Sulpicia started an affair with Joshua Uley 1986th.
With Joshua, she became pregnant with Isabella Higginbotham. Sulpicia did not want a child, but without that Joshua knew she was pregnant, she decided that her sister, Renee, and her husband would take care of the child when it was born.

When the baby was born Sulpicia gave Renee the child. Renee objected, but then she gave up. They saw that it was a girl. Sulpicia named her Isabella Marie, and then she went away in sorrow.
She went to Italy, Volterra, to be exact, but then she was "killed" in a car accident.

Sulpicias family:
Emmett McCarty was the older brother of Jollie McCarty, and he was born in 1915, in Gatinburg, Tennessee.
Jollie was born five years later, in 1920.
Emmett "died" in 1935, after being attacked by a black bear while he was out hunting.
Jollie married Ken Hasel at twenty years of age, 1940.
They had one child, Marie McCarty, two years later and they moved to Forks.
Marie got pregnant at a young age with Victor Hunter.

Viktor disappeared as he learned she was pregnant.When Marie had given birth to her child, Sulpicia, she put her up for adoption in 1960, March 7.
The same year, Victor did get another girl pregnant, Lisselle Dere. She got a girl to, Victoria Hunter.

Trudie and John Higginbotham adopted Sulpicia 1960 May 1.
They already had one child, Joe H.
He was three years older then Sulpicia. Six years later after they had adopted Sulpicia, Trudie got pregnant and had Renee.

Joe got together with a girl from La Push, Lilly Loey, in 1984.The same year Lilly and Joe had a son, Nicklas Loey.
Renee got together with Charlie Swan in the same year.

Joe married at twenty-nine age with Lilly, 1986.That year was Sulpicia even with a man from the reserve, Joshua Uley.She was twenty-six years old. That year died Victoria Hunter by an animal attack.
Sulpicia got pregnant by Joshua Uley, 1988, but gave Renee the child when it was born.
Joe and Lilly got Josh and Elijah L. that year.

And the same year married Charlie Swan and Renee itself.But six years later they divorced. Later in time Renee remarried to Phil Dwanyer.

JoshUley and Lillian Gyll was married at an early age.They got Levi Uley,and he married Ellen LongFree.They had one child, Joshua Uley.

Joshua married in turn with Allison Beard,but had two affairs behind the back ofAllison, one with Sulpicia Higginbotham and one with Tiffany Call. Allison and Joshua had a son, Samuel Uley, 1986. He also had a child with the two other women.
Embry Call, 1990,with Tiffany and Isabella Swan, 1988,with Sulpicia.The two women knew not unfortunately that he was with anyone else during that time.

"Isa-bella! Come out, come out,wherever you are! "
I looked back and ran faster as I saw that his body came into my vision.
His voice came closer and closer. Shit. I quickly ran behind a tree and knew he couldn´t see me.
"I know you're here, I can feel your blood..."

Wait what? I looked down at my hand and saw that it was a huge scratch on the middle of it and blood was pouring out. Well... Damn.
I saw my chance when he turned around and jumped on him .He turned quickly as I knocked him down onto the hard ground with my mouth against his neck. I pulled back so that he saw my eyes and fangs. I grinned in victory.
"I won. What´s my price?"

Ch 1. The imprint.

P –pov

I walked out as fast as I could, and into the woods. Trembeling, I stripped down into nothing and knot the shorts and the shirt on my ankle, still in daze. I mean, that girl was really good. She looked good also. Her hair was pure black, straight and reached down to her waist, her boobs had to be a double D or so, her curves sat on the right places, her legs were really long, she had huge brown eyes with long lashes.. Damn... Lexie.. Leila... whatever, she was a good fuck and an even better sucker. If I had to choose, I would choose her as an imprint. The way she wirled her tounge...

"Paul! Shut the fuck up! We really don´t want to hear about your sex life", whined Jared.
Sucks for you bro. In this life, you´ll hear every single thing about my girls and how they do everything. And I mean everything. But, you know that of course, so you could just stop complaining. After all, maybe you can get some ideas what you could do to your Kim. I smirked. Well, smirked as best as I could in wolf form.

"Just wait until you imprint, then you will end up having to mess around with those girls", Jared mumbled.
Hah, your wish! I snickered low. Me? Imprint? Yea right. When that happen, I swear, pigs are gonna fly. I snorted. Imprinting was the closest thing to soul mates, hell it practicually meant marriage for life with no way out. All commitment. No screwing. All whipped around one girl and one girl only. In my opinion, it took away our freedom - took away our choices. Yeah, so not for me.

A sweet, lavender scent hit my nose as we approached Black's house. I recognized it immidiently. Isabella fucking Swan´s scent. The leechlover. It was one more thing I hated - how she could love a dead thing, a dead thing who killed people, and if not, bambies. Damn, hadn´t Swan seen Bambi or so? Or the Lion King? Hell, what about Bear Brother?
I growled high. Why the fuck was she here?

