A trail of discarded and unwanted clothing left a scattered trail alongside the hallway floor. It had lead from the kitchen and into Murasakibara's bedroom. The door was left wide open since neither Akashi or Murasakibara were bothered closing it as their hands and mouths were all over each other in somewhat desperate need for the other's warmth and touch. The height difference proved to be quite a challenge as the red head had to strain himself to have a taste of Murasakibara's lips. But the taller male ended up carrying the Emperor after they both were stripped down to their boxer and brief.

Things between the two had developed quickly that night but it wasn't the first time they've done such acts. No, in fact all of this had started almost right before high school ended. Murasakibara, even when in Yosen, had always stuck by the short captain to the point where something as kisses, touches and even sex came naturally to the two. But what they had wasn't love. It could have been identified as them being lonely—them being friends with benefits. But complained nor questioned their relationship as they themselves did not know what to call this. It wasn't necessarily labelled as sex friends since they decided to leave this untitled. For now, at least.

It has been untitled for seven years already and it probably will stay that way.

Murasakibara, with Akashi in his arms, had the back of his legs pressed up against the front edge of his bed. The Chef had his forearms below Akashi's ass, supporting him up from underneath as the Captain planted sweet kisses against his lips, cheeks, jawline and neck. Akashi was surprisingly gentle in bed which can somehow clash with his daring and powerful personality in society. Murasakibara was the first and probably last person to even see this side of Akashi and that alone gave him a settling content feeling inside.

The Chef skilfully settled himself backwards onto the bed with Akashi on his lap, facing him—bare chest to bare chest. The taller male had his back against the nicely polished wooden backboard of the bed as Akashi had his fingers tangled in Murasakibara's flowing hair. It was already a heated night and Akashi had a burning desire for the Chef. But the red head strongly disliked feeling uncomfortable and Murasakibara knew that. That was the reason why both of their movements were now slow and steady—not too fast paced and extreme like they were a few moments earlier.

Their relationship developed into one where no words had to be spoken to know what the other was thinking.

Though Akashi knew that if they were to venture any more than just a simple make out session, he'd eventually have to come to terms with overwhelming heat—that is if Murasakibara takes over and in this case, that seems quite unlikely. The Chef knew this but that didn't seem to bother him. He actually enjoyed it when Akashi took the initiative to get things started since he did find it quite… bothersome. And Murasakibara was always the lazy type. Sometimes…

The red head rose to his knees that now dug into the bed sheets on either side of Murasakibara's thighs. His hands travelled out of the Chef's hair and onto his finely defined muscles that he still had managed to maintain even seven years out of high school. Akashi's fingertips traced Murasakibara's abdomen as his lips kissed his forehead, the corner of his eye and his cheek very softly. The palms that belonged to Murasakibara lingered lightly around Akashi's waist before he caressed the back of his thighs.

"What a change of pace." Murasakibara commented, breaking the silence between the two. Akashi's lips left the Chef's face before curling into a smile.
"Well, you don't have a fan in here." The red head replied, combing Murasakibara's hair away from his face.
"I could open the window." The Chef suggested, looking over at the large window that looked out into the city. Akashi followed the taller male's line of sight before looking back at him in disapproval. Murasakibara's eyes soon met Akashi's once more and he knew that his suggestion has been shut down, "Ah… Could it be that Akachin doesn't want anyone else hearing him cry out?"

Akashi tsked, sitting himself back down onto Murasakibara's lap before parting his lips, "You're ruining the mood, Atsushi." Murasakibara laughed lightly before tucking a lock of Akashi's hair behind his ear.
"Sorry," he apologised, giving a soft look.

The red head sighed, shaking his head lightly. After that final word, no words were said between the two for now as Akashi slid himself off Murasakibara's lap. He manoeuvred himself in between the taller male's legs, lying on his stomach with his forearms leaning on Murasakibara's thighs. His fingertips skilfully unbuttoned the buttons on Murasakibara's boxers before pulling out the growing member.

