"HELEN!" I bellowed. There she was, the cold blooded murder who had killed cutter. I hated her, and I was about to get my revenge.

"Connor, oh little baby, are you going to make me pay for killing nicky-wicky?" she taunted, making my blood boil with anger.

"YOU!" I ran after her, ignoring Sarah, Danny, Becker and even Abby in my haste to get her, and kill her. It was only once I was inside the deep, dark labyrinth that I realized I was an easy target for her. My small handgun had an effective range of about 50 metres, but that was all.

"Connor, have you come to meet your end?" Helen taunted. "I have the power to end your life, if I want. Oh dear, is the lickle baby scared?"

That was it. I made a wild shot, and hit her foot. Her eyes narrowed in anger and she directed the gun at my head. This is it, I thought. I love you Abby. I looked on in defiance, looked death in the face.

As her finger touched the trigger, Abby came running up and stood in front of me, pointing a gun at Helen. She then pushed me out of the way, so I banged my head on the wall behind me, hard. Helen rounded on her, shooting the gun out of Abby's hands knocking her to the floor. Abby backed away until she was cornered against the wall, a look of fear on her delicate face. I wanted to help her, but my body wouldn't move. Helen simply smiled evilly at her fear, and I saw her start pulling the trigger.

"ABBY, NO!" I yelled as the clear gunshot went off. I saw Abby slump to the ground, blood pouring out from her chest. I suddenly saw red. I grabbed my gun and shot Helen 3 times, in her heart, stomach and head. Helen fell to the ground, dead.

"Oh my god, Abby, no don't die, please don't die, this is all my fault!" I cried, cradling her weakening body.

"Connor..." she said softly. I looked down at her, her face contorted with pain.

"Abby, you're going to be alright, yeah? You have to be alright! It's all my fault otherwise!"

"Connor...It's...not your fault...the team need you...more than me..."

"No, Don't say that! Stop it, you're not going to die!"

"listen... Helen deserved to die... don't blame yourself for this though..." her breath was coming out weaker by the minute. "Connor, I-I love you. Remember that."

"Abby...no, Abby! ABBY!" I cried. "ABBY!" I pulled her close and kissed her. As I broke the kiss, I saw a small smile on her face. "I'm sorry..." and then she breathed her last breath.

"No! Abby! ABBY!" I held her close, my body shaking with tears. I sat there, cradling her lifeless body, and that was where Danny and Becker found me hours later.

Becker was cradling Sarah while she cried into him, tears pouring down her face. Danny stood, then came to me and put his arm on my shoulder.

"It's not your fault." He murmured.

"YES IT IS! It's my fault she's dead! I didn't shoot Helen in time, I let her shoot Abby! I didn't stop her, I watched Abby die! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" I was screaming now, but Danny firmly told the medics to get me checked over.

"Please, don't do this!" I cried. I as said those words, a memory came into my head, from when Abby was taken by the mer. When we thought she was dead. And now she was.

And it was all my fault.