Me: Hello!

Riku: Hi.

Me: Riku, be more cheerful.

Riku: How can I? I won't come into the story until chapter 3, and I'm a mention in chapter 1 and 2.

Axel: Well I'm happy.

Riku: You would be, I mean the only reason you're being nice to her is so that she puts up the AkuRoku Mpreg!



Me: You two be quiet! Besides we have to start the story.

We start our story by looking into the Strife-Leonhart household. Cloud Strife is getting ready for his wedding when his best man Zack bursts into the room.

"Hey Cloud!"

"Zack! Aren't you supposed to be downstairs getting Leon ready?"

"Yeah, but then Yuffie told me to come up here because I was screwing up his vail."

"Well, can you help me with my tie?"

"Sure. So... are ya nervous?"

"Yes, what if Leon doesn't want to go through with this?"

"Cloud, Leon loves you. Just think about it when you two have childen."

"Zack, I know Leon is able to get pregnant, but we're not jumping into the breeding pool too early. That comes after one year."

"Yea yea, you need one year to get settled in."

"Y'know, with the whole time you were in SOLDIER I thought you and Sephiroth would be dating right now."

"You know I'm bi. Well, Sephiroth is texting me telling me it's almost time for the wedding. I'm still amazed you got Leon to wear the dress."

"It wasn't easy."


"No way in hell Cloud Strife! I will not wear a damn dress!"

"Leon! Please!"

"Cloud, I know I'm the woman in this relationship, but that is just crude."

"I'll get Zack to use his puppy eyes if you don't say yes."

Leon shuddered and said yes.


"You threatened to make me come over and use my puppy eyes?"

"Yeah, but I have a lion to marry." By the time they got downstairs in the back yard and Cloud was at the alter the band started playing a song as Leon walked down the aisle in a dress.

The priest started talking, "Dearly beloved we are here to witness the union between Cloud Strife and Leon Leonhart who has a super retarded name. So whoever objects to this union say something now or forever hold your peace."

"Leon! You know can better than Cloud!" Zack shouted earning a death glare from everyone. "I'll shut the hell up."

"Thank you Puppy." Cloud said which had everyone laughing and Zack sulking in an emo corner.

"So anyways since no one has a valid reason as to why these two shouldn't be married they've written their own vows."

Cloud was up first. "Leon, I know we're entirely different people, but I love you. From the first moment I laid my eyes on you and I'll love you until my last breath. When you met me I repaired motorcycles and you were just an aspiring gunblade wielder. I can't wait to start a family with you, I just know we'll have a perfect future."

Now it's Leon's turn. "Cloud when I met you, I wasn't sure if we'd make it, but since we're here today now I'm sure. Cloud, we are like two completely different people. I still remember the first day we met, we bumped into eachother and about a week later we had our first date. When you asked me to marry you, I was happy because I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and have kids with you, then watch them grow up and grow old with you. So what I'm trying to say is-"

"You're marrying him because you're pregnant?" Zack shouted again which earned him yet another death glare from everyone. "I'll shut the hell up."

"As I was saying I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." That had everyone awing, but people would've been crying if Zack didn't interupt.

"Who has the rings?"

"I do." Zack said. Then cloud and Leon exchanged rings and said "I do." Then they got a wedding photo.

Sixteen years later...

It was summer time in 100 Acre Woods and Xemnas's summer camp was up and running with the help of his friend Saix. The camp was for kids who had abnormal powers such as people who can toy with elements and keybladers. We now join Sora Strife who just arrived at the camp.

"Okay found my stuff." Then a bunch of other stuff was piled on top of it. "Now I have to get it out of this pile." Then as Sora was trying to get his duffle bag out of the pile a boy with a mullet and a mohawk for a hairstyle and sandy blonde hair came and started helping him.

"Hi, I'm Demyx. You're new here aren't you?"

"Yea, I'm Sora."

"That means sky doesn't it?"

"Yea, my dad calls me sky as a nickname, and so does my boyfriend."

"You have a boyfriend?"

"His name's Riku."

"I have a boyfriend too, his name's Zexion, he should be here soon." Then a girl with black hair came and lifted her duffle bag out of the pile with ease.

"Yo petite blackette with the tye dye!" Demyx yelled.

"Yea?" The girl answered.

