The night had exceeded into something no one had expected. This was meant to be something of a get together type of party where everyone caught up and exchanged stories of what happened after high school. Yet somehow it morphed into a teenage, drunken scene. The cause could be that they never really did have many parties during the best years of their life as it was heavily consumed with basketball but now that that's all over, their minds and personalities reverted into ones that they should have during high school.

The tables that were all pushed together to form one big one were now cleared off to the side of the café, stacked upon each other as all those who attended the party sat in one, large circle on the floor. There were only three participating females (since Asami wasn't eligible to play) but none of that mattered. Everyone was out of their conscious mind to even care if they suck face with the same sex.

An empty glass bottle of alcohol was set in the middle of the circle as they all sat in close. Kise's proposal for spin the bottle sure did spark up curiosity in everyone to make decisions that they'd probably end up regretting in the morning, but that was the fun part of it. They decided to start simple with the game; just spin the bottle and whoever it lands on, you kiss them. And after a few rounds of that, they'd changed it into truth or dare. But for now, it was spin and kiss. Kiyoshi had a two bottles of strong, untouched alcohol beverages behind the counter in which he had distributed around the circle, alongside a shot glass in case anyone needed an excuse such as 'I'm drunk, so kissing him is me being a drunkard!' and such. Everyone liked that excuse and without further ado, the game begun.

"Who's gonna spin first?" Kise asked, grabbing the empty bottle in the middle of the circle and swaying it lightly around.
"Well Kise-kun, you suggested the game so you should start." Kuroko spoke out, causing everyone else to murmur and nod in agreement.
"Eh~? Kurokocchi…" Kise glanced over at the Shadow who simply shrugged. Sighing, the blond decided to go first, "Fine! Fine… Someone's gotta start." Kise said as he went on all fours so that his body was almost in the centre without necessarily moving completely away from his spot in the circle.

Everyone rooted for and clapped in encouragement for Kise being the first contender of this game. He spun the bottle fast and skilfully, returning his butt back onto the floor. He, as well as the rest anticipated on who it would land on first. Everyone's voice rose in excitement as the bottle slowly came to a halt. The bottle then stopped as the neck of it pointed directly at Kise's sempai, Kasamatsu. Whoops and cheers roared through the café as Kasamatsu grabbed a hold of his shot glass and filled it with alcohol. He soon skulled it; a blush appearing on his cheeks signalling his drunkenness.

"Sempai!" Kise cheerfully said as he shuffled over to where Kasamatsu was with his knees. His arms were spread out as he had a goofy look on his face.
"Kise." Kasamatsu sighed out with a smile. He had to smile purely because of the blonde's facial expression. The blond did not take a second to hesitate as his lips pressed against Kasamatsu's. Everyone gasped at how quick Kise was to complete the kiss before breaking out into more cheering and sheer amazement that they actually did it.

After Kise parted and returned back to his seat, he then nominated Aomine to spin the bottle.

"C'mon Aominecchi!" Kise said as he shoved the bottle into the tanned male's hand. With a deep sigh, the officer took the bottle and spun it in the middle with no signs of hesitation. He wore a look that said, 'I'll make anyone I kiss heart melt.' And it was somewhat believable. It spun steadily in the same spot as he drank his shot of alcohol before the bottle even landed on anyone. All eyes watched the bottle until it finally stopped on… Momoi.

Her facial expression changed from excitement into shock as all eyes were on her. She froze for no longer than a second before looking up towards Aomine who sat right besides her, wearing the same face she did.

"Oh~! Childhood friends hookin' up, I see." Kise commented, rousing a lot of encouraging noises. Momoi removed her gaze at the bottle that pointed clearly at her, changing it to look at Kise. She rose up onto her knees before pointing at the blond who was three people away from her on her right.
"That's just it! We're childhood friends!" She screeched, "I—I can't kiss him! He's like a brother to me!" She announced; snickers all around.
"Wow, gee thanks, Satsuki. Way to put me deep into the friendzone." Aomine muttered, causing those snickers to morph into laughter.

Momoi turned her head to look at Aomine before playfully hitting him on the shoulder, "What's that supposed to mean?"
"I think it means he saw you more than just a friend." Midorima commented, surprising everyone with words no one knew he could say, "Even if you pined over Kuroko during our Teikou years…" He also quietly added; Takao being the only hearing that.
"Dai-chan… Is that true?" Momoi asked in a quiet tone. Aomine looked at her briefly and shrugged, averting his sight elsewhere as he did so.
"It's not like I haven't thought about it…" The tanned male confessed, scratching the back of his head.

