AN: Really short, sweet story. Cute, feel-good boost of fluff! I'm suffering from writers' block.

Outside, thunder boomed and rattled the windows. Lighting flashed, slivers of white light illuminating the room. Ouna and Daine sat, sipping hot chocolate. Daine smiled, enjoying the feel of the smooth, velvety drink. It had been a gift from Kaddar, sent all the way from Carthak.

Flames flickered in the fireplace, casting a ruddy glow throughout the room, giving off welcome warmth. "Why did you invite me here?" She asked Ouna, cradling her warm mug.

"Numair." Ouna said bluntly.

Daine felt her cheeks flush. "What about him?" She hedged. Okay, so she thought Numair was the tiniest bit handsome. Who wouldn't. With his swarthy skin, pearly teeth, and warm laugh, any lady could tell you he was a looker.

Ouna arched an eyebrow at her. "You know what I'm saying. I've seen those doe eyes you make at him all the time. Come on, admit it!"

Daine blushed, "Okay, so I DO like him. He's very handsome."

Ouna grew serious. "Don't fib, young lady. He's more than just eye candy to you."

Daine blushed even harder. By now, her cheeks resembled rosy apples. "Fine, fine, I like him...a lot. Happy now?"

Ouna cheered, raising her mug happily. "You admitted you like hiiiiiiim!" She dragged out the last word, a sparkle in her eyes. At these times, she really was an older sister, just teasing and having fun.

A polite cough sounded. Numair stood in the doorway, eyes dangerous. "Who does Daine like?" He was probably already thinking about scaring away the boy, Daine thought in amusement. He really could be overprotective. Too bad he didn't know that she liked him.

Ouna began to say, "She li-"

Daine slapped her hand over Ouna's mouth. "Nobody!"

Numair looked at her doubtfully, "Oh alright."

He left. Daine and Ouna stared at each other. "That was a close one." Ouna said before they collapsed in giggles.

Outside, Numair smiled. So she liked him, huh?