"Can you help me get my duffle bag out of the pile? It's the green one." Then the girl pulled it out and Demyx looked at Sora's name tag.

"Your last name's Strife?" Demyx asked.

"Yea, and that means my dad's Cloud Strife."

"Awesome, I never thought I'd be attending the same camp as a celebrity's son!" The girl said all excited.

"What's your name?" Sora asked.

"Xion, I'm attending this camp, but now I'm waiting for my friend Roxas to arrive."

"Wait a minute, you know THE Roxas Leonhart?" demyx asked.

"He's been my best friend ever since we were three." Then as they were walking to their cabin a limo came and out came Roxas Leonhart with his maid/cook/godmother Aerith.

"Aerith, I don't want to go to summer camp."

"Roxas it's not my choice as much as your mother didn't want you to come here he didn't want you to be alone all summer."

"Fine Xion's gonna be here so I won't be alone, besides I told Axel I'd call him whenever I could."

"Remember, if you start to get homesick I'm always a phone call away."

"Will do." Then Roxas walked around until he saw two people.

"Hi! I'm Namine."

"I'm Zexion."

"I'm Roxas."

"As in Roxas Leonhart? Son of gunblade expert Leon Leonhart?" Namine squealed

"Yes, but did you really have to squeal?"

"Yes, i guess you're not the only other celebrity's kid who's attending this camp." Zexion informed

"What do you mean?" Roxas asked slightly confused

"My boyfriend Demyx told me that he and a girl named Xion met Cloud Strife's son, Sora."

"I've heard of Cloud Strife, doesn't he own that motorcycle company?"

"Yes, and I've heard he hasn't been here two hours and now everyone is trying to befriend him, I don't think anyone knows he's in a gay relationship with a boy named Riku."

"I'm in a gay relationship too."

"Roxas, give me details."

"His name's Axel, he's nice and everyday at sunset he buys me seasalt ice cream and we sit on the clock tower and watch the beautiful sunset then he gives me a kiss on the cheek and walks me home."

"Where do you live?" Namine asked changing the subject

"I live in Twilight Town." Now let's turn back to Sora, who has gotten really friendly with Demyx and Xion.

"So, you're dad owns Strife's Motorcycles?"

"Yes, my dad's even agreeing to recreating his motorcycle Fenrir for the public!"

"Awesome, so what does your dad do with prototype motorcycles before he releases them?" Xion asked

"He let's me ride them to see if they're safe. So I know which one's need work and which one's are ready."

"How'd you even learn how to ride a motorcycle?"

"Dad tought me on Fenrir for my fifteenth birthday. I can still remember last year as if it were yesterday."


"C'mon Sky, just do what I taught you and you'll ride Fenrir like a professional." Cloud told his son as he was trying to ride his first motorcycle.

"Dad, I don't know if I can."

"Sky, I have faith in you. Remember, if you want to test out all of daddy's motorcycle's before they reach the general public you have to learn how to drive a motorcycle."

"Okay." Then Sora went through the obstacle course with ease.

"Sky, you rode that motorcycle like a pro."

"Now can I test out all of your motorcycles?"

"Yes, now you can."


"Awesome, but seriously he taught you on Fenrir!" Demyx said surprised

"Yes, but the one thing I'd like to know is what my mother was like, the only thing dad ever told me was that my mother was a guy, but he was able to give birth and that I have his hair color, and that's it."

"Awww, you poor thing." Xion said "Oh, I'm going to the keybladers area, you guys wanna come with?"

"Sorry Xi, as much as I would I can't. I have to go to the water element area so I can learn how to bend water with my sitar, bend blood, and use what natural resources I have with water in it."

"Okie dokey, what about you Sora?"

"Of course, I'm a keyblader too."

"You're a keyblader?" Demyx and Xion asked simultaneously

"Yeah, my cousin Terra taught me, he's supposed to have a job working at the camp in the keybladers area anyways."

"Now I know two people who are keybladers then."


"I taught Roxas how to use a keyblade, I hope he's gotten used to the armor he has to wear. He was such the light wieght."

"Cool, I have to spar with him sometime." They walked to the keyblader's area and saw a man with the same hair and eyes as Sora.

"Sora! Long time no see." the man said

"Hi Terra!"

"What are you doing here?"

