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I need to clarify something about the canon couples and apologize for the sudden change.

See, "Black Ice" was supposed to span the entire Roseward saga as I imagined it, starting right before Rosalie's change and continuing through Twilight. I thought the whole story would take about 30 chapters.

But as Roseward's story began to unfold… and deepen and change before my eyes… this moment suddenly became a logical stopping point. "Black Ice" will be at least two stories, possibly three depending on how the sequel develops. Emmett will arrive soon after the next story begins-much as Rosalie showed up here in Ch2-but this is where "Black Ice" ends.

(And thanks for the title suggestion, K1942! We shall see what happens…)

Epilogue: Yet Another Day

Rosalie's POV

The world is silent this time of morning, as if earth is holding her breath in anticipation of the encroaching dawn. Perpetually sleep-deprived, I wait for this time of day with enthusiasm and dread.

What meaning hath another day when the essence of life has been lost?

It has been three long months since that night, the night of which I refuse to speak and cannot remember without tremendous pain. The night the truth became a lie and all I thought I knew turned to smoke.

The night of my last kiss.

My last breath.

It is happening soon. The sky has put on such darkness only heavenly light could expel it. A light once rivaled by a more earthly being, my sun and true north. The point upon which my happiness and sanity affixed itself and grew stable.

The point which sharpened only to stab me in the heart.

Though I have little use for him, I thank heaven the good doctor is as circumspect a man as was ever created. When he entered the house the day of their return from London, he reeked of him. And when he entered alone with haunted eyes, I knew.

My light had forever gone out.

But when our eyes met, Dr. Cullen smiled his brightest, without a trace of pity or presumption, and wished me a belated Happy New Year.

It was the first and only time I have ever smiled at my maker.

His wife, to my surprise, feels the loss almost as acutely as I. Her eyes drift to his rooms, running her hand along the door frames.

She does not dare touch the piano, however. Standing on the threshold of its home with reverential fear, her gaze fixed upon it as though by staring she could conjure his current location.

But the instrument remains mute, mourning its master.

By what must be some tacit agreement between them, neither Cullen speaks of him while I am within earshot. I believe this practice to be some show of support and sympathy for my benefit, and when so inclined I remember to be grateful.

More frequently, however, I aim my venomous thoughts at them, blaming their interfering romantic plots for my current state. Had they left well enough alone, I would be in heaven right now with Grandma Lily, watching over my Liam, and know none of the desolation losing love provides.

This is their fault entirely.

I received a letter from Father last week. Monday or Thursday, who can tell anymore? The sight of his handwriting reminded me of him, of the thoughtfulness which made this communique possible. I was so overcome I fled my room and the house altogether.

And have yet to return.

With no need for human accommodations, I acquaint myself with these woods. Its flora and fauna are my new friends, and though the latter sense danger when I am near, I am comforted by their habits.

At least their fearful flight makes sense.

I cannot deny my heart is broken nor do I expect the pain to subside. I entered this life with a shattered soul, so there is little surprise such is to be my eternal lot. I do not know how long I can survive with this emptiness, but with no known options, I must do my best.

I must come again to rule myself.

Warmth from the east arrests my attention, and I turn toward the horizon to catch the sun's assent. The diffusion of light creates an assortment of hues which have no name, and though tempted to squint, I widen my eyes to catch every nuance and moment of the show.

It is spectacular to my inhuman sight.

I follow the sun as it rises in the sky and down again to advance the night.

Evening passes, and the morning comes.

Such is the end of another day.

I'm repeating myself but THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and loving my Roseward. I'm so excited to start the next leg of their journey soon and hope to see you there! XOXO