Baseball Freak's a UMA!

Chapter 1: Assassination of Take Sushi

It's no secret that dreams are connected to the subconcious mind, but... Gokudera Hayato would say otherwise. When he starts to dream about a certain baseball player, he thinks something quite different... Warning: Will contain Flem.

Gokudera Hayato.

Standing tall and proud at one hundred sixty eight centimeters, towering over his foes with a lean fifty-four kilograms, and dominating all with his strength, he was a stunning young man. He turned seventeen just a couple months ago, on September ninth. Shining, straight, silver hair came down to his shoulders, highlighting his pale complexion. His eyes - pretty, green jewels - shone with emotion that was easy to read, but still intruiging. Around his neck, he wore a chain necklace, bearing upon it a ring. The ring of the Storm guardian of the Vongola Family. During studies, his silvery hair was kept up in a short ponytail, and thin glasses were perched upon the bridge of his narrow, small nose. His lips were soft, untouched by any others, tinted just a slight pink. His shoulders were broad, but not thick, and his arms stretched down with sleek muscles, ending in long, slender, almost bony fingers that were each adorned with at least one ring. Black bracelets circled over his wrists, and the back of his hand, the bones and the knuckles, rippled each time he twitched a finger. Even his nails were flawless. Moving down, his body curved in slightly near his naval, and widened a little more at his hips. He often wore shaggy clothes, his current favorite being an old, white tank top accompanied with a beaten up, black leather jacket. He frequently had on tight, black jeans, the bottom of his form resting upon the platform of slightly raised black boots.

He'd matured since the old days - rather, since the frivilous exploits of Sawada Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto Takeshi and himself. Once upon a time, he would laugh and play with the two, enjoying their company. But times had changed. Now, curled at Hayato's feet, lay the reminder of this grim fact. The sleek animal with a golden pelt, spotted hide, bright underside, and ears tipped with hard, red flames. Leopardo di Tempesta, version Vongola, the beautiful leopard nicknamed Uri, whom was born and nursed to adulthood on Hayato's precious resolve. Even though the large cat used to think of Hayato of some sort of toy, he had grown into a serious adult. Not only was he now useful in battle, but Uri was also a companion, how he lied beside the bomber, licking his ankle from time to time.

"Uri," Hayato called, petting the seat beside him. The leopard looked up, and broke into a wide yawn, before leaping up onto the couch and resting his head on the other's leg. Hayato smiled, and scratched behind the large, red-flamed ears, sighing quietly. "I have a meeting tonight," he muttered. "And I'm going with you-know-who. Bianchi's going to be taking care of you tonight." The leopard gave a low purr as if giving sanction to Hayato's intentions, and the silverette grinned, glad to be understood by his pet.

Bellicose Flem, as he preferred to be called, stood up tall at a few centimeters above Hayato, and, naturally, a couple kilograms more as well. He was eighteen years old, three years older than his cousin. He had a deep voice that vibrated like a cello, and eyes not unlike Gokudera's own. From his deep, emerald eyes stretched trianglular-shaped black markings. Also like Hayato, he liked to walk about clad in leather, but with the button up shirt he wore, he often left the top two buttons undone, losing an extra when it was a special occasion. He often kept his ponytailed, blood-red hair uncombed. He also had relations to the Varia, as Bellicose Fran's cousin.

Flem met Hayato one day in Take Sushi, the Yamamotos' sushi place. They struck up a conversation - more like an arguement - and soon found that they had much in common. They were both slightly stubborn, a touch tsundere, and both were extremely belligerent. Eventually, the two became friends, although they were still a bit bitter with each other at times.

"Hey! Flem!" called a maturing voice. The red-haired male looked over his shoulder.

"Hayato!" he greeted, standing up a little straighter. "We're going to that... eh... clam convention, right?"

"Vongola family meeting," Gokudera sighed, shaking his head. "Are you still on about that?" Flem smirked.

