Her Fantasy Is Beginning

fantasy ga hajimaru

a/n: mwahaha, i hacked shii's account and posted this. riri-chi here! this is for you, shii~ -hearts-

The magnificent rainbow in the sky lit the whole sky up around her. She felt the gentle breeze of ocean water splash upon her face and she buried herself more comfortably in the sand. Twirling a strand of her pigtail, Yaya gleamed to herself and finally found the moment of relaxation. Her white dress made of silk clung to her body but swiftly danced in the wind gently. A tiara was placed upon her head but dry tears laid upon her face. The whole world around her was as chip as a penny, but she had faced her own problems in her heart.

She laid her fingers into the sand and grabbed a handful into the palm of her hand. The sand felt so soft and calming, which was the first time she ever had that feeling in weeks. Planning and planning for this one specific day, Yaya never imagined it would be this difficult. Everyone was so hard on her as they corrected any little thing she did. Sometimes they would be so harsh on her that it made her cry.

Closing her eyes and brushing back her fringe, Yaya sighed in contentment. All of this could just go away and she could easily die in that spot with happiness. Yet more than anything in this world, she had dream for this day to come. She knew it was the best day of all because everyone's attention would be on her. With a baby character like hers, getting attention was the most glorious thing in the world for her.

And so, Yaya knew it was going to be okay. No matter how many times she had to practice or even cry, she knew it was worth it in the end. All in all, with the subtle feeling she had at that very moment, Yaya wanted this day to come faster than ever before.

Yaya was like any other girl in the world, who was preparing for the most magical day of her life; her wedding day.

Her fantasy was beginning.