Friday, 14 December


"You cannot do this. Our armies aren't ready yet! Invading the Humani now would only lead to your destruction." Persephone stroked Hades's shoulder.

"I should have invaded the Earth Shadowrealm two thousand years ago!" Hades said furiously. "If it were not for your sympathy with the humani we would have ruled Earth already! The invasion will begin at midnight and you will not stall it any further. I have waited too long for a chance like this, I will not let slip through my fingers again."

"You cannot!" Persephone yelled.

Hades looked at her as if he was slightly amused. "And why can't I?"

"Because" Persephone said. "The twins of legend are on the Earth."

"Ha! You believe that two twins with a gold and silver aura can stop me? Have you forgotten that I have one of the most powerful auras? My black and red aura can easily match the power of any gold and silver."

"Yes but have you forgotten about the one with the Black aura?" Persephone asked. " When you tried to kill him you failed miserably. You almost died, and he still roams free on Earth."

"Fear not my love, I have grown in power since the last time I faced him. When I faced him my aura was only red, but it is now growing in power every day. My aura is already black and red. Soon I will have absorbed the energy from the Titan Hyperion and my aura will have a flare of white to it. I will be unstoppable."

"I will not argue with you anymore." Persephone turned away from Hades and began to leave. "If you wish to march an army to your funeral, so be it!"