"We're just playing a game! Kiss her already!" A voice suddenly called out.

Taking a deep sigh, Aomine nodded his head before leaning in close towards Momoi; that simple notion getting the spectators excited. The officer caught a glimpse of the light blush that spread across her cheeks. He stopped moving forward at that sight before his eyes spoke words that his mouth couldn't; 'can I?' Momoi saw that and nodded, understanding his gesture. Without a second thought, his lips pressed against hers as his hand palmed her cheek.

Everyone's feet and fingers curled up at the scene; Takao grabbed a hold of Midorima's arm as the Fate Follower looked to the side; Alex unknowingly wrapped both her arms around the big figure that is Kiyoshi. Everyone had to hold onto someone as no one really expected this—it was their kind of way of screaming without actually making any noise. They were all excited like twelve year olds when they witnessed someone confessing to another.

Eventually the kiss came to a stop as Aomine was the first the part his lips off hers. Everyone's hands clapped together as if it was something to be happy about. Momoi placed the palms of her hands on her burning cheeks as Aomine's lips curled into an innocent smile.

"Oi! What's with that?" Kagami soon pointed out, referring to Aomine's suspicious look, "Don't act like you've never kissed her before."
"I never have!" Aomine defended, rising up on his knees. Kagami did the same as if to show who the bigger man between the two is.
"Okay, okay," Alex began, rising to her knees. She spread her arms out, trying to prevent the two from starting a fight, "Let's play friendly boys." She was one person away from them both as they glared at each other immaturely. Everyone else shook their heads at how similar and immature they were.

"Dai-chan," Momoi began, "Choose the next person to spin." She instructed. Tsking, both Aomine and Kagami sat back down as they had a game to continue. Alex then eased back down, satisfied that they won't start some sort of drunken fight, even if it was playful looking.

"Fine, I choose…" Aomine's eyes threateningly looked over at Kagami's direction, but he smirked and said, "Tetsu."

Everyone 'oo-ed' in anticipation as the officer looked pass Momoi and onto Kuroko who sat next to her. He passed the bottled over to Kuroko who looked at it with curiosity. He then heaved himself off his butt as he landed on all fours. He then spun the bottle—but very poorly. Just as Kuroko went to go sit back down, the bottle had already stopped—stopping directly at Kagami.

"Oi, Tetsu! Don't get too comfortable." Aomine snickered, grabbing Kuroko's arm pass Momoi and tugging him forward.
"Ah… It already stopped," Kuroko sighed, annoyed that he'd have to get up already right after he just sat back down, "And on Kagami-kun, no less."
"What's that supposed to mean?" The red head snapped even though he wasn't entirely sure why. Kuroko just shrugged and stood up onto his knees. Everyone had been doing that since no one was really bothered to get up onto their feet—plus the circle wasn't big enough to the point where people had to walk.

Kagami sat in between Kiyoshi and Takao with his legs crossed as his filled up shot glass was by his feet. Kuroko did not skull his own as he advanced closer towards Kagami. The Shadow's face was flushed pink and everyone could tell he was a little tipsy. It was quite a scene, actually. Just as Kuroko closed the space between himself and Kagami, he somehow slipped forward, falling face forward into the red head's lap. Everyone shouted in drunken excitement.

"He wants you, Kagami!"
"Keep it PG rated, boys!"
"Take him out to dinner first!"

Kagami held onto Kuroko's arm to pull him up as Kuroko placed his palm on Kagami's knee to push himself up.
"Are you alright?" Kagami then asked with concern on his face. Kuroko looked into his orbs with a flushed expression.
"Let's get this done and over with, shall we Kagami-kun?" Kuroko ended that sentence with a cheeky smile as his words reached everyone's ears.

"Kuroko didn't even drink his shot!" Someone pointed out. Murmurs and squeals soon followed.

Upon hearing that, Kuroko grab a hold of Kagami's full shot and sipped the entire beverage into his mouth before pressing his lips against Kagami's with no signs of hesitation; alcohol still pooling at the bottom of his cavern. No mouth was left closed as spasms all around the room from each spectator were ensued. The straight forwardness that Kuroko had had caught everyone off guard, thus exciting them more.

Kuroko somehow forced Kagami's lips to open up for him resulting him in transferring some of the alcohol into the red head's system. Kagami was surprised as he had expected the Shadow to have already swallowed it by now. Some of the liquid slipped down Kagami's lips which did not go unnoticed by the spectators who saw the kiss at an angle, causing more uproar than before.

