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I groaned and looked at the half naked dead man before me.

I took one big slurp of the vodka bottle again. who could guess? Dear little Bella Swan drinking and killing people in a dark alley… I groaned and took a slurp once more.
What was happening to my life? I couldn´t deal with this. I flew from Forks to get away from all the drama and now… Bam! My supposed dead mother were alive and was standing in front of me like a half of hour ago. Could my life get any more fucked up? I closed my eyes. And Paul. I could feel the need from his presence. His lust. His sorrow. His anger. His pain. It was tearing me apart. I felt the tears building up.

"Doesn´t you look just lovely."

I opened my eyes and sighed in annoyance.
"Demitri. What the fuck do you want? How did you find me?" I snarled and stood up. He laid down his coat on the ground with a shuggre.
"Well Isabella… I was told to find you and I am a tracker so I found you on a second but do you know something Isabella?" Suddenly was I placed against the wall with him pressing against me. He took a deep breath and it tickled on my chin.
"I love fiesty girls…" I moaned as he began to nip on my shoulder with his sharp teeth.

Oh fuck it.

I took his hair in my hand and gripped it hard as I pressed my body against his. His lips pressed against mine and our tongues were fighting for dominance.
He backed. "You taste good…" he licked his lips before he attacked me again.

I felt his hand gripping my ass as I trailed my hand down his body. I came to the part I searched for but the fucking clothing was in the way. I growled and took a grip on his body as I moved us so that we were on the oppsite wall, me facing him. I looked up into his eyes. They were dark with lust as they trailed my body. I became suddenly aware that I only had pants and a bra on. My black, lacy bra. Great.

I growled. "You have too much clothes on…" I ripped open his shirt, buttons flew everywhere, but I didn´t give any notice because I focused to rip his pants off. Why couldn´t the damn pants go off? I snarled in frustration and ripped them down in one switch. He smirked and took off his boxers in a switch as he threw his pants off somewhere. I let my eyes wander and fuck! He was so fucking hot. And big.. Who knew a vamp could be so hot? I groaned and attacked his mouth again hard.

I felt his lips curl into a smile. His eyes cold hands traced my back and then I heard a rip. My legs suddenly became cold. I backed and looked at what were left from my pants, and they laid ON the dead man. Not beside, but ON. Great. Those were new. I glared at him.

"Asshole! Those were new!" he smirked and my anger became bigger. I got throwed onto the wall.
"What? It wasn't fair…" his lips began to trace drown my neck and raw emotion took over my body. I gripped his hair and slammed him as hard against me as I could. He growled and I knew his inner animal took over. My underwear flew off my body and he didn´t waste a second. His lips placed themselves over my nipple, sucking as a little baby. He scraped his teeth, sucked, and nippled and a coldness came into me. I gasped. Two of his fingers were up in my heat.

"So.. warm.." he grunted around my breast.
He began to fuck me with his fingers hard and when I was so fucking close to see stars he fucking stopped. He fucking stopped! He pulled his fingers out but before I could complain he was in me. fuck he was huge… I felt myself stretching inside and moaned loud.

He growled deep from his chest. "You´re so fucking tight…." he slammed me hard against the wall as he began to fuck me. he pulled out almost all the way but slammed in again. fuck. I groaned. Demitri took my hand on either side and pinned me on the wall, exposed as fuck, as he rammed in and out of me. My breasts were pressed against his chest – well in fact was my whole body pressed against his.

I shivered at his cold touch as he traced my throat with his teeth. he pulled in and out faster and faster and then he was going in vamp speed. Fucking hell… I felt my orgasm coming and when he felt me tighten Demitri roared as he came, spilling into me. I bit down his shoulder to keep down my own scream.

Fucking hell, who knew vamps could be so good?
He thought the same thing.
"Fuck… who knew hybrids could be so good huh?" he chuckled against my shoulder before he removed himself from me.

He threw his pants on before he gave me – host my body host – a glance and smirked. He threw his boxers to me and I catched them. Euw. He wanted me to wear them? I made a disgusted face.
He chuckled and threw his shirt to me. "Well hon, it´s either my shirt and my boxers or nothing. But tell me… do you mind if the whole castle, + your mother and your stepfather, filled with horny vampires see your fabulous body?"

My eyes became small as I glared at him. I got it. He had right. Fine. I huffed and threw his clothes on. His shirt was way too big so it covered down to my ass, but for that I was thankful. As my eyes turned to his, I found him standing against the wall with his dark coat in his arms.

"Even if you look hot in just my clothes… I kind of want you to have this on you. Felix is gonna eat you with his eyes already so why not cover you more?" he gave me a half smile and he was suddenly before me. His red eyes stared in mine as he placed his cape on my shoulders and as I had figured out already – it was too big for me.

