Note: Aomine, Kagami and Midorima's events are happening at the same time as Kuroko's continuous event in between the breaks.

Time slowed down as Kuroko entered himself into a somewhat deep thought. He wasn't thinking of anything in particular but he did have things on his mind, although they weren't important enough to be speculating about. He was seated at a nearby park as the sun heated his pale skin. There was no breeze as the sounds of all things natural went through one ear and out the other. He had a vanilla milkshake in his hand that had been long finished as he let out a saddening yet pointless sigh. Earlier, he made a small, but unintentional mistake. But it was enough for Alex to send him off for the rest of the day and all of tomorrow. He spaced out for just a mere second as he went to retrieve the juice boxes in the fridge. With the drink in hand, he suddenly heard Alex shout: Kuroko! What's she doing in the kitchen? Kuroko turned around to see a young infant raiding the bottom drawers that had dangerous utensils in her hand.

"I think you should take the rest of the day off, kid. You look like you need it. Its fine—I've got this under control."

Kuroko leaned back against the bench as he felt something soft rub against his legs. He guessed it was Nigou—he insisted that his best friend should stay at the pre-school but the little canine was just as persistent and followed him out. It couldn't be helped but the kids had enough on their mind to forget that Nigou had left along with him. He brought his vanilla milkshake up to his lips, slurping down any droplets he might've left before heaving himself up to his feet. He then looked down, "Let's go home, Nigou." Kuroko suggested, earning a positive sounding bark from the said canine.

So the two of them ventured off into the direction of where Kuroko resided. He lived in a reasonable sized apartment whose land lady was sweetest woman one would meet in their life time. She didn't even question as to why Kuroko let a dog into her residence and so, every once in a while, he'd bring over some food to give her as a thanks for letting him keep Nigou in the apartment. Nigou barked along as the familiar home he shared with the Shadow got him unusually excited. Shaking his head, Kuroko retrieved his keys from his back pocket and opened the first entry before walking three flights of stairs to get to the level he lived on.

The building was a six story apartment, with four places on each floor. Kuroko lived on the third floor at number eleven. Soon reaching his door, he fumbled with his keys to eventually have the right one that opens his place. As soon the door lightly creaked open, Nigou dashed inside, barking loudly whilst running in circles around the furniture. Kuroko cocked his head in sheer confusion at the canine's behaviour before realizing why he was acting the way he did. Kuroko and Nigou didn't go home yesterday as they spent their night at the pre-school centre. The Shadow sighed at that thought before dropping his keys on the kitchen counter, soon leaning his back against the rim of it before burying his head in his hands.

Aomine let out a sigh, followed shortly by a yawn. He was bored, as he leaned lazily atop his police motorcycle. The sun roared in his face as his head began to sweat faster due to the police officer's cap that he wore. With a packet of cards in his hands, he skillfully shuffled them, knowing that he was right to buy them in the first place. Kagami complained how he's wasting too much money on unnecessary novelty items, but Aomine didn't care. He really wasn't one to listen to other people's orders (unless if he absolutely had to) and Kagami's complaints were no different. The officer didn't know much car tricks, but he was skilled in playing card games. Or at least he thinks so, seeing as there really wasn't anyone to play any games with. There was the red head he lived with, but his day job must've been more tiring than his.

Sometimes, Aomine would wonder why he joined the police force—may it be the influence of video games or such, he never really had much of a motive. Now that he thinks about it, he had a perfect path in the direction of being a professional basketball player. But life really did kick in and shifted his mind into one of the most important jobs in maybe the entire world. Maybe he was swayed of the idea of saving lives— and as that thought came across his mind, he thought of a certain shadow.

Aomine shook his head as if to rid his mind of such thoughts of the past as what's already done can't be changed regarding career choices. It'd be a waste for him to just up and quit now, plus chances are that his skills rusted over the years.

"I should ask Taiga to come play ball some time…" Aomine mumbled out thoughtlessly as he shuffled the cards in his hands. He was stationed in the inner part of the city, so called "patrolling" the area. But citizens that would pass by wouldn't believe that he's serious about his job, and that's how he'd want them to think. Those who are low-life thugs will see his laid-back self and see this as a chance to commit a crime, but Aomine was very aware of his surroundings. Plus, he's athletic as well as having good reflex skills so he'd be able to catch the criminal in the act.

"Tch… I should've become something more exciting… Like what Taiga is." He continued to mumble about the red head. Suddenly, a flash of what happened earlier between the two came into his mind, causing his to drop a chunk of his cards:

Their eyes locked onto each other's by a mere coincidence but neither averted their attention away as Kagami never knew how close they were before he could even register the length of space between them. The younger one found himself leaning closer to the older one, but it seemed as though his mind wasn't even aware of it. Kagami barely moved an inch, showing no signs of what's about to come as the officer's hand was wrapped around the back of his head. Their noses brushed up against each other's as a foreign feeling erupted in the pits of their stomachs. Kagami was indeed confused and scared at how close Aomine was but he didn't seem like he was going to reject him.

