Today we wake up on an abnormally hot, sunny day; the Starly are chirping, the Bidoof and Budew are frolicking about and in the Hall of Origin, the Legendary Pokemon are waking up like they do everyday.

Except today was July 1st, the day the Centennial Male vs. Female Fight is on and each gender is staying with the respective side. Males stay with the other males and females stay with the other females; whom of which had forced the males' to take residence the night before in the East Wing, or otherwise known as the Guest Wing to them all. All except Azelf who they had no luck even getting into his room; so they let him be... for now. The females also knew Mew was in there and that he was hiding with Azelf, like the coward he really was.
Currently, the females were discussing how to beat the males of the Hall up. Terrifyingly.

"So girls? What's the big game plan? Just beat the crud out of the males?"

"Is there really anything else we could do to the males?"

"Well then, how should we kick out first?"

"How bout' Darkrai? He's always speaking against us females and is always putting down Cressy!"

"Yeah! How do you think I feel! You know what I'll feel after drop kicking his sack using a vase!"

"Down with the males! Down with the males! Down with the males!"

The girls repeated their screams to unite themselves, which also had the effect of garnering the attention of the males in the other side of the place. Five. Kilometers. Away.

With the Males...

"Down with the males... down with the males... down with the males..."

"You guys hear that?" Darkrai asked, scared of the fact that the females are chanting in his brain.

"Yeah, I hear it too; they really want to hurt all of us... hopefully we gain the upper hand and not the lower... losses..." As Giratina ended this, all the males shuddered in harmony; scared for their rucksacks being crushed inward.

"Welp, we're screwed... any thoughts Entei?" Raikou asked his fellow, who had a... scrunched look on his face.

"I get the feeling that Suicune is going to kill me because of earlier... problems..." Raikou looked at Entei droop down, as if in pain.

"Is it because you two had that argument?" Entei looked up and nodded.

"Our relationship is going down the tube... if she fights me... what do I do?" Raikou turned and started to walk away, wanting to talk to someone else but gave a hint to Entei as he left him.

"Let her take her anger out on you, she'll want you not to fight back." As he finished he rounded the hallway corner.

While this was going on, Darkrai was trying to comfort himself by talking to Mewtwo, one of his closest friends in the Hall despite his... eccentrics.

"You shouldn't be that scared of the girls, I'm not and you don't see me fretting about my lower parts." Mewtwo lectured his friend.

"Yes but the only female that really hates you is Deoxys and you're both equally matched while almost every single girl hates my guts." responded Darkrai, who was riddled with despair.

"Well, it's not my fault for pissing them off. Now, I'm off to go and get ready to pummel Deoxys, you should talk to my subject if you want company."

Mewtwo was about to teleport when Darkrai asked this: "Subject! Who!"

"Genesect of course." And with that, he teleported to who-knows-where.

In one of the East Wing kitchens, Jirachi was cooking breakfast, albeit with an accident or two, while Manaphy watched from nearby.

"Hey Jirachi, you think Phione would fight me?" Jirachi turned to him with an extremely puzzled look on his face.

"Why would she do that, I expect her to keep you safe, not hurt you. She looks up to you, she'd never kill you unless it was a zombie apocalypse or something." Manaphy looked weirded out by the last part of Jirachi's statement.

"Have you been watching zombie movies lately?" He asked the Wish-maker, who had just finished cooking up rice balls for the both of them.

"Just Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. Why?"

"When this is all over, I'm giving those DVDs to Azelf."

In the nearby common room, Palkia and Giratina were talking about a certain sibling and their own mother.

"You think Dialga and Arceus will team up and beat the ever loving snot out of us?" Palkia asked.

"Arceus could beat me up one-million times, I still love her and she doesn't like me. Maybe I should show dominance." Giratina said, completely ignoring the question asked by his brother; which annoyed him.

"Giratina! Giratina pay attention to what I said! *sigh*... YO GIRA!" Palkia yelled, finally attaining his brother's attention.

"What do you want! Can't you tell I'm thinking!" He yelled in fury.

"I asked you if you think Arceus and Dialga are going to murder us. Answer me please."

"You know what I think..." Giratina slammed his tail into Palkia, knocking him away and out as well. "I think you're annoying..."

This will be the first of three chapter's, one with the males, one with the females and the fight itself.
I might make a one-shot of Azelf and Mew during the fight but it doesn't seem like I can find a plot for them so...

Oh yeah! Until I finish this fight story, the journals are postponed but there will be more to come so don't worry.

-Silver the Flygon