believe it's time for you to be announced to the elite and the lower ranks. Especially when you took out Umbridge, I must say even I was impressed." Harry raised an eyebrow and nodded taking out his tongue bar he held it out.

"Make this in to a portkey and I'll activate it with a parcel password to come here." Voldemort hissed Portus and tapped the bar with his wand and it glowed vibrant blue. Screwing it back in to his tongue and grinning viciously at the Lords repulsed look, Sang Lys slipped on his mask and strode towards the door, turning back he said,

"For my opening ill bring you the heart and eye of Emmeline Vance." And apperated to Sirius' bedroom of No. 12 Grimauld Place. As the new owner of No. 12 he had the ability of coming and going and practicing magics all he pleased. Since 3rd year Harry had been training himself secretly in all magics, muggle weapons, martial arts and gymnastics until now he was the perfect weapon: silent and deadly. He sad started training because of Sirius, his godfather was determined that Harry was going to have the best chance of surviving the war and he drew up an intense schedule for Harry to follow, and he did religiously. It had paid of miraculously and he was thanking his stars for his godfathers quick thinking, especially now.

Immediately after he had overheard the dear headmaster, he called in a favour with Dobby and had been training in a non-aging time room in the ROR so had advanced to the level of skill as the Dark Lord with expert knowledge of torture. After years of being dominated and controlled by everyone Sang Lys had a fetish for dominating people in all ways: Sexual was his favourite, owning them, controlling them just to destroy them. Pulling up the hidden slot of the wardrobe, Harry stowed his Sang Lys attire away and sealed it with his personal password in Parseltongue. Sitting heavily on the bed thinking of the upcoming day, it was going to be a hard day shopping with the scum, he had changed the way he dressed and he was 'getting his eyes fixed' even though he had already had it done. One thing he was going to do was pick up was a snake, he wanted one so he would have it; he made sure he always got what he wanted now. He was glad that the Dark Lord decided on tomorrow or there may have been some suspicious deaths, Harry was rudely pulled out of the violent deaths he was planning by the mudblood's know-it-all grating voice.

"Harry you have to come out, I know Sirius death was hard on you, but staying cooped up in his old room is not good." Harry was up and had wrenched the door open before she finished her sentence.

"Have you thought for a second that it may actually be helping me Hermione? Well next time come back when you have something decent so to say, now leave and don't come back till tomorrow. Even if you do I won't answer; goodbye." Harry hissed venomously, slamming the door in her face, he threw up the most powerful locking, silencing and repelling wards he could manage so now even Dumbledore himself would not get the door down. He checked the time and realized if he didn't get moving he wouldn't be able to have any fun, donning his cloak Sang Lys strapped all of his weapons to his body and headed out to take his anger out on some poor unfortunately order member. Apperating to a dark, desolate hilltop Harry slipped on his mask and headed to the hidden cottage just behind the trees. Sang Lys entered silently as always and he ran a quick scan over the entire building picking out all the wards and making a mental note of them in his mind. Creeping up the stairs, he went to the only bedroom smirking at the peacefully sleeping body, he flicked his wand slamming her in to the wall and she woke with a scream of pain.

"Evening Miss Vance." Sang Lys called cheerfully walking over to her and sticking her to the wall.

"W-w-who are you?" She stuttered and Harry stood right in front of her pulling back his hood so she could see his infamous mask.

"Sang Lys," She breathed terrified and San Lys grinned maliciously.

"Oh good I am known, now why don't you be a good little girly and tell me all the safe houses for the order?" Harry asked sweetly.

"I won't tell you anything." She hissed.

"I was hoping you would show some backbone, it makes it so much more fun." Casting a quick 'Crucio' he held it for 30 seconds and raised an eyebrow, but Emmeline just spat on the ground at his feet, Sang Lys smirked and took out his sharpest knife. He cut off her pyjamas so she hung exposed on the wall, he ran the tip of the knife down her body then slowly cut around her left nipple until it hung loosely by a thread of skin, she bit her lip to stop from crying out, but had no such luck when he did it to the right.

"I still won't tell you." She gasped drawing in ragged breaths, Sang Lys shrugged and proceeded to slice off different parts of flesh, her screams washing over him relieving some of his pent up tension. Running his fingers in the blood streaming down her body, Sang Lys sighed in pleasure,

"Anything to tell me yet?" He questioned tilting his head, but she shook her head so he pulled her from the wall and stuck her down bent over. Sang Lys proceeded to take her roughly slicing her back with every thrust causing her to scream in pain, when she hit her peak he continued to pound in to her until he had finished making a final deep gash along her breast. Kneeling beside the now quivering, bloody mess, Sang Lys put the knife against her newly deep tearing.

"P-please I'll tell you what you want, just stop." She cried desperately, Sang Lys ran his tongue along her ear.

"How many safe houses are there and who do they belong to?" He breathed in to her ear causing her to shiver and cringe away.

"There are 11 including HQ, but I only know who 6 belong to. There is The Burrow, Shell Cottage and Muriel's house all from the Weasleys. Dedalus Diggle's house in north London, here and Lupin cottage in Kent, but his is forced, he didn't want his cottage to be used, but Dumbledore made him so his is used the least."

"There now pretty girl, that wasn't so hard was it?" Sang Lys asked in a sickly sweet voice, "Now who is involved in the private order meetings with Weasley and Granger?" She shook her head and Harry sighed throwing water over her he then rubbed salt in to the open cuts relaxing to her shrieks.

"F-f-fine Dumbledore, Weasley, Granger, Me, Moody, Diggle and Snape, that's all I know I swear." She wailed pathetically, he rolled her over and straddled her waist. Leaning down, he brutally cut out her eye grinning in to her screams and pleas, dragging the knife until it rested above the place of her heart, Sang Lys withdrew a small mallet and chisel as he was cutting through the flesh she passed out, but Sang Lys awoke her with a quick 'Enervate'. He ripped her chest open and chiselled her ribs with glee and pulling them out and scattering them on the floor, he plunged his hand in to her now open chest ripping out her heart laughing manically as Emmeline Vance gave one last piercing scream and was still. Sang Lys conjured up an ornate black box with a blood red lily on the lid and place the eye and the heart inside, using her blood he wrote;

Silent and deadly

I come in the night,

I'm taking out your forces

And leaving a fright!

I know you

You know me,

The light aren't so light

Now darkness is free.

Sang Lys placed a blood red lily above his message and signed it underneath with elegant script, picking up the box, Sang Lys headed out a happy person as he drew his hood to cover his mask. Moving silently through the tress, he found a stream and washed the blood off of his cloak, casting a quick drying charm, he threw it back on and apperated back to No.12. Hiding his Sang Lys guise in his hidden compartment, Harry check the time and was surprised to see it was 2:30am, removing the wards surrounding the door he snuck in to the kitchen to grab some food and headed back to Sirius' room. Harry wolfed down his sandwich, put his pyjamas on and went to sleep looking forward to the evening that fast approached.

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