"May I call you Bella? Bella means beautiful in Italian and I think it suits you just right." I nodded and rolled with my eyes. I had already heard that.
"Well… shall we run home then?" He gave me that smile again.

Maybe I was wrong about Demitri… maybe he was a good guy, just not the flirty horny vampire that he was minutes ago. My eyebrows furrowed. I didn´t want to go back to the castle and face Sulpicia.
He saw my face. "Or… I could show you around here. It´s a beautiful place."
I smiled. "Sure."

He took my hand but I hesitated. I mean, we just fucked like animals and he wanted to hold my hand? I met him hours ago!
But still you fucked him like the world would end tomorrow…
He winked at me. "Bella, only because we had sex doesn´t it mean that I have romantic feelings for you. I mean of course you have a appealing appearance – in fact, you look very hot and are a very beautiful woman – but I don´t feel any romantic feelings. Do you understand how I feel?"

I sighed in relief. I knew very well how he felt. Because I felt the same.
"Yes, I feel the same." I smiled at him to prove my point.
He sighed out loud and pretended to wipe away perspiration from his forehead. I laughed low as he winked at me.
"So what do you say? fuckbuddies?"
I became startled but recovered fast. "Sure." I winked at him.

"Good. Well come on. I gotta show you a place." He began to ´jog´ and I quietly followed. As I came to his side he speed up into vamp space. Oh that fucker. What he didn´t know was that I was as fast as him. I easily ran up to him and he gave me a shocking smile. He led me though the beautiful city he lived in. everything was different here. The air, the buildnings, the square, the heat. The climate was so much different from Forks. It was peacefully here. Comfortable. He stopped suddenly before a house and grinned at me.

He opened his arms. "Come here. I´m gonna jump, or can you do that yourself?" he winked as I scowled. No, jumping up against a building was not something I was good at.

I hesitated before I let him take me into his arms. As I felt his grip on me tighten I closed my eyes hard and gripped his coat. I felt the wind against my cheek before his chest began to rumble.
It took me a second before I noticed that he laughed!
"You can open those pretty eyes now Bella," he whispered in my ear. My eyes opened one after one and the scene shocked me.

We were on the building and saw the whole city. And it… glowed… this city was more beautiful than I had imagined. He let me down so I stood on my own feet and let me go. I looked around once again. the air was filled with the scent of bread and flowers. In the middle of the city was light shining and I could hear people cheering in joy.

"Beautiful right?" I looked at Demitri who sat down beside me and glanced over this gorgeous city. I smiled and sat down beside him.
"Very beautiful..:"
We sat there and just looked over the city until Demitri looked at me. "Wanna know my story?" I grinned and nodded. He winked. "Story time…"
that evening I got his full story. He was born in Greece by a vampire Amun who found him. He and Amun stood each other close before Aro came and found them in Egypt. And he wanted very much to join Aro, so he left Amun he told me about the years he fighted for the Volturi and how he and Heidi had gotten closer. While he talked I let my eyes roll over the city.

I saw that in one window were a mother and a child. The mother laid in a bed with her arms protectively around her child and petted her child´s dark hair. I swallowed. My mother had never done that…
I looked at him and gave him a weak smile when I saw that he looked concerned.
He looked where I had looked and an understanding look came into his eyes.
"Sulpicia is a good woman Bella. She loves you – believe it or not. She would do anything for you.."
I snorted. "Why didn´t she contact me than? Why did she ignore me in that room?"

His eyebrows furrowed. "She wanted to, but her sister wouldn´t let her. She said that it wasn´t Sulpicias right and she never should contact you again. Sulpicia has called you and your mother under the years. And only a few months ago Sulpicia called again, but Renné said that you weren´t in Rennés life anymore… Sulpicia… she thought you were dead. She was devastated… She last saw you when you were fiffteen and you have grown a little Isabella since then. Don´t be so hard on her."

Oh hell no… so he meant that… Renné had secretly kept me away from my mother my whole life… and couldn´t even say it to me… and that Sulpicia hadn´t done anything wrong, she just thought I didn´t want her and that I was finally was dead when Renné said that I wasn´t in her fucking life anymore…

Demitri looked sad. "You really don´t remember?"
My eyes snapped to his. "Remember what?" my voice was full with venom, venom that was directed to Renné, my mother.
"They always visited on your fifteenth birthday… Marcus, Athena Aro, Felix, Sulpicia and Heidi. They gave you presents and filled you with joy and love. And they sent presents around Christmas… They made you feel like the Volturi were in your family. You wouldn´t want them to leave…"

He smiled as my eyebrows furrowed. But suddenly he got a dark look. "But Renné didn´t like the attention you gave them. She was jealous I guess. And what they were did so that she didn´t want Sulpicia or the others near you – at all – I think." He got a blank face as he stared into space.

