The night dictated peace, although in the Hall of Origin, that peace is a massive amount of flushing as the males were all hurriedly using the bathroom because of a certain thing that happened...

1 hour earlier...

"Hey you girls' done getting everything set up, us boys' want to be served now~~."

As the females had lost the fight by default, the males' (including the ones that didn't fight) get to choose what the losers' do for them.

Usually the females pick to give the boys' a 'makeover' but they hadn't won. The males had opted that the females make a luxury meal for the lot of them and that they also become the waiters' for it.

Naturally this angered all the females but rules are rules...

...Though one of them had a good idea.

Celebi introduced the females to a pill known as a laxative and told them that in the entree course, she was going to slip one for each of them and told them all to watch what happens minutes after.

The couple of them who didn't know what a laxative is, were told to wait and see.

Then the entree course came up, food eaten, and then came the urge to use the bathroom for all the males' present.


As this was all happening, down in Grand Lake, two legends were on a date.

Really though, only one of them calls it a date; the other calls it pure torture.

"Come on Arcy, I know you'll love this!" Said a male teen with jet-black hair, a black overcoat with golden highlights covering greyish pants and a black shirt with grey strips. On his feet were greyish work-boots. This was Giratina's human form.

"Ughh... Gira, you really think I'll like this?" A female teen with pure white hair, a white overcoat with golden highlights over light cream colored pants with a whiteish-grey shirt. She had on plain sneakers. This was Arceus's human form.

"At the end of all this yeah." 'And that's only because this'll end.'

"Well don't hold your breath, I got us seats at the Seven Star Restaurant, just try it and we'll see if we match." He pleaded with his forced date.

"Fine, but I will hold your breath if you even dare to hold my hands."

"Threat acknowledged, let's go!" He called, motioning to enter the restaurant, the start of what is being called torture for Arceus.


In a certain room, two legends were focused on beating each in a game of wit, reflex, strategy and speed.

"Hah! I beat you again, I told you Yoshi is the best character ever!"

"Very funny Mew, this is only the second match."

...Or really, Azelf and Mew were playing SSBB and Mew had won twice, proving Yoshi is the ultimate character.

"Yeah well... well... uhh... let's go again! Pick your favorite this time, not character's you think are stronger than Yoshi!"

"Fine, I pick Lucario."

"Your on!"

And once more, the duo played again. This went for several hours until both of them fell asleep while clearing the main story.

The day has ended and the world can go to sleep knowing that the legends that make it go round are still sane is some way.

Of course, for some (a.k.a Arceus and Giratina) the day has not ended but the outcome of their said date is up for you to decide.

Next time...

And that's that. The end.

Wow this feels like a major accomplishment, finishing a story. And before you complain, I don't have a lot of ideas for this epilogue so I'm sorry it's short.

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