Voices chapter 1

Run From Yourself.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Levesque. I really do appreciate the chance to work for such an amazing company."

Haile Carmichael walked through the hallway, smiling.

This was what she wanted to do. All she'd wanted to do since she was ten years old.

"Welcome to the business, Haile. I've looked over your forms and I think you are more than qualified to be here. But since you are a rookie, I'm going to have to give you a pro. You know what that is, right?"

"Yes sir. Someone like Matt Hardy, or Jeff Hardy, who takes me in and shows me the ropes, no pun intended."

Triple H laughed.

"Funny, Haile. Now you want to be called Cynner, right?"


"Okay, Cynner it is."

Triple H smiled at his newest Superstar. She was going to rock this business. He just hoped her pro was ready to go along with the ride.

Randy Orton sat in his locker room, preparing for his match. He was facing Christian again, for the fifth title match.

Why couldn't Christian just give up already? Randy was the Viper. Nobody, especially Christian, could beat him.

"Hey kid, you ready?"

Turning, he met his former teammate's eyes.

"Yeah, Hunter. I'm ready."

"Good. Oh I almost forgot, you have a new rookie."

Randy raised an eyebrow as a small girl with black and purple hair walked into the room.

"Holy crap. I'm the Viper's rookie? Gee, Hunter. You must really think I'm good, huh?"

"Well, I'd put you with the best, but Shawn's retired, and I'm busy running the show. So Randy's going to help you out."

The small girl grinned.

"Wow. Dreams do come true, don't they? I'm Haile, Haile Carmichael. Ring name is Cynner."

She stuck her hand out, and Randy stared at it.

"Hunter, are you kidding me? I don't do girls."

"So you're gay?"

He glared at Haile, who smirked. It reminded Randy of his own signature smirk.

"Not what I meant, newbie. I don't train girls," he said with a snarl as he stood up and stepped closer to Haile.

"And I don't talk to arrogant jackasses like you, but hey guess what? I'll live."

Hunter snickered. Randy had finally found his match.

"I think you two will get along just fine," he said.

Randy looked at Hunter, eyes narrowed.

"I'm not training this pathetic little girl," he sneered. "She's useless."

Haile stepped closer to him, so close that Randy found himself staring into a pair of stormy gray eyes. He was strangely hypnotized by this girl.

"If you don't train pathetic little girls, then why is Rhodes a part of your team, hm?"

"Because he knows how to win."

"You think I don't?"

Randy narrowed his eyes.

"I know you don't. You're small and pathetic."

That tore it.

Haile slapped him in the face, so hard that he staggered back. He glared at her, and moved to attack.


"No, Hunter. I asked for it, so I'm going to see just how much venom the Viper has. I doubt he'll actually hurt me."

Attack her. She has hurt us, challenged us. Teach her a lesson.

But she's my rookie. I can't hurt her.

Attack her, Randy! Now!

Randy turned from the both of them, eyes shut.

"Leave. Now."

Hunter put his hand on Randy's shoulder, but he threw it off.


"Get out of here, Hunter. I know how to handle this. If anything serious happens, I'll leave."


"You go, Hunter. I'll stay. I know how to handle things like this."

Hunter sighed.

"Fine. Enjoy your first day, Haile."

And he walked out.

Haile slowly walked over to Randy, who was sitting on the floor, and sat on her knees.


She got no answer, so she looked at his tattoos. Soon, however, she was looking at the man's lean and muscular back.

"I can feel you staring, Rookie."

Haile jumped up, blushing.

"Well, what else is there to look at when I can't see your face, Legend Killer? I was just admiring your tribal designs."

Randy turned.

"Is that what you were doing?", he asked skeptically.

"Yes," she said.

"I can tell you're lying, Rookie. And strangely, I'm okay with it."

"Hey Randy. And who is this lovely woman?"

Haile looked over at the door to see Wade Barrett come in and smile at her.

"I'm Haile Carmichael. And I would just like to say that it is an honor. I'm a huge fan, Mr. Barrett," she said as Wade shook her hand.

Randy glared as Wade pressed his lips to Haile's knuckles. That was his rookie, dammit. And no amount of British charm was going to change the fact that Haile would be spending most of her time with Randy.

"It's an honor to meet you love. How long have you and Randy been together?"

Haile and Randy looked at each other, and Randy gave a smirk while wiggling his eyebrows. Haile laughed and smacked him on the arm.

"Um, I'm his rookie. Not his girlfriend," Haile said with a laugh.

Randy's heart dropped. Wait, what? He shook his head, trying to dispel the images of Haile by his side, wearing his ring, his tattoos.


She looked at him, her eyes happy.


"Are you going to train? I'm going to the gym."

"Yeah, I'm coming. Bye Wade!"

"Bye Haile."

Randy and Haile walked to the gym, silent. Haile kept bouncing up and down with excitement, and Randy chuckled.

"Haile, if you were any more excited, you'd be high."

"I'm sorry that my dream is making me excited, oh mighty Viper. I'll try to contain myself," Haile said sarcastically.

"It's okay, Rookie. Just don't go all, weird, on me okay?"

"Me, weird? Ha."

Randy grinned and pushed the rainbow-haired girl through the gym doors.

Haile stopped at the sight of every wrestler she grew up with working out. Shirtless.

Mike Mizanin, aka the Miz, CM Punk, and John Cena all stopped to stare at Randy's friend.

"Hey Randy, who's the chick?", Miz asked with a smirk as he looked Haile over.

"I'm Haile, but you can call me Cynner," she said as Mike shook her hand.

"Well, Cynner, feel free to ditch the snake and come hang with the Awesome One whenever you want."

"No thanks, Miz. I'd rather not. Ya see, I don't hang with guys that only want to get to know me because I have a nice body. I'm more than that."

The boys cheered and laughed at Mike.

"Nice girl. I like her, Orton!"

"At least somebody does, Cena. I have a feeling that she's not going to be welcome in the Diva's Locker Room."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm a newbie, not to mention I'm the new Superstar. I "

don't really fit in with Divas, Cena."

"Ah. Well Haile, you are free to hang with us whenever you want. Except at three in the morning, because most of us are asleep."

Haile laughed.

"I'll keep that in mind, John."