"They left for your eleventh birthday and Sulpicia was so excited. She had brought you a family album with your whole family. Two days later they came back and all of us were confused. They usually came back a week after your birthday but now they came two days after. It didn´t make sense." He sighed.

"Sulpicia was destroyed and Aro told us that a few months earlier you had fallen down the stairs in Renné´s house and lost your memory. You didn't remember anything except small things. Like your dad, some Jacob- dude, Forks, your birthday, you name etc…
Since then didn´t Sulpicia contact you until your eighteen birthday. But Renné said you weren´t in her life anymore…"

Jacob. His face flashed over in my head and then Paul came up with tears running down his face, pleading me to not go… I shook my head.
all this time… I had blamed Sulpicia… it was my Rennés fault. She could tell me about them. She could have told Sulpicia that I lived in Forks and I wanted my real mother. That I thought my real mother was dead. Gone. But Sulpicia was at blame to. She could have talked to me – maybe she could have brought back my memories. But I kind of understood her. she didn´t want her daughter in the supernatural world. She wanted her safe and sound. But look where that got me?

I got left by my boyfriend and his family.
A sadistic vampire beat me and almost turned me into one of them.
I got left by my best friend.
Laurent came back.
My father died.
Renné left me on my own.
I found out I was a wolf´s mate.
Victoria came back to kill me.
I figured out I was adopted, and I was a part werewolf, vampire and a witch.
Jared and Vlad raped me.
I became a freaking wolf.
And I saw the love of my life cheat on me.

Great work mom.
"Bella, Aro know everything better. Talk to him. please. So you know the whole truth." Demitri´s eyes pleaded with mine. Well…. I wanted the whole truth… I thought about it for a second and nodded. He stood up and took my hand, throwing me up on my feet.
He took me into his arms and jumped down before he sat me down on my own feet and took my hand. As we ran i felt my anger get bigger. I wanted for the first time in my life slap someone. And that was Renné.

We came to the castle in matter of seconds and he led me through the way he and Felix had led me and John earlier. John. Fuck! He must have been so worried… damn I´m in for it now…
Demitri led me through a hallway I hadn´t been in before and stopped ahead of a big iron door.

"Remember Bella to have a open mind and know that Sulpicia loves you." He smiled before he put on his Volturi mask as I called it. I nodded and opened the doors. - Actually I threw them open and stormed in. The first thing I noticed was that it looked like an office. The second was that Aro, Marcus, Caius, Sulpicia and a Lady wich I thought was Athendora was there in a deep discussion. They all became shocked and I felt Sulpicias eyes bore into my head but I glared at Aro.

"We need to talk. Now." I growled. Caius snarled at my tone and my eyes flew to his. They were shining with hate and I felt my face turn. Veins showing in my face, my eyes becoming red and black and I felt my fangs get bigger. He flinched slightly and began to growl before Athendora laid a hand on his shoulder.
"Caius." Her voice held a warning and a scenario flashed before my eyes.

"Auntie Athena…" I mumbled as she combed my hair.
"Yes darling?" her soft voice was comforting.
"Why doesn´t mommy want me to be with you?"
She sighed. "She´s a mother darling. It´s her nature to be protective. She just doesn´t want to lose you darling. And I know I wouldn´t want to lose you either.." she turned me around and gave me a kiss on the forehead, making her blond hair fall over her shoulder.
"You´re too precious for that."

I came back to now and looked at Athendora. Her ghost pale skin, her ashy blond hair that fell down in waves, her red pouring eyes…
She looked at me with gentle eyes before she gave Caius a hard one.
"Get out. Now." Her eyes were daring him to question her. Not a minute after stomped he out, not even looking at me. Ass.

Athendora sighed but began to walk out of the room, but stopped in front of me. She opened her arms welcoming and a small smile came onto my lips as I stepped into her arms. her embrace felt safe. Like I six again and were at home under the blanket where nothing could ever hurt me. Her cold hard arms tightened for a second before I heard my so called mother growl. Athena stepped back, threw an annoyed glance at Sulpicia and smiled at me.
"I´m glad you´re here darling."

And then she was gone. Marcus just looked bored and went out. Just like that. And I was left with my mother and my newly stepfather. Great. Just great.
Aro smiled at me. I didn´t smile back.
"Shall we sit? It is a quite long story I´m afraid."

Fuck my life.

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