"Hey, there's so much pun right there," he chuckled. "The Clam family! I mean, really!" He began to laugh about it, but Gokudera grabbed his collar, bringing him close.

"Remember what I told you about mocking my family?" he hissed. Flem paused, suprised, then grinned again.

"It's cool, Hayato, I won't do anything to embarass you. Let's head out." The two started towards the Sawada household, as Hayato had found out that Flem was pretty tough, and a fair candidate for an outside advisor like Iemitsu, Colonello, or Basil. He had Mist flames, making him stealthy and silent when it counted.

As the two came up to Sawada Tsunayoshi's household, they saw Yamamoto Takeshi at the door. Takeshi completely outdid the other two in height, crawling up to one hundred and seventy three centimeters, at sixty-three kilometers. He was also seventeen, and bore a cheerful appearance. His eyes were chocolate-brown, gentle, and soft, and his short, black hair stuck directly up. His skin was just slightly tanned, and his calm expression was almost always present.

Not today, though.

No, as of that fateful day, Yamamoto Takeshi's famous smile was no more. His ever-cheerful face was now grim, serious, and red from a night of tears. "What's wrong, baseball freak?" Gokudera muttered, arching a silvery eyebrow. The taller man remained silent, and the bomber reached out, placed a hand on the other's shoulder. "Takeshi," the silverette spoke, his voice gentle.

"My father," Yamamoto growled, his face fixed in a serious scowl. "He's been murdered." Hayato paused, removing his hand from the other's shoulder.

"Hey, wasn't your father the owner of Take Sushi?" Flem asked, somewhat awkward. "Who got him? I'll kill the punks!"

Yamamoto turned away. "No one can get to them," he muttered. "They're all halfway across the earth. They all got spooked when they found out I was a guardian of the Vongola." Gokudera turned to Flem, and gave a solemn nod. The two walked past Yamamoto into the Sawada household, and walked up the boss's room. Reborn had set up several short tables for them to sit at, and in the room already were the following members: Sawada Tsunayoshi, the boss; Rokudo Mukuro, the Mist guardian; Hibari Kyoya, the Cloud guardian; and Bovino Lambo, the Lightning guardian.

Sawada Tsunayoshi wasn't exactly cut out for the boss position. He was a little timid, with a somewhat scrawny body, and an all-over unintimidating appearance. His brownish hair stuck up in every direction. He was short, thin, with strong compassion for all.

Rokudo Mukuro was nearly his polar opposite. He was a stocky, seventeen year old young man. Mukuro's silky, dark blue hair framed his head, but spiked up into a pineapple shape in the back. He had a light complexion, but with a slight pinkish tint to it. His eyes were mismatched rubies- one of the deepest red, the other of the brightest blue, adorned by long eyelashes. His body was slender and toned, but not very tough, for he fought with illusions, not sheer strength.

Hibari Kyoya, the Cloud guardian, was a man who was fairly average in height for an eighteen year old. His short, raven-black hair hung about his face, thin black bangs almost hanging into his eyes. His eyes were steely gray orbs, shimmering, staring down the enemy with piercing anger. He had grown extremely tough, yet still lean, and could bury an opponent moments after meeting them.

Bovino Lambo was the youngest of the guardians, as well as one of the least useful. He was seven now, his hair just barely calming down into a short, curly mane. His green eyes were gentle and almost kind, but on top of being extremely kind, he was an extreme brat when one wasn't on his good side.

And Gokudera most certainly was not on Lambo's good side.

"Hey, Stupidera!" Lambo called, grinning. "Funny you decided to show your ugly face! Gyahahahaha!"

"Hey, cow-kid," Flem stepped in. "Shut your mouth or I'll shut it so hard it falls off." Lambo quieted.

"Did you just try to stand up for me?" Hayato asked, perplexed. Flem snorted, and picked out a seat at the table.

"Yeah, right," he muttered. "No, I really just don't like that thing already." He gestured to Lambo.