"Dad made me come here for the summer."

"Well you and your friend better get some armor on, you two are going to spar against eachother next."

"Awesome." after the last spar was over and Sora and Xion put on the armor they were in the ring sparring.

"Alright, now I want a good clean fight so Xion no hitting below the belt. Sora no hitting her in the boob. And no hitting in pressure points either. Okay, now fight!" They were sparring as Roxas, Namine and Zexion were approching the keybladers area.

"Do you guys want to come to the keyblader's area with me?"

"Sorry, but I can't I have to learn how to fix someone's memories when I've messed with them and caused servere damage to their memories, and how to replace memories."


"Sorry Roxas, but I have to learn how to shapeshift, create illusions, and sense when people are near by. Aw, don't look sad I'm sure there's someone who's just as good as keyblader you are. When you're done come to the mess hall, me and Namine'll save you a seat at one of the tables."

"Kay, bye guys." When Roxas walked in he immediatly got armor and when he got back someone had lost.

"Okay kids, I'm sure we know who won. so who'd like to go up against this guy?"

"I woud!" Roxas said itching to go up against Sora.

"Okay, new comer Roxas Leonhart battling against Sora Strife. You guys know the rules so fight!" They started sparing, but they were too good for eachother and as a result they started to walk out to the whole camp and immediatly everyone decided to stop what they were doing and looked at the dueling boys so everyone decided to follow the fight. Sora and Roxas kept fighting until one of them was on the edge of the lake which they were careful not to fall in because if they did the armor they were using would rust in ten minutes if they didn't get out. Then Roxas fell in the lake.

"Sorry there." Sora said with a hand stretched to Roxas.

"Yes thanks." Roxas said grabbing Sora's hand and yanking him in the water too. When they both got out of the lake they started fighting.

"What was that for?"


"Throwing me into the water with you."

"How would you like it if someone who is as good as you threw you into the lake while you were sparring?"

"I said sorry." Then Terra, Namine, Zexion, Xion, Demyx and all the other keybladers were going over to the boys were. When they got there their helmets were of and they were back to back.

"Okay keybladers I think we're done for today. You two shake hands and change out of the armor." They didn't do anything. "Oh c'mon you two shake hands, you don't want to be bad sports do you." When they turned around they saw the resemblence between them and when they shook hands there was an instant spark. After they left the area and finished changing out the armor they talked.

"Sora, don't you see it?"

"See what?"

"The resemblence between us."

"Well, turn to your left." Roxas turned to the left.

"Now to the right." rolling his eyes Roxas turned to the right.

"What did you see?"

"I saw we have the same eyes, but you have sort of smaller eyes, one obvious difference is the hair color, you're a little bit more scrawnier than me. Oh! You're also more emo." At that Roxas was ready to kill Sora and tear him a new one, but he was held back by Namine and Zexion. When they got to the cafeteria Xaldin, the chef, served dinner and when Sora went up to get his food, Xaldin almost gave him a banana.

"No thanks, I'm allergic to bananas." Then Roxas comes

"Can I have a side of bananas?"

"I thought you were already here."

"That must've been Sora."

"Okay." Then as soon as everyone was eating and was served Xaldin went in the back.

"Luxord, I think I'm losing it."


"Just look out in the seats and tell me if you see a blonde with spikey hair and a brunette with even spikeier hair, 'cuz I think I'm drippin' out on the weed and it's makin' me see doubles."

"Okay." Luxord looked out and even though he thought Xaldin was drippin' out on drugs when he looked, he pinched himself to see if he was drippin' out too, but his eyes weren't dialated.

"Xaldin, you're not drippin' out, those boys look like eachother."

"Damn, no more drugs dude." Later that night Roxas was holding a poker tournament in his cabin.

"Okay, who's next?"

"Over here Leonhart."

"Hi Strife."

"Shut up and and start dealing the cards Tickle-me-Emo." The game went on for hours.

"Strife, let's make this interesting."

"What Tickle-me-Emo?"

"Loser jumps in the lake butt naked."

"That's interesting." The game went on for another two hours.

"Start unzipping Leonhart, just I got a four of a kind."

"Hey Namine, what do you do after you use a toilet again?"


"That's what I got Strife. Have fun, and tell me how the water is when you get out." Then Sora jumped in the lake naked, when he got out he saw everyone running away with his clothes.

