The next morning Almanzo stood on the plat form, just having finished his last order before break-time, as Albert and Andrew spotted him on their way to school.

"Let's go over to him", Andy suggested and Albert just nodded before making their way to the Feed and Seed.

"Morning Almanzo!" The blond man looked up from his list.

"Hi boys, is there something I can do for you?"

"Well..." Albert looked at his friend, then back at the man with whom his sister was in love with. "We just thought you should know what happened last night."

Almanzo adjusted his hat, sitting down confused on the plat form. "What do you mean?"

"Well..." Albert looked for support to Andrew, both not quite sure how to tell such an unbelievable story.

"We heard strange noises coming out from the Feed and Seed last night."

Almanzo knitted his eyebrows.

"Screams!" Albert added.

A small smile curled Almanzo's lips as he became slowly aware of what the boys were talking about.

"Like somebody would be assaulted and cries for help?" Almanzo asked with a serious tone, trying not to laugh.

"Yeah!" the boys exclaimed, smiling at each other and then at Almanzo.

"How do you know?" Andrew asked excited.

"Didn't they tell you?"

"Tell what?" Albert asked confused.

"Oh, then I shouldn't..." Almanzo was about to get up as Albert interrupted him "Please tell us! We won't say anything"

"Cross our hearts" both swore.

"I don't know..." Almanzo sighed, pretending to think whether he should tell the boys or not. "Well... alright... About a hundred years ago - even before the Feed and Seed was built - there stood a little cottage right here where you two are standing now. And in this house, there lived two brothers. One day a beautiful young lady came in this area and the men fell in love with her immediately. The lady fell in love with the younger brother and eventually they got engaged. The other one was so jealous about them that he killed his brother cruelly and slowly on October 31th." Albert and Andy looked at each other, confusion written all over their face. "Afterwards he ripped the heart out from his chest", the boys gasped shocked, "snd buried it right here in the ground, where the Feed and Seed stands today. But every night on Halloween the ghost of the younger brother haunts this place to search for his heart, and everybody who saw or disturbed him, had never been seen again."

Albert and Andy gulped, as fear rose inside them.

"We...we gotta go" Albert rushed to say before running off with his friend as fast as they could from this place, afraid they've made the ghost angry last night. A laugh bubbled out of Almanzo's mouth, as they were far away enough.

Just a few moments later Laura crossed the bridge into town and decided to greet Almanzo before going on to school.

"Mornin' Beth", Almanzo smiled down at her as she'd reached him.

"Morning Manly!"

"Seems like you yet got your revenge", he grinned.

"What are you talking about?" she asked confused.

Almanzo hopped down from the plat form, so he could stand in front of her.

"Well your brother and Andrew did really show up yesterday in front of the Feed and Seed and heard somebody screaming..." he made a pause to be sure that she could follow him.

Laura's eyes sparkled knowingly. "Yes?"

"So I told them about the ghost which haunts this place every night on Halloween in search for his heart, which his brother had ripped him out a hundred years ago", he smiled proud of his made up story.

"You didn't!" Laura asked unbelievingly.

"I also told them that the ghost gets very angry when he's being seen...or heard" again he made a meaningful pause "and kills whoever it was who disturbed his search."

Laura started laughing. "Did they believe you?"

Almanzo looked at her bewildered, "What do you mean 'believe'? It's the truth, Beth" he winked as Laura still chuckled.

"I would have never believed that you could be so sneaky!"

Almanzo just smiled before leaning down. Laura's heart jumped as he leaned in close and then beat as twice as fast so she was sure he had to hear it.

"You're starting to rub off on me, Beth", he whispered in her ear, so close that his breath tickled her skin.

A blush crept to Laura's face at this closeness and she was sure she was going to melt into a puddle.

The sound of the school bell ripped her abruptly out of her thoughts. Without daring to look at him she rushed off with a "Gotta go!" leaving Almanzo behind.

Almanzo didn't remember when it had been the last time he's had so much fun. He chuckled watching Laura running towards the white school house.

He couldn't help but hope it would soon be Halloween again.