Authors Note: This is a Halloween fanfiction. For a Little House Halloween it is pretty normal - so please remember that while reading.

I wrote it last Halloween and wanted to wait until next one, but I just felt like publishing something with Andy in it – I just love the Garveys too much.

The idea for this story came up while I watched the episode "The Rivals", where Laura has a crush on Jimmy Hill and daydreams about him a lot. It annoyed me that we never got to see one of her daydreams about Manly – I'm sure she had them all day long!

And since I have the habit to just write all the things I couldn't see in the show (just because we don't see them, doesn't mean it didn't happen (otherwise there would have never been babies on the show ^^)), I came up with this one.

I hope you enjoy it!


„Laura, please come to the blackboard to solve the problem", Miss Wilder said with a chalk in her hand.

"Yes, Miss Wilder", Laura sighed. That definitely wasn't her day. She stood up to make her way to the board.

"Bet she's elsewhere with her mind", Albert joked to Andy and Laura turned her head glaring angrily at her brother.

She stood in front of the class and tried to think of the right answer, but couldn't really concentrate on it.

"Laura, we're waiting!" Miss Wilder said impatiently.

As if that would make it any easier for Laura... Who cares what x is anyway? Laura sure didn't.

"Laura Ingalls, would you please solve the problem!" the teacher asked with a sharp tone.

"Don't speak that way to Beth!" Laura spun her head as she heard this voice and gasped. Almanzo came into the classroom, sitting on a white horse, wearing a blue prince-robe. Even before she could wonder about his look, she noticed that she suddenly was wearing something different herself! She touched the silk fabric of the light pink dress she wore and couldn't believe her eyes.

"Come with me Beth, I'll take you away from here. You don't need to go to school anymore - you're a woman."

Laura couldn't take her eyes away from him. He has never looked as handsome as he did now in this light blue tunic. Almanzo leaned down from the horse and reached his hand out to her. Slowly she took it, overwhelmed by her feelings. She stepped into the stirrup and Almanzo took her by the waist to lift her into the saddle in front of him, leaving his arms around her. Laura's heart mad a jump at his gentle touch.

She turned her head, finding him smiling at her. "You're so beautiful", he whispered, and before Laura could answer, he leaned in, his lips coming closer and closer...


"What?" Laura lifted her head confused from the school desk. She made a face as she realized that she had been only dreaming. "...and not even a kiss" she muttered to herself.

"What?" Albert asked confused

"Never mind..."

"You should be lucky that Miss Wilder didn't see you sleeping, Laura!"

"Yeah, very lucky..."

"Alright children, you may all go to lunch", Miss Wilder dismissed them.

Laura was watching Almanzo loading the buckboard of Mr. Anderson, while eating an apple.

"Hey Laura!" Albert and Andy walked towards her, sitting down beside the girl on the tree-trunk.

"Hey", Laura replied without taking her eyes away from the blond man she was in love with.

Albert turned his head and looked at Andy, both rolling their eyes, knowing exactly what she was gawking at.

"We were wondering..." Albert continued anyway "...if you'll come with us tonight. We want to play a trick on Nellie and Willie", the boys laughed thinking at their plan.

"No thanks", Laura replied with an indifferent voice.

Albert sighed. He had been so sure his sister would say yes! After all, just one year ago they had dressed up together as Indians!

"Why not?" he asked her irritated "Are you afraid Almanzo could find it too childish?"

Laura spun her head around, glaring at her brother, "He has nothing to do with it!"

"Oh no, of course", once again he looked at Andrew, making a face, "I want to look sooo mature so that Almanzo is going to marry me" Albert imitated Laura in a high girly-voice.

Laura stood up and looked angry down at her brother, poking a finger in his chest, "You'll take that back!"

"I won't. It's the truth!"

"IT IS NOT! If I'd like to go out on Halloween I would! I'm just not in the mood!"

"Yeah sure." He rolled his eyes. "Come on Andy" The boys stood up and walked towards the stairs.

Laura just couldn't believe it. She sat down again and looking at the Feed and Seed she saw that Almanzo was done with the delivery and crossed it out on his board. Just in that moment he lifted his head and looked straight into her direction. Laura bent her head immediately, hoping he hadn't seen her, feeling her heart pounding hard against her ribcage.

She hated the way everybody treated her – as if she was some little girl with a silly crush! Couldn't they see that she loved him? How she longed for him with every beat of her heart? She sighed. Obviously they couldn't... But then why couldn't they at least let her in peace?

Walking home alone, Laura thought of the things Albert had said to her. She didn't want to let him get away with it. He should see that his sister could still play pranks if she just wanted to … and after all – nothing was sweeter than the good old revenge...

Laura smiled devilishly as she planned how to do it. She knew that Albert and Andy wanted to play the trick on Nellie and Willie in the Feed and Seed so they wouldn't get in trouble with Misses Oleson – she had heard them talking about it a lot of times during school. She smirked, "Albert Ingalls, soon you will wish you would have never spoken these words to me…"