"So begins our rivalry Roxas Leonhart." The next day as Roxas, Namine and Zexion were walking to their cabin they saw their beds on the roof. Then the next prank Roxas pulled on Sora was fire ants in his underwear, then Sora shot back with a possum in his room. The pranks went on for a full week until Xemnas was fed up with the prank damage.

"Sora! Roxas! I'm fed up with all the damage your pranks have caused. I have no choice but to make you guys pack your bags because you both are moving to the Isolation cabin. You both can still interact with other campers. So now start packing." Over the next week they were sent to the Isolation Cabin which meant they just threw evil death glares at eachother.

"What are you looking at Leonhart?"

"Sorry Strife, but aside from the window I have nothing else to look at."

"Whatever, do you mind if I eat a snack in here?"

"No not really. What kind of snack?"

"Potato chips with chocolate pudding."(1)

"Oh my gosh I love that."

"Me too, but whenever people see me eat it they just say it's gross because it looks like crap on a chip."

"That's what my boyfriend says too."

"Since we're stuck here we might as well learn about eachother. Like where do you live?"

"I live in Twilight Town."

"I live in Destiny Islands."

"Okay, what's your boyfriend's name?"



"Okay, when's your birthday?"

"March 21st."(2)

"March 21st."

"We have the same birthday?"

"Yeah, your turn to ask the next question."

"Let's what does your mom do?"

"My mom's a gunblade instructor. What does your dad do?"

"He owns Strife's Motorcycles, I don't have my mom around because he and my dad split up when I was a baby."

"How do you know your mom was a guy?"

"My dad said he was a guy that was able to get pregnant."

"At least you know your dad, my parents split up when I was a baby too." Sora got up and got a torn picture out of a shoebox and Roxas did the same.

"What do you have in your hands?" Sora asked

"I have a picture of my dad, Mom caught me looking at this so he let me have the picture. By the looks of it when they divorced Mom and Dad tore the picture in half."

"That's the same thing my parents did."

"Let's show eachother the pictures then see if we are related." When they showed eachother the pictures they were immediatly amazed because the photo was a wedding photo of their parents.

"Wait, if my dad is your dad and my mom is your mom then does that make us brothers?"

"I guess it does." Later that night as they were trying to go to sleep Roxas had an idea.

"Sora, are you still awake?"

"Yea what is it?"

"I just had an idea."

"What is it?"

"We switch places, you go back to Twilight Town as me and I go to Destiny Islands as you. When Mom and Dad find out they'll have to switch us back leading to them to meeting eachother and hopefully they get back that spark they lost when they divorced."

"Aren't our boyfriends gonna get touchy about cheating on their boyfriend's twin?"

"I give you permission to kiss Axel."

"Fine, you can kiss Riku."

"Okay so it's agreed?"

"Yes, but to dress the part we have to learn the part."

Me: Okay so next chapter Sora and Roxas learn the part.

Riku: Why did you have numbers?

Me: Glad you asked Riku. Well (1) I love eating chips and pudding. I actually tried it in sixth grade, but my friends described it as crap on a chip. (2) March 21st is my birthday so that means my birthday's the first day of spring.

Zack: Cool!

Me: When did you get here Fair!

Zack: I just did.

Me: Whatever.

Angeal: When do I appear?

Me: What the-? When I say so!

Genesis: Can I make an apperance?

Sephiroth: Ha! I make an apperance in chapter 3 and I'm a mention in chapter 2.

Angeal: How come that tool makes an apperance?

Sephiroth: Because in the story I'm Riku's dad. And-

Me: Sephiroth! No spoilers!

Sephiroth: Oh come on!

Genesis: Well, in the future there's gonna be a- *tapes mouth shut*

Me: No one gives spoilers! That means you too Riku. I am the only one who gives small hints about what the next chapter is. Understood?

All: Yea...


All: Ma'am! Yes ma'am!

Me: Good.

Zack: *checks pants* You made me wet myself!

Me: O_O Zack, no one needed to know that...

Cloud: Your tellin' me. Zack how come you said that stuff at my wedding? Leon can do better than me!

Leon: Cloud, baby you know I can't do any better.

Cloud: I know.

Me: Okay, before I have to puke I have to sign off. Bye :D