Almost everyone's mind had entered into childish mode at this point in the get-together-under-better-circumstances party but no one was mature enough to care. They all giggled, laughed, snickered and such at every little intimate thing that a sober person could find quite amusing as much as the net person would.

The duration of their kiss dragged on longer than the normal 4 second kisses that the previous two had but it wasn't long enough for other's to notice. The alcohol had now been swallowed by the two as their lips massaged against each other. They weren't virgins of kisses but they were surprised at how experienced the other was. Or it could be the alcohol that's taken over their movements. Either way, it felt good.

Kagami's eyes were kept open but they could not stand staring straight at Kuroko, so they wandered elsewhere. But as they wandered, they ended up in the direction of Aomine. He wasn't sure why nor did he have the current state of mind to think of a reason but his eyes just did.

Suddenly though, Aomine's eyes locked onto the red head's by pure accidence or coincidence for a split second. Kagami felt a little panicky without reason to be, averting his gaze back at Kuroko before deciding to break away from the kiss. A round of applause was then erupted from the spectators followed by strange comments.

"The Light and Shadow finally became one!"
"High school sweet~ hearts!"
"They're so cute together~"

Those comments though did not enter Kagami's mind though. Instead he thought 'what the hell was that look, Daiki?'. Even though their eyes met for just a moment, he was certain that the officer looked somewhat… hurt? 'Is it because I kissed Kuroko? Or is it because he wanted to…'

A sudden flash back memory of the day that he and Aomine drove to work around two weeks back came into his mind. He remembered how close their lips were—how their breath mixed into each other's and how neither backed off until a startling noise from the outside world snapped them back into reality.

'Is he jealous?' Kagami thought thoughts that he never would've. But he also knew that they were too farfetched to be true. 'Pff, naw. I'm getting to ahead of myself.' The red head soon concluded, somewhat satisfied with that mental statement.

The sudden sound of Kuroko hiccupping caused Kagami to change his attention from his mind to the Shadow in front. He blankly looked at the flustered Kuroko as he hiccupped once more, causing laughter and giggles as he does so.
"S-so… Who're you going to choose?" Kagami asked which made Kuroko distance himself back a bit from Kagami's personal space.
Kuroko smiled and looked at the person besides Kagami on his right before speaking, "Kiyoshi-sempai~"

Kuroko's voice strangely slurred as he shoved the bottle into Kiyoshi's lap. Everyone seemed satisfied with the Shadow's choice; Kiyoshi stared at the bottle in his lap and picked it up just as Kuroko returned back to his spot in the circle.

"Ah, I think I should go." Suddenly, Aida spoke out. All of their attention went off to her.
"Eh~? Why?" Momoi asked out suddenly. Aida then cocked her head to where Hyuga was which was just right beside her. He held a sleeping Asami in his arms; Asami leaned her cheek against his chest.

"Yeah, I think we both should head off." Hyuga spoke out; shaking Asami a just slightly to show other's their reason for departing.
"Wow, who would've known the clutch shooter would be a clutch father." Kiyoshi commented, even if it did give him a wave of pain through his system. He had already poured his heart out to both Kagami and Aomine one drunken night, telling them his undying love for Hyuga but he sure as hell wasn't prepared to do it again so to give himself a peace of mind, he decided to say words that would throw someone other than the officer and fighter off his trail, but he could've just said nothing at all. Either way, Kiyoshi had confidence that the two Aces wouldn't out him, but that also left fear that he might himself.

"Ah, no. Junpei, you can stay here. I'll take Asami over to Papa." Aida said, stumbling up to her feet, referring to her father. She then bent over to grab Asami out of her husband's arms.

"Eh? No, I'll come with—"
"It's fine. Enjoy yourself."

With a final chaste kiss goodbye, Aida left the café with Asami. Hyuga sat there confused at how lenient she was.

The night continued on with the spin the bottle game. Before Aida left, it was Kiyoshi's turn to spin. He did so and it just so happen to land on the man he loved—Hyuga. Both Aomine and Kagami exchanged knowing looks from across the circle as they couldn't help but feel a bit… happy for him? After that, it was Alex and Himuro. People shouted out comments such as 'taboo' and 'teacher student relations!' but all in a joking matter. Then it came down to the two final people who haven't smacked lips together the entire night—Midorima and Takao. The Fate Follower was extremely reluctant but Takao let slip that they've already kissed and another one wouldn't hurt. The others obviously caused uproar at that information, making Midorima very red-faced. They ended up kissing though to satisfy everyone else's eyes.

Time flew by as the night dawned into midnight. People were starting to get tired as they've been in the café for about five and a half hours now. But they still had another order of business to complete—truth or dare.

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