Almost a quarter of the demon army had broken off and ran back to Hades's palace. The rest of them plowed through Napoleon's troops. George Washington had his infantry line up with what remained of Napoleon's infantry. Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu came riding with Caesar's army right behind them. As soon as the romans collided with the demons, cavalry jumped over the heads of Napoleon's and Washington's troops and plowed through the demon ranks. Apollo and his chariot flew overhead spewing flames at the demons. Hannibal came riding as fast as his horse could go. His undead army ran in pursuit of him. Whenever they got too close, Hannibal sliced away at them. Several arrows flew down on the undead allowing Hannibal to escape them. The undead turned their attention to Caesar's army. They sandwiched Caesar and Sun Tzu. The roman troops were quickly overcome. "We need to save them!" yelled Marethyu.

"There's no way." Tsagaglalal was behind him.

"Look!" yelled Nephythys. A bolt of air was speeding down towards the demons. At this point, Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar were fighting back to back with what little soldiers remained, while the cavalry scattered across the battlefield. The bolt of air stopped right above Julius Caesar, and a whirlwind began to form. It got stronger and stronger as it surrounded Julius and his soldiers. The demons and undead were pushed back. Shu was using all of his strength to keep the whirlwind going as there seemed to be some force working against him.

"Go!" Shu yelled to Julius and Sun Tzu. "I can't hold them much longer, something is working against me."

"We will not leave you to die in our place." Sun Tzu responded. The whirlwind wavered and a gust of wind knocked Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu away from the demons and undead. Shu fell to the floor and the demons overwhelmed him.

"The portal is ready!" yelled Tsagaglalal. "Let's go!" Hesitantly, Caesar and Sun Tzu headed towards the portal. Two of George Washington's soldiers carried Christian on a Stretcher. Tsagaglalal made sure everyone else had gone through the portal before she went in. The portal closed, leaving Shu to fight to the death with the hordes of undead and demons.

California was now a battleground. Marines were running to and fro the front lines. About a hundred manticores were charging the marines. Christian was receiving medical attention from one of the medics. George Washington and Napoleon prepared their troops for yet another fight. Nephythys, Apollo, and Artemis were behind the Marine barricade devising a plan. Tsagaglalal was with Sophie and Marethyu.

"Is he going to be okay?" Sophie asked.

"I can't say." Tsagaglalal said. "He used a lot of energy keeping you and your brother safe from Hades's attacks. Even a black aura has its limits." The medic approached the three.

"The young man is going to be ok." The medic said. "He may be unconscious for a while, but when he wakes up he need something to eat. And where did he get those scars? Were you all attacked by those monsters?"

"Yes." Said Tsagaglalal briefly.

"Wow, must've been horrible without anything to fight them off with." The medic ran over to some injured marines.

"So how do you think we'll explain historical figures, mythological gods, and 200 to 300 year old armies fighting beasts of legend in California?" Marethyu asked sarcastically.

"This no time for jokes." Tsagaglalal said. "You two have released the Titans into this world. All of Hades forces have abandoned him and gone to help the Titans. The Titans will stop at nothing to achieve total domination of Earth and the extermination of the human race."

"So how do we stop them?" Sophie asked.

"Even with the combined might of all the elders, we might not be able to do any more than stall them." Tsagaglalal explained. "But there is one whom we can go to. Although he doesn't like to meddle in the affairs of the Elders and humani."

There was an ear splitting sound as a great serpent flew through the sky. Flames flying through its nostrils, the humongous flying snake dove. When he opened his mouth, flames spewed out scorching everything and anything ta=hat even got within fifty meters of it.

(I will be working on a new story continuing this line, but it may take a while for the first chapter to come out. The next story will be even greater than this one, better plot, more action, etc.)