Automatically, his head turned to look at whoever had said his name. Some kid was standing at the top of the hill, wind ruffling his hair. Another face and person he didn't know. "Hello?"

The other teen paused for a second. "Are you still angry with me?"

Angry? He wondered what he was supposed to have been mad about. "I don't think so?"

The guy nodded and slowly approached to sit a few feet from Danny. There was a long moment before he asked, "So, where did you go? I saw the bulletin they had out."

Danny shrugged. He wasn't supposed to talk about the medical facility in case he told the wrong person about it and they told the Teen Titans and he didn't know where he'd been before that.

Another pause. "I really am so very sorry. I shouldn't have lied to you and I'm so sorry about what happened. If there was any way to change what happened, I would go back and fix things. I am so sorry."

Out of the corner of his eye, Danny observed the shorter teen. If he hadn't said Danny's name when he approached, Danny would have thought he had the wrong person. He settled on a noncommittal nod in response.

It didn't seem to reassure the other guy. "If there is any way I can make things up…" he trailed off as Danny looked at him. A frown marred the guy's face. "Your eyes are different."

Danny blinked. "No they aren't." Somebody else would have mentioned it if they were. "Look, dude, maybe you have the wrong guy. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not even sure who you are."

"You don't know me?" The kid's brow furrowed. "Why?"

Danny shrugged again. It seemed to be the best response for most of this conversation.

"What do you know? Where did you go? Who did you meet?" Now the boy's tone was demanding, the questions unsettling Danny. He shoved himself up from the ground.

"Look, I don't know you and you've got the wrong guy. I don't know your name, or who you are, so back off and get a life!" The words burst from him, fueled by his nigh constant frustration. The other boy stood as Danny spoke.

"Look, Danny, there are people who can help you. There's that Teen Titan who ca-"

"Stop it! Shut up and leave me alone!"

"Danny, this isn't a good sign, you need to-"

"Stop telling me what I need to do!" Everyone needed to just be quiet and let him live his own life. Was there anyone who didn't have instructions or advice for him!?


"Stop saying my name!"

The other boy stilled, watching his face. His voice was calm, like you'd use to talk to an animal. "Your eyes are glowing, Danny."

"I don't care!" Danny glared at the boy. "Just leave me alone!"

"I'm not stopping you from leaving." The tone was the same calm, almost calculating one from before.

Danny hesitated for a moment for reasons he wasn't quite sure of, before turning and storming away.

I know it's been a while (over a year, wow) so it was drawn to my attention I should mention that these are oneshots =) They won't all go together, or they'll be inspired by ITD and drawn from there, or it will be different versions of the same scene. Thanks for reading!