Shaking his head once more, he bent down to pick up the cards he had dropped saying, "What the hell was I thinking? Damn bastard even blushed." He suddenly felt something buzz in his back pocket. It was his phone notifying him that he got a text.

Kuroko stood parallel to the fridge as he was lost for ideas of what to do then when suddenly, something vibrated in his front pocket of his pants. He was startled but nevertheless, he reached down and retrieved it. It notified him of an incoming call from none other than Alex. Sighing, he answered.
"Hello?" He casually said just as Nigou came into the kitchen, pushing his empty dog bowl towards him. Kuroko understood the canine's gesture.
"Ah, Kuroko. How're you doing? Just calling to check up on you." Alex spoke, with her voice lowering as she spoke to the kids.
"Ah, yeah I'm fine." Kuroko replied, walking over to the pantry to get the dog food—Nigou barked in excitement.
"That's good. I'm sorry for just telling you to go— I just thought you needed some time to yourself since you didn't seem like yourself." The blond apologised in attempts to clear up and bad air that might've been between them.

"No, it's understandable." The Shadow reassured, receiving a sigh of relief from the older woman.
"I see. Anyways, I was going to ask you about it later, but the new kiddie, Asami? Yeah, where did you leave her enrolment paper?" She asked.
"Oh, I already registered her into the computer." Kuroko informed, holding the bag of dog food in his arms before pouring recklessly into the bowl.
"Awesome! Less work for me!" She joked, "So what are you—oh hang on a second. Someone's at the door." She interrupted herself.

Kuroko waited patiently, keeping the phone close to his ear just in case she was to talk directly back at him. Placing the dog food on the tiled floor of the kitchen, Kuroko sat down with his legs crossed. He watched Nigou chow down the dog food in an enthusiastically cute way. Patting the canine's head, he smiled to himself as he knew that Nigou was the only one who wouldn't put him on hold—not that he was angry with Alex.

Sprawled across the couch in the garage of his workplace, Kagami's eyes threatened to close and enter him into a deep slumber. His work mates caused a loud raucous around the sliding poles and fire trucks but that still didn't stop Kagami from falling asleep. Everyone was finding ways to amuse themselves as they waited for that 119 call they might receive. Yesterday, the fighters had to put out a fire at a pre-school but due to the unco-operating citizens, they arrived a second late, thus resulting in the death of two young lives. It was weird though how they acted normally today, but Kagami decided to not touch on the subject as it must been a horrible ordeal to go through.

"Late night?" Spoke a kind voice that belonged to a female. Kagami sat upright on the couch to allow the female to sit next to him, and that she did. She brought over two cups of coffee—Kagami bowed his head in thanks.
"No. Just feeling tired." The red head replied, taking a sip out of the mug, "This is good." He then said, complimenting the coffee.
"Heh." She breathed out. Kagami turned around to see his work mates play fighting each other like high school students without a care.
"Man, they're so lively. Even for their age." The red head sighed, shaking his head as if to act mature.
"Well I mean, after yesterday I guess they learned to just live life to the fullest. Those kids passed away before they really lived, you know?" She explained.
"Yeah… So uh… When's the um…" Kagami couldn't bear to say the word funeral but lucky the female understood.
"This Saturday. Yeah, the guys are going to pay their respects and I guess… apologise? I'm unsure."
"Oh, s-should I come?"

"Nah, don't sweat it, kid." Spoke a voice from behind Kagami. The said male turned to look over his shoulder, "You don't wanna have to go."
"Yeah, he's right Kagami-kun." The female spoke, placing a hand on his shoulder to make him look at her, "It's upsetting and you shouldn't have such things on your conscious."
"Then why are they—"

"It was our responsibility to save their lives and yet we failed, unfortunately. If anything, we should at least be there to bid them farewell." The fighter said, "I heard that one of the kids that passed away really wanted to show their parents something they did that day."
"Oh, how sad." The female sighed, clutching her chest as if to show her genuine pain.
"Yeah… So you know… Us guys aren't just goofing around because it's boring. We're doing that because life really is too short, as cliché as t that sounds and we should enjoy the time we have." The fighter gave a melancholic look which sent shivers down Kagami's spine.
"So our advice to everyone here," Spoke another fighter in a loud voice so that everyone could hear, "Live in the moment! And don't leave anything unsolved!"