Paul, calm down, said Sam calmly, I´m gonna go and solve everything out. Don´t approach us. With your mouth I bet she would be even more pissed. I just growled in response.
As Sam phased, Jared was having a blast. - No I´m pretty sure she would come with Paul´s mouth.
I grinned. Sure she would. She would come alright.

Suddenly roared Black - loud and almighty. My sensitive ears were burning from his screech. Yes, screech. He was screaming as a little girl.

"Bella, go home!"
"Jake, I ... please don´t do this ... if I have done something wrong, so.. tell me what I did.
I can change, I promise. "said a really soft voice, and it did nothing but sooth my sore ears - even though the pleading and the begging was quite pathetic. I snorted. Guess that the voice belonged to leechlover. Even though I hated her, her voice would be great in bed. I wonder if she was a screamer.
"Poor Bella ...", whined Embry. I rolled my eyes. He was so emotional nowadays.

"Please Bella! Get out of here! I can´t do this anymore! I can´t be someone I'm not! ", growled Jacob again.

A soft, beautiful gasp was heard ... wait, what the hell? Since when have I, Paul freaking Lahote, started to use words as beautiful? Was there something wrong with me? Was I sick or something?
"Maybe", muttered Jared, but I didn´t take any notice to him.

I jerked up my head to see where the voice came from and looked into a pair of soft, beautiful chocolate eyes that were set in a perfect, pale face. Mine. She suddenly became my existence, it all came around her. I'd be her friend, brother, lover, and her protector. But neverless she was mine. Mine. I knew for a fact that she would be mine - sooner or later. I would have her. A flash of her with a big stomache came into mind and I found out I longed for that. Her, pregnant, with me.

Oh you got to be kidding me. I fucking imprinted! Imprinted! I´m fucking tied to a girl for the rest of my life! I could no longer fuck a hot blond if I wanted to, or go to strip clubs without feeling guilty, or flirt, or fuck, be free! I wasn´t free anymore. That brunette took just away my freedom without knowing it.

And the cherry on the top, I did not just imprint on anyone, oh no no, but on fuckin Isabella leechlover Swan! My heart ached. It was actually painful to think that way about her... You have to be kidding me! Fuck! I growled out loud. Why the fuck did I get an imprint NOW? Why did I need to imprint on the leech-lover? It hurt to the heart. Good, now I can´t even call her leech-lover! Why me? Why couldn´t Black imprint on her?! The thought of her in another man´s arms made me snarl. She was mine.
Wait no, this couldn´t be happening! Fuck!
Em tried to hide his smile while Jared started laughing.

"You won´t be able to ignore it", mocked Em. Jared laughed more, causing fell down on his stomach.
Fucker. I snapped at him.

Bella glanced around the woods and looked into my eyes a second, before she turned her broken look towards Jacob again. Jealousy ran through me but I shook it off. But then I remembered what he said to her and began to growl loudly. How dare he hurt my girl? I´ll kill him! I felt the rage build into my core. He doesn´t even deserve to be near her... Wait... My girl? What the actual fuck?
Jared howled with laughter in the background.

"Please, Jake," asked Bella, and her voice broke at the end of the sentence. Jacob looked hard at her and took a step closer. I growled loudly and saw that Jacob's ears move a little. He heard me the fucker!
"I. Don´t. Want. You. You're not good enough for me. "
She looked like someone had taken a knife and pierced it right through her heart. I just wanted to go and take her in my arms. I shook even more. I felt Em look at me, but I ignored him and just looked at my sweet, innocent Bella.

A tear rolled down my girl's cheek before the tears flowed freely, and my heart crunched. She pulled the back of her hand against her cheek, but the tears were replaced by new ones.
That was wrong, my girl shouldn´t cry... I whined.

"You do not want me. I'm not good enough.. Well then, I will not bother you more, I.. "murmured Bella.
No, please! Do not go ... please. Tears came to my eyes - and I barerly noticed that Jared stopped arubtly laughing. Jacob nodded and disappeared into the red little house. My girl smiled sadly, and looked after him. She turned on her heel and began to walk to the car of hers, but a voice stopped her.

"Swan," Sam's voice yelled out. I growled while he walked quickly towards her. Come on, leave her alone! Damnit! Fuck this. I began to walk forward, intenting on stopping him from hurting my imprint, but felt Sam´s order stop me. "Don´t approach us. " Fuck, why did he have to say that? I snarled. I needed to be with her. I needed to comfort her.
"Stay away from La Push and from Jacob. You´ll only hurt him. Stay away from us, and we´ll stay away from you. You don´t belong here, you know that."

Bella had tears in her eyes when she heard the threat in his voice, and she nodded softly while she looked into his eyes. She was brave. My imprint was brave, but in pain. I needed to get to her. I whined.
"Of course, Sam."

Her voice broke while she said his name and I watched as she drove away with tears in his eyes. A tear ran down while I howled as I felt the emptiness she left behind.
The last thought I had before she disappeared was that I was gonna have a little heart to heart with baby Alpha and the actual Alpha.

(I know, it´s a small chapter. But just keep reading, it will be better… I think)