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Robin didn't know when, exactly, the tradition of him and Danny meeting up had begun. They'd seen each other a couple times on the cliff, accidentally running into each other, and it had, eventually, become almost expected. It was a place that Robin had discovered years ago, when he first came to Jump City and met up with the other Titans. It overlooked Grizzly Bay, and that was how he decided where to put the tower. The other Titans had loved the idea. It was a huge target, yes, but it was also a needed symbol of hope and the bay served dual purpose, as a defensive barrier, and a contrast to show the Tower without any other buildings crowding it. On the cliff, you could see the Tower in all its magnificence. Robin had to admit, Jump City was in a beautiful area. The area around the city was marsh, sloughs, and wilderness, but the founders of the city had found solid ground next to the bay. The cliffs had been where Robin had been going to think and just look at the city for years, out of costume, of course. It had been a big surprise to come up here and to see someone else. The kid hadn't looked good. He'd been pale and his eyes had had shadows beneath them. He'd also looked almost too thin, though he'd never seen the other boy before. It had something to do with how prominent Danny's cheekbones were and how slender his wrists were, in contrast to strong biceps showing at the bottom of his sleeves. Robin had nearly turned and left, but something about the boy had made him stay. He still wasn't sure if it was the way Danny asked him not to leave (not in those words, of course), the familiar look in his eyes, or something else entirely, but he was glad he had stayed. At first he'd been worried Danny was up there to jump, but it hadn't happened.

They'd ended up meeting up there coincidentally several times, then Robin started looking for Danny when he wasn't busy. The first few times, conversation had been awkward and stilted, but they'd soon warmed up to each other. Robin had told Danny more than he'd ever told anyone else. It was odd. Robin never planned on talking about problems or feelings, but he, or Danny, depending on the occasion, would talk anyway. Honestly, it was… nice talking with someone who didn't know him as a civilian or a cape. There was a level of anonymity. Robin didn't know Danny's last name, school, or anything really about him. He was a listening ear, sometimes talking sense into the other boy. Danny didn't know anything about Robin either, but also listened and could give decent advice. If Robin didn't know better, sometimes he'd think that, with the strangely relevant advice Danny would give to problems the other boy should know nothing about, Danny was in the business, so to say, himself. Robin knew all the heroes his age, though, so he knew that Danny wasn't one.

Today, Danny wasn't on the cliff when Robin reached it. He sat on the edge, breathing in the salty air. The seagulls called around him, wheeling past to head deeper into the city to scavenge for food. The seagulls here were worse than the pigeons in Gotham. They had pigeons here too, of course, but they mostly stayed under overpasses and around surrounding fast food places. The seagulls were everywhere. Robin leaned forward, setting his chin on his palm. The HIVE was causing trouble again. The problem was that they didn't know who any of the members were anymore. It was a problem they hadn't anticipated when they'd frozen all the villains. Apparently, the previous Headmistress of HIVE hadn't been killed by Brother Blood, as they'd thought was the case. The result was that they didn't know where the school was, or who any of the students were. They'd had a lot of troubles with them recently, too. They'd stolen things, vandalized things, and they had powers at such strengths that Robin was shocked. Usually, it was rare that teenagers had such strong power. In metas, powers usually appeared in adolescence or pre-adolescence and only began to get really strong during adulthood, after hormone levels had settled. Somehow, though, the HIVE had managed to get together a large group of exceptionally strong teenagers. It was worrying. If those metas were so strong now, they would make formidable adult villains. New members kept showing up too, though Robin had to admit that it wasn't strange to have a member disappear and never resurface. Some members had gotten stronger too. They'd been of normal strength, but something had changed.

The sound of shifting gravel had Robin straightening and turning to see who was coming up the hill. In all probability, it was Danny, but other people had come here too. It sounded almost like Danny, but not entirely. These steps sounded like the person was walking almost stiffly. Danny didn't walk like other people. The way he moved looked normal, but it was the way he placed his weight. He walked carefully, in a way that suggested that he was ready to move at any moment. It was one of several odd things Robin had noticed. Danny crested the hill, his face breaking into a small smile as he saw Robin. The other boy had gained weight since Robin met him and had looked a lot healthier, though recently he'd begun to look more tired than he had ever before. Today, Danny still looked exhausted. He was pale with shadowed eyes, like the first time Robin had seen him. He had a small bruise on his jaw and he looked drawn. Like Robin had thought, the boy walked stiffly.

"Hey," Robin greeted the Danny.

"Hey," Danny replied. He eased himself onto the ground and leaned back onto his hands. "What's up with you?"

Robin stopped studying Danny and turned his eyes back to the bay and the Tower, his earlier thoughts about the HIVE coming back to him. "Just trying to stop a gang from causing trouble in my neighbourhood. I'm not entirely sure who they all are, but they're causing problems."

Danny snorted. "I know what you mean. What kind of things are they doing?"

Robin shrugged. "Vandalism, theft. That sort of thing."

Danny frowned. "You said it was just a gang, right?"

Robin nodded, looking at Danny, "Yeah. Just a gang." It was times like this that made Robin wonder if Danny knew more than he let on. Most people would hear 'gang' and be satisfied, but Danny made sure Robin was talking about an ordinary gang.

Danny sighed and looked up to the sky. "Well, I'd find out who they all were first. Hang around, if it's safe, and see where they go. Or, find a place to be where you can see their faces. If it were safe, I'd say confront them, but that's tricky. You could get hurt like that." He sighed again, this time more forcefully. "I don't know, see what would be best when the time comes, I guess. Good luck."

Robin nodded. "Thanks." He didn't know why he hadn't considered a trap before. "What's going on in your life?"

Danny laughed slightly and without humour. "Friend issues is all."

"What's the problem?" Robin prompted. He'd had his fair share of problems with teammates and friends.

Shrugging, Danny focused on the water. "They're just… My friends here are making stupid choices and I can't ask my friends from back home what to do because I already know what they'd say and I'm not going to do it."

Robin actually found it really interesting to hear about other people's normal lives and problems. He knew that he'd chosen to live the life he had and he didn't regret it, but he still found normalcy intriguing. "Why don't you want to listen to them?"

"Because they'll tell me to stay away from my friends here. I mean, maybe they're right, but… Everyone deserves a chance to change, to fix things, right?" Danny looked at him, sincerely asking. Robin's thoughts immediately drawn to Terra, to his own apprenticeship, and he nodded.

"Everyone deserves another chance."

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