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Take Me the Way I Am

Chapter 1

If he knew that Fury would do this, he would have left the S.H.E.I.L.D. teaching program! In all his time teaching, he has never had to teach children this young. Okay, by society standards, four year olds were just as young as three year olds. It was that they had an older mentality and they had been there since preschool! He knew nothing about the new children.

They would have been in the daycare branch of the program, but the government cut their budget, so that was no longer existent. There were only three new kids that were three, so Fury threw them into the mix.

They would've been taught by Pepper Potts, a sweet young teacher. She knew a lot about children (she had a nephew) and she would have done an amazing job. But, like I said, the government cut the budget and that branch was gone. So, what option was left for Pepper?

She had to start teaching with Phil Coulson, the teacher of the pre-K branch. Now that you have gotten caught up, let's start you at open house.

Phil had a meeting with the Odinson family. They had one child between them that were coming to the school, Thor. He was four and was one of the two four year olds that went to different schools in the previous years. His head was pounding already and his anxiety was kick up a notch. He stalked into the building and walked to his room. He was greeted by a couple waiting in seats opposite his desk.

And the day begins. He thought, clearing his throat. The couple turned and plastered smiles on their faces. Coulson would've thought they were just smiling so they get on his good side. It was hell to get into the program and to get kicked out so soon, just as painful.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Coulson, your child's teacher. Just call me Phil, though." He said extending his hand for a handshake with both parents. The woman smiled and the man grinned. There was something noble about their smiles, but Phil let it go as soon as it crossed his mind.

"Hello, Phil. I'm Frigga, and this is my husband Jalk. We are here for our sons." 'Frigga' said, introducing her companion.

"I'm sorry, but on the file it says you only have one child, Thor. May I ask the name of your other child?" Phil said pulling out a pen. He was told there was only one Odinson child. Now it was either Fury really wanted to leave Coulson unprepared, or the Odinsons were lying to him.

"Yes, Loki Laufeyson. He's adopted." Jalk spoke up, answering Phil's question. When he was writing in Loki's name, he could see the scowl on Frigga's face. Now I know who wears the pants in this marriage, he said mentally, chuckling within his own head.

"Yes, Loki is adopted. He's three years of age. His parents were good friends of ours and we took him in when he was a couple months old. His parents had passed on when we adopted him." She informed Coulson, after mentally slapping her husband in the face.

"That was nice of you, Mrs. Odinson. Now, we wanted to meet with the parents because we need to know any medical problems or behavioral patterns or problems. Since you have a three year old child joining our older class, we need to make sure he is as comfortable as possible." Phil informed.

"Well, Loki is really shy. He prefers books over people. Well, except Thor. He feels the most comfortable with him." Frigga answered.

"Great. If there's anything else, I can safely say that this meeting was successful. It was a pleasure to meet you." He said holding out his hand again.

After that he had to me with the Drake's and the Howlett's. Those were just as successful with them both being just as shy as Loki was deemed. He felt a little bit better and could finally relax.