"Gokudera?" Tsuna began. "Who's... this?"

"A guy I picked up at baseball freak's sushi place," the right-hand man answered. "His name's Flem. I thought he might be good for an outside advisor."

"Oh, all right... um, speaking of Yamamoto," Tsuna began, reluctantly. "He had to step outside because... well, his father..."

"So we've heard," Gokudera muttered. "What can we do about it?"

"According to the Arcobaleno," Mukuro began, his eyes gleaming. "My old family, the Estraneo family, has made a comeback. And, also by Reborn's word, they have allied themselves with those who murdered Takeshi's dear father."

"The Estraneo?" Gokudera said. "Really?"

"Really and truly," Mukuro chuckled. "I'm actually a bit relieved. I'll be able to kill them all over again. Fufufufu~"

"Ugh, what a freak," Flem snickered, rolling his eyes. "Hey, Hawaii called. They want their fruit back."

"Oya oya?" Mukuro said, looking back at the red-haired male. "Are you picking a fight with me?"

"Yeah, like hell I am," the other sneered. "You helped out my cousin, so I'll let you off easy, all right? Heh."

"Cut it out, Flem," Gokudera said in a warning voice.

"What, you expect me to be scared of a pineapple?" Flem answered. "Really." Mukuro's eyes suddenly bore within them the kanji for three, and several birds flew in through the window, before pecking harshly at the red-haired male. "N'aw, dammit!" Flem protested, trying fruitlessly to beat the birds away.

"Boss, uh, let's continue," Gokudera cut in, placing a hand on his acquaintance's shoulder so that he'd calm down. "

"Right, so, since these guys are with the Estraneo, we've got a few problems," Tsuna sighed. "The main problem is that Mukuro wants to go after the Estraneo before we even start with a plan. If he does that, we'll spook the guys who... did the thing, and Yamamoto might not get the closure we all know he needs."


The Vongola family turned towards the door to Tsunayoshi's room, and saw Yamamoto, his chocolate-brown eyes dead serious as he furrowed his black eyebrows. "It's okay, Tsuna," he murmured. "I don't need 'closure.' And I don't need revenge. My old man lived a long life... and... I'm all right."

"... Well... uh... are you sure?" Tsuna mumbled back. Yamamoto leaned in, and turned the boss's face so that he could whisper into the other's ear. Gokudera clenched his fists as he saw the scene, and his emerald eyes blazed as Tsuna's cheeks lit up with that innocent blush of his.

This was one of the main conflicts in their family.

Gokudera always felt as though Tsunayoshi trusted Yamamoto more as a guardian, even though the silverette had no doubts that he himself was the right-hand man. And little intimate things such as this happened quite frequently between Takeshi and Tsuna.

But something was... different this time.

As the baseball player slowly backed away from his boss, Gokudera felt this very disturbing feeling tug at his heartstrings. For reasons he couldn't possibly figure out, Hayato wanted Yamamoto to be whispering in his ear, blowing hot air against his cheek, brushing against his neck with those lips.

It was a damn weird emotion, and it didn't take the mad scientist Verde to figure out what it was.


The silverette instantly shook his head to clear it, but Flem was quick to notice the blush that had dared to cross his pale cheeks. The red-haired male mischievously leaned in, and muttered, "What are you thinking, Hayato? I haven't seen you blush since the wet floor incident."

"Don't bring that up here," Gokudera mumbled back, shoving the other into his seat once more. Flem chuckled in a teasing manner, backing off.

"I understand," Tsuna whispered. "Go ahead."

Yamamoto gave another small nod, before walking away, and Tsuna looked back at his guardians. "Takeshi's going to head home, but let's continue this meeting.

As the guardians discussed the possibility of Flem being an outside advisor and what they'd do with those Estraneo allies, Gokudera still could only think of one thing.


It was Yamamoto Takeshi.

-End Chapter

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