If you have read my first precure fanfiction then your should know that im bad at spelling thow most of it is alredy spell checked some might sill be wrong so pleas bear with me

Ep1 moving day

(spring one day)

Haruka:*she stare's out of her old room as some moveing people come in and out of her old house to get the last of the boxes she sighs* I guess this will be the last time ill see this neighborhood well theres no need to be sad

Haruka's mom:Haruka come down here your friedns are here to see you

Haruka:hai coming


Sawako: well harurune we'll miss you but…

Aiyuu: we…

Fuuyune: will…


Everyone else:..meet agean.

Haruka: natsu, Ai-chan Aki,fuun, everyone

(natsu is sawako , Ai-chan is Aiyuu, Aki is Akira, Fuun is fuuyune, and every one else is the rest of the people I cant fit in the skript)

Haruka: I was so close to being able to be in the same school with you guys

Sawako:well that's what you get for being yunger

Haruka:well theres no need to be discoraged

Akira:lend me ome of that happy go lucky energy will ya

Haruka: why do you need it?

Akira:… no reason *sweet drop, looks at the "dragon" stuffed animal *

Fuuyune:what on earth are you looking at ?


Kyon: nyaan (tuges sawako)

Sawako:don't tell me


Sawako: Ai minna im sorry harurun but some thing came up remember well meet agean some day

Akira:don't tell me they are also …no it cant be

Haruka's dad: Haruka were going your sister is alredy in the car come on

Haruka: so ill see you guys then ….

(middle of the trip)

Yuki: hey hey HEY HA-RU-KA

Haruka: huh?*yawn*

Yuki: we're at the rest stop dad said were going to be here for an hour because mom had motion sickness

Haruka:ill look around

Yuki: hey hold on a min… how does she disappear like that

Haruka: magic ane-san

Yuki: haaa?

Haruka: o a crane machine I loved these *looks at the prises*( the back ground changes to pure white and for a moment it was silent) that's a cute cat doll

The cat doll: im not a cat choco

Haruka: it talks too im going to get it * puts a 100 yen coin in the machine and cought the cat with ease*

The cat doll:*being lifted up* let go of me choco *being droped* what no don't let go aaa…. Ow choco

Haruka: kawaii *hugs*

The cat doll: im no a doll

Haruka: ok that weard there has to be some buttons on here *serches the cats chocolate and pink fur*

The cat doll: like I said im not a doll choco

Haruka: no way im sorry im Xingyun Haruka my hobby is magic and every one say im a happy go lucky kid

The cat "thing": im chocolate choco im a fairy of luck choco im here on a misson with my other 3 friends choco and one thing you almost chocked me with your green hair

Haruka: no need to be sad you did not die so its ok and its yellow green

(the ground is shaking)

Haruka:an earth quake whats going on ?

Chocolate: no it cant be

Jack: but it is; nice to meet you all im jack here to intraduce a new ruller joker-sama ill bring you to a new future go dark card *thows the card at the crain machine* no only 51 more to go

Carin* it gets all the people in the rest stop and eats them( ie puts them in the crain box)

Haruka: what im sapost to do my familly is in there chocola

Chocolate:chocola … you have the same nameing sence as my friends we cant do any thing now only the legendary warriors told in our legends can do any thing

Haruka: hey chocola your necklace is glowing

Chocolate: it cant be glowing unless … you're a legendary warrior

Haruka: are you kidding I cant even kick a scocer ball without triping over

chocolate: but you are here take this* takes the box that was hanging on her necklace* take this and yell out precure suite shuffle and eat a peace of the candy that will pop out of the sweet box

Haruka: ill try …. Precure suite shuffle

Cure Clove: the lucky clover cure clove

Chocolate: now defeate the monster choco

Cure clove: that's easy for you to say what am I suppost to do?

Jack: who are you what with that frilly green green what ever you cant beat my card monster ant why

Cure clove: im cure clove put every one down

Jack: make me

Cure clove: *jumps*lucky kick * kicks the crain machine*

Crain:crain *falls down and evey body escapes*

Chocolate: now clove use your special move

Cure clove: I don't know but ill try precure clover leaf shoot

(the cards burns untill leaving a blob of glowing light)

Jack: I didn't know she had super powers dang

(a few min later)

Haruka's mom: haruka we're going

Yuki: Haruka where did you get that doll

Chocolate: im not doll choco

Yuki: huh

haruka:its a magic trick im working on with a talking doll* holds chocolates mouth* im chocolate choco nice to meet you choco

Yuki:ehh I did'nt know you where a Ventriloquis

Haruka's mom:can you bleave what happened today I mean that was unexpected that we whold run in to somethin in our life time I mean a monster a hero of justice

Haruka's dad: I whonder what up with that

Yuki: what ever it was I think that was fun right haruka , by the way where were you during that time

Haruka: I was in the monster just like you guys you didn't see me because off the dolls they where inlarged too

Yuki: it that so


Haruka: its only the firat ep and my sister is alredy suspecting something

Chocolate: its because of me

Haruka: yea it is

Haruka: just kidding there no need to be sad

Next time a new school a new enconter