Cheers filled the air as those encouraging words imprinted themselves into Kagami's mind.
"Live in the moment, huh?" He mumbled to himself. Suddenly, as if scripted, he reached for his phone that sat idly on the coffee table in front before texting a certain officer.

'Daiki, we should probably talk about this morning.' – Send.

"Hello?" Kuroko heard Alex say, followed by the sound of the front door opening, "Who is it?"
"Where is she?" Spoke a deep and desperate sounding voice that belonged to a middle-aged man.
"Sorry, who are you talking about?" Alex asked.
"Where is she?!" The voice sounded more fearful as Kuroko heard Alex tsk.
"I don't know who you're—hey!" The blond screeched which prompted Kuroko to immediately record the conversation.

"Alex-san?" The Shadow then called out, receiving no response as predicted.
"Oi! Sir, you're not allowed to be in here!" Alex said as the sound of the phone being placed on some sort of table could be heard.
"Where is she? I know she's here! Tell me where she is!" The man continued as all sound that were being made by the children hushed down.
"I don't who 'she' is. Now Sir, please exit the premises." Alex requested, sounding as professional as she could.
"No, she's here. I know it. Stop hiding her!" Was heard, soon followed by a shriek.
"Alex-san, what's going on?" Kuroko asked, feeling his chest tighten.

He received again, no answer. Shoving his phone into his pocket, he grabbed his keys, deciding to head back over there once more. It was approximately a fifteen minute walk, but as the scary sounding situation dawned in over the call, he only found it fit to run. Nigou began to bark, sensing the panic and worry in Kuroko's aura.

"Nigou, stay." Kuroko commanded, but the canine barely obliged, "Stay, please. I'll be back soon." The Shadow soon urged with serious eyes.
"Arffff… Rrrarfff!" Nigou growled, before pointing his nose towards the door.
"Fine…" Kuroko was quick to give in as he really had no time to argue with his companion. Opening the front door, Nigou bolted out with Kuroko locking the door and soon following the canine back to the pre-school.

"And where do you think you're going?"

Midorima, feeling refreshed as ever had eventually stepped out of Takao's room, dressed in professional looking clothes. He had planned to sneak away back to work but his plan, like most, has failed. He really sucked at being stealth, but that's what made him somewhat loveable.
"In my time as a doctor, I have never taken a day off. Not even on public holidays, or Christmas." Midorima informed, pushing his glasses up.
"That's lonely, Shin-chan. Does that mean you're still a virgin?" Takao casually asked, standing parallel to Midorima whilst crossing his arms.
"E-e-excuse me? What kind of question is that!?" The fate follower was caught off guard by such thing that Takao treated as a normal topic for discussion.
"What? I was just asking. I mean, I get curious too." The Hawk cocked his head to the side.
"A little too curious, Takao." Midorima pushed passed him before heading towards the door.
"S-Shin-chan~!" Takao called out, "At least have break-fast!"

Midorima sighed, "It's almost lunch."
"Then have breakfast then lunch if you're so punctual about eating the right meal."
"I don't have time for such trivial things."
"That's trivial!?" Takao honestly didn't believe the fate follower's thinking as they were bizarre as they were stupid, "Besides, it's not like the hospital's going anywhere! Take your time. Eat the food I've prepared for you or you'll hurt my feelings!" Takao tried persuading. Groaning lightly, Midorima turned around and headed towards the kitchen, hearing a yes on the way.

As Midorima stepped into the kitchen, his jaw slightly dropped, "Why is there a buffet in here?!" He asked. Takao giggled, "Don't give me that!"
"Sorry~ Shin-chan just took too long in the shower so I just decided to you know…" Takao's sentence trailed off as he acted like a kohai giving his sempai a valentine's gift or something along those lines. Midorima tsked.
"No. No I don't know. I'm not eating all of this." The fate follower complained.
"Then I'm not going to let you leave!" Takao wrapped his arms around Midorima's waist in attempts to bind him to his apartment.
"So you're basically going to make me eat against my own will?!" Midorima shoved the Hawk away in disbelief of his current predicament.
"Of course~" Takao smiled evilly as he grabbed a nearby plate and shoved it into Midorima's hands, "Anyways, you're so fussy. What's got you riled up to want to head to the hospital so soon?"

"I don't know… I just have this feeling that something bad will happen." Midorima took the plate before subconsciously stacking his plate with food, "But for some reason, I also get the impression that this grim event will reunite… old friends…"
"So first you follow fate and now you see the future?" Takao asked.
"It's not like that. It's just a feeling."
"Yep, yep." Takao replied, not really caring about Midorima's uncertainty of this bad event, "Now eat up! There's more in the fridge."

Little did he know, this event will come true.

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