Akashi pressed his lips against the head of Murasakibara's cock, planting small kisses before running his tongue against it. He licked and lapped the nicely coloured head—his fingertips stroking the hardening shaft. He then widened his mouth, taking as much of the throbbing member he can into his wet cavern. He sucked softly, savouring the taste of the taller male as he caressed and pumped the base and shaft of his cock. Murasakibara let out a sweet sigh as the sight of Akashi's head bobbing up and down was quite a scene he could never get used to in this lifetime.

The Chef snaked his long fingers into the short, red locks of Akashi's hair with his eyes gazing at his lips moving alongside his cock. Murasakibara felt the pits of his stomach burning up with every single movement Akashi did but it still was not enough for him. He wanted more—he needed more. But he knew that asking for it wouldn't get him anywhere, so he decided to provoke the younger male.

"After all this time, you still can't take the whole thing in." The Chef spoke out, ending that sentence with a smirk. He immediately felt Akashi's teeth graze at the tender skin, causing him to wince, "Just saying…" Murasakibara mumbled. Akashi growled from the back of his throat, removing Murasakibara's cock out from his lips, making a pop sound. A trail of his saliva mixed with Murasakibara's pre-cum connected the head of the Chef's cock and his lips as the red head emitted a somewhat erotic aura.

Akashi looked up at Murasakibara with his alluring hetero-chromatic eyes before wiping the trail of liquid away, "Stop complaining, Atsushi. It's not my fault."
"Ah-rah-rah?" Murasakibara cocked his head to the side, a smile prying onto his lips, "Are you suggesting that I'm too big for those lips of yours?" The Chef's thumb ran along Akashi's bottom lips before he held onto Akashi's chin, tilting it more upwards. He saw the red head clench his teeth before slapping his hand away.

The younger male then rose back up, climbing back onto Murasakibara's thighs; knees digging back into the bed before speaking, "You talk too much."

With that, he slipped out of his briefs, tossing the unwanted garment onto the cold, hard floor. He repositioned himself over Murasakibara's erection; the head of his cock pressing against Akashi's entrance. The red head had a hand atop Murasakibara's shoulder as the other hand held onto the Chef's shaft as if to keep it in place. Murasakibara swallowed lightly as he felt Akashi's fingers stroke his cock, spreading the saliva and pre-cum over the entire shaft. Murasakibara knew that Akashi was doing but decided that it was probably not the best solution to use that sort of liquid as lubrication.

"Akachin, I have a bottle in the drawer—"

Akashi did not listen as he suddenly lowered himself down onto the erection—the head of the cock surprisingly entering inside, soon followed by half of the Chef's length. The hand that held onto Murasakibara's shoulder clenched tightly as Akashi looked to the side, hissing lightly. Murasakibara was fairly speechless but it wasn't like he had anything to say. He was just simply amazed at how, without much preparation, it would go inside so easily.

"Akachin, could it be that you…"
"Shut up, Atsushi."

The response that Murasakibara got for his un-finished sentence made it clear that he wasn't the one that 'needed more', but in fact it was Akashi. Akashi needed more—wanted more. And his abrupt little display of desperateness was more than enough for Murasakibara to comply and aid the younger one.

Cute… Murasakibara thought as he clasped a hand at the back of Akashi's head, pulling him closer to plant a kiss on his cheek. He felt how heated the red head's face was as the said male constricted his arms around Murasakibara's skull tightly. It wasn't before long that Akashi began to move; he lifted himself up before cautiously moving back down on Murasakibara's length, suppressing a moan with every thrust.

His movements were slow since he still needed to adjust himself but they did not gradually speed up. Akashi was struggling though he refused to say a thing as he hid his face in the nook of Murasakibara's neck. Murasakibara could hear the light pants brush against his ear as his hands placed themselves against Akashi's back, feeling the slight sweat trickle down his spine.

Akashi found no pleasure in his movements and he pondered why. It caused him to work harder to achieve the pleasure he yearned for but his knees grew tired and sore with every sluggish rise and fall. His entrance stung as his teeth threatened to crush and shatter inside his mouth but he refused to stop now. He was in the uncomfortable heat and he needed release but he was the type to not say a thing since he usually took it upon himself to do things himself. In a way, he disliked being dependent on someone else but more than that, he disliked acknowledging that he had to depend on someone else.

"Akachin, are you okay?" Murasakibara whispered lightly, combing his fingers up through the said male's hair.
"Don't talk…" Akashi harshly replied, sounding almost breathless. Murasakibara complied but was still concerned. He knew how desperate Akashi was to the point where he felt… pity? With a light, inaudible sigh, Murasakibara thought it was time to turn the tides. In one swift movement, he pushed Akashi down onto the bed—the red head's back against the sheets. Akashi's hetero-chromatic eyes widened in surprise before his lips opened in protest.

"What do you think you're doing, Atsushi?" He questioned; his nails digging into Murasakibara's shoulders.
"It's your turn to not talk, Akachin…" The Chef murmured softly in Akashi's ear before removing himself out of the smaller male. Akashi let out a groan of distress before Murasakibara moved over him to get the bottle of lube that lied lonely inside the drawer. His body returned soon after to hovering over Akashi before a light pop noise surfaced. Akashi's brows narrowed as he watched the sticky substance exit the tube and onto Murasakibara's palm.

"You're putting way too much, Atsushi." Akashi warned.
"It will make us feel good, I promise." He sighed, soon drenching his long fingers in it.

The final round of 'spin and kiss' had finished after Midorima and Takao's lips parted. Everyone had kissed which left a somewhat satisfying feeling in the pits of their stomachs—well at least most of them. Now the game had changed into 'truth or dare'. It was as simple as the spin and kiss game yet it held just a bit more rules such as having an unbearable fate if one were to refuse to complete a dare or not answer a truth. The unbearable fate was quite childish but nonetheless, horrible. There were still left over snacks and drinks so if someone refused to do something, the rest can concoct an abomination of strange flavours for that person to either chomp on or drink down.

After about five to seven minutes of getting some fresh air, good yawns and stretches, the remaining people gathered all the left over, un-eaten snacks and un-drunk drinks, placing it in the middle of the circle they comfortably created. The order in which they sat in had changed from earlier—starting from Kasamatsu and onto the left was Himuro then the following: Aomine, Kuroko, Midorima, Kiyoshi, Alex, Kise, Momoi, Takao, and Kagami— coming around full circle with Hyuga closing the circle.

As well as the food (that had been casted off to one side of the circle), the glass bottle also lied in the middle with enough clear space for it to spin easily. Alex has offered to spin the bottle for the entire duration of the game and with that, the game begun.

The bottle spun fast and steadily in the middle of the circle, signalling the start of the game. As earlier, all eyes watched it spin, wondering who would it stop at. This somehow was more nerve wracking than the 'spin and kiss' game as everyone had an unconscious fear of what the truth or dare might be if they're chosen. But it probably wouldn't be as bad as people depict it to be.

A few seconds had gone by and finally the bottle slowly began to come to a halt. The first victim of this new game was- Midorima. He let out a loud sigh; removing his glasses and pressing his pointer finger and thumb against his eyes in frustration. Light laughs filled the room at Midorima's distressed reaction.

"Truth or dare, Shin-chan?" Takao asked, giving him a sly look from across the circle. Midorima sighed, putting his glasses back on.
"This game is idiotic." The Fate Follower commented, tsking lightly. Groans followed afterwards.
"Just pick, Megane!" Alex snapped jokingly, pointing at Midorima as she spoke. Midorima's jaw slightly dropped.
"Oi! You're wearing glasses too!" He then retorted as if he popped a vain. Both Kuroko and Kiyoshi placed a hand on his shoulders in attempts to calm him down.

A moment had passed and Midorima then decided to choose, "Fine, whatever! I pick dare so someone can dare me to slap Kise."
"Eh~," Kise looked at Midorima with his shoulders slumped over, "Why me, Midorimacchi?" The blond asked, seeing his words as unfair.
"Because you suggested we play this childish game." Midorima muttered. Kise pouted like an abandoned puppy.

"I dare you," Alex soon cut in with her voice exaggeratedly rising with every word she spoke, "To remove your shirt seductively in front of the person that is twenty spots away from you to your right!" She finished, clasping her hands together as everyone else nodded in approval.
"I absolutely refuse—"

As if on cue, both Aomine and Kuroko rose to their knees and reached for the snacks, preparing Midorima's unbearable fate. The had already set up a shot glass that had a bit of alcohol in it as Aomine crunched up some chips whilst Kuroko tore apart a single, pink marshmallow. Midorima looked at the two in sheer horror as everyone else laughed in utter enjoyment. The two of them had some sort of sinister look upon their faces as they shoved more alcohol into the shot glass, followed by barbecue sauce. The shot glass filled alarmingly filled up fast as it seemed that those two still had more to put in.

"F-F-Fine!" Midorima grabbed a hold of Kuroko's arm, preventing him from shoving in anything else, "I'll do it…"

Midorima's happiness slipped away as he let out a heavy sigh. Starting from Kuroko and going anti-clockwise, each person counted until the twentieth number had been said since Alex specified that the Fate Follower should strip in front of the person who was twenty spot away from him (even if there were only twelve participants). And as the numbers being said drew closer to the specified one, Midorima's heart dropped. The person he had to 'seductively' remove his shirt off in front of was none other than Miss Satsuki Momoi.

Everyone burst out in laughter at this—Momoi had her face buried against Kise's arm as Midorima glared at Alex pass Kiyoshi who divided the two. He was way too embarrassed to be doing this which was quite the sight. But he preferred doing the dare instead of possibly being force fed that abomination that both Aomine and Kuroko created.

He rose to his feet, deciding to get this over and done with. In less than three steps, he stood in front of Momoi with every singly pair of eyes on him. Momoi still had her face buried in the blonde's arm but felt Midorima's presence, causing her to look at the doctor. He stood with a blank expression—his arms crossed over as his taped fingers lingered at the bottom of his shirt.

Everyone waited in anticipation at the body Midorima still or may not have after all these years. Everyone was curious if Midorima still looked fit or if he let himself go after high school ended. It would be a big surprise either way—a surprise that would need explaining afterwards.

In a flash, Midorima removed his shirt off in the most normal way possible.

"Hey!" Alex shouted, "That wasn't sexy!" She said, dissatisfied with how he took off his shirt. But that was the least on people's minds.
"… But his body isn't." Kise innocently commented, his eyes wide, "Damn, Midorimacchi…"
"Well…" Momoi's voice squeaked as they all stared at Midorima's chest. He was built—and built well, "This is…"
"You know, for a doctor, you sure are fit." Alex commented, leaning against Kiyoshi.
"Are we done? Is this over?" Midorima asked, putting his shirt back over his head.

"On Shin-Chan's rare day offs, he does intensive training!" Takao loudly whispered as the said male sat back down.
"Well, he must've to maintain that kind of body." Momoi said, nodding in approval before turning to Aomine, across the circle, "How's your body?"
"Why are you asking that all of a sudden!?" Aomine asked, caught off guard.
"I'm also curious, Aomine-kun." Kuroko quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear, spoke out.
"Oi… Tetsu—what's with you?" Aomine squinted his eyes, looking at his former Shadow.
"Well, we're speaking on the topic of bodies as Midorima-kun—"

"Why don't you ask Kagami? He should know." Midorima announced, causing all eyes to divert towards Kagami.
"Hey, don't make this about me!" The red head retorted.
"Taiga… Would you know?" Alex quietly and carefully asked. Kagami looked at all the eyes that were on him before sighing.
"Let's just play, okay?"

黒子のバスケ © 藤巻 忠俊
Kuroko No Basuke

Goodbye, afterlife. It's been horrible writing you.