Mike Brady and Carol Martin Before They Met

Michael Brady:

Michael Brady was standing in his office. He couldn't believe it. Tomorrow was the day. Mike knew she was the love of his life. He was going to marry Grace Cox today. Grace was beautiful with her elegant dark hair and touching blue eyes. They had been in love for three years, and finally Mike had proposed on that sunny night in Los Angeles.

Grace had come over that morning, talking about all her friends who were coming from around the country to the wedding. She had also shown him the wedding flowers; some pretty pink tulips that smelled wonderful. It was a dream come true. Mike had always been with nice women, but Grace was something different. She was, groovy! He smiled to himself. He and Grace would be happy together forever. They would have kids, and eventually become grandparents, together. It was such a nice word, together.

He asked Mr. Phillips if he could go home early and see Grace. He agreed, knowing it would be a big day for Mike. Mike hopped into his car and drove home the whole way smiling. When he opened the door to his house he was pleased to see Grace sitting on his leather ottoman with her mother, Vivian Cox. Grace rushed to Mike and greeted him with a big, friendly hug and a warm kiss. "Excuse me children, but don't you think you should save some affection for the wedding?" asked Mrs. Cox with a laugh. Mike just grinned. He new his new in-laws were perfect.

After Mike changed into his nicer suit, he took Grace and Mrs. Cox out to dinner at a fancy gourmet French restaurant downtown. Everyone thought the food was amazing so they ate and ate until they couldn't gobble down anymore. When they got back in the car and drove home, Mike just thought about all the happy times they would have together. It was going to be amazing finally being married to the love of his life.

Back at his house Mrs. Cox decided to take Grace home so they could get a good nights sleep before the wedding. Mike sat back onto his green velvet couch in his small den and stared into space. It was truly wonderful. After half an hour, Mike got a call from his buddy, Curtis. Curtis wanted to come over and have a drink to settle Mike's stomach. Curtis was already happily married to a woman named Lynnette and they had two kids and were expecting one. Mike thought it was a good idea and soon the two were lounging in his kitchen with bottles of wine.

After drinking, Curtis set back to his house because Lynette had called asking to see him. That left Mike alone until the next day. So he showered and accidentally used too much shampoo, and then forgot to comb out his hair so it got stuck in a weird hairdo, and then changed into dirty pajamas. Mike was worried about his wedding. He hadn't talked about it with anyone except briefly with Grace. And that wasn't the same because it would be their wedding. He sat in bed thinking for a while and then read a magazine for a few minutes but finally settled into bed.

It was a bad night for Grace and Mike. Grace was up until midnight fretting about her curlers, and Mike just kept rustling in bed. He couldn't sleep and finally called Grace. "Hello, can I talk to Mrs. Grace please?" asked Mike once the phone started ringing. He was worried it was too late and that he would awaken Grace. But almost immediately, Grace responded.

"Hello Mr. Brady, and by the way, I, your wife, can be called Mrs. Brady now. Maybe even Grace if you like." They both laughed.

"Fine, Mrs. Brady, what are you doing awake at twelve-thirty-two in the night?" Mike asked quizzically.

"I ask the same for you Mike," responded Grace.

Mike shrugged on the other end of the line. He had forgot that he was not talking in person to Grace. "Yeah, well…I was just, you know…"

"Worried perhaps?" Grace answered for him.

"Yeah, you said it.," replied Mike with a laugh. Grace always new his emotions, no matter what. It was just another reason to love her.

"Well I'm sorry I woke you up, you know, before this big day in our lives. Should I hang up?" Mike asked politely.

"Nah. It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway and it's good to know my future spouse is just as worried as I am, hah. But I suppose we should go to bed. Get some sleep before tomorrow." Grace said.

"Yep. Bye-bye, love you," said Mike quietly.

"Bye, and don't worry. We'll be great!" added Grace.

Mike hung up the phone with a click. Grace was truly something. He laid down on the crisp white sheets and kicked up his feet. The comforter was red and thick. It was a cold night, despite being the middle of April, and he curled up on it. Tomorrow he would become a married man. It was hard to think about.

The next morning, Mike awoke at five twenty-two am and washed his face. He went into the kitchen and managed to eat a biscuit and some fresh fruit. He also chugged down a small glass of coffee for good measure. Then he headed into his room and called up Curtis and Kenneth. The two friends were over by seven-thirty that morning and helping him into his suit.

"Are your parents coming?" asked Kenneth curiously.

"Yes, but they had to stop and pick up my sister, Claudia, along the way and they won't arrive until eight-forty or so. I'm hoping that they will get a taxi to the church so I don't have to have one of you two clowns go fetch them at the last minute." Said Mike cheerfully.

"Hey, you know I'm not such a clown. I got better grades than you did in college anyway," replied Curtis with a sneer.

"But that teacher, what was her name? Mrs. Delores, right? She went easy on you buddy. Not me, certainly not me. But you, she adored you. Handsome with blonde hair and green eyes – you know she wasn't married."

They all laughed. Curtis was handsome and muscular. Kenneth was kind and big, but Mike was just smart and productive. They were all so excited for Mike and Grace. They helped Mike into his suit and helped with the little black buttons. Nobody knew how to tie a tie, so they walked across the street and asked the old lady, Bernice, to help. She had had a husband and two sons, so they thought she would know. She did and very slowly helped Mike with her pale white old hands.

"Happy wedding Michael,'' said Bernice in her raspy old lady voice. "You know how I adore your lady, Grace Cox. I'm so sorry I cannot attend the wedding but you know how my granddaughter is important to me."

Mike smiled wide and replied, "Oh, Mrs. Jenkins, it's fine. I know how your little girl means the world to you. Maybe I'll have a daughter someday."

Bernice just shrugged her shoulders and dismissed the boys out of her old brown house. They walked back to Mike's house and grabbed their stuff. Just as they were locking the door they heard the loud ring of the telephone buzzing.

"Oh, darn. Let me get that. Could be Claudia and my old parents," said Mike exasperated. He rushed into the house and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" asked Mike. "Yes, uh-huh. No it's fine. I'll have my friend pick you up…Yes I'm nervous. I'll be fine. Yes. His name is Kenneth and he has dark black hair and blue eyes. He's really big and can pick up all your luggage in one hand. Yes, uh-huh. Thanks, bye."

Kenneth punched Mike in the back playfully. "So now I'm your butler?" he asked with a howl.

"Nah, just you said you would. Part of being my friend on my big day. I would have done it if your mommy needed a ride. Be good, okay?" replied Mike before he put down the phone and grabbed his coat. Kenneth hopped into his car and Curtis and Mike got into Mike's sporty new convertible.

The two drove off to Landmark Church. Mike couldn't believe it. Right now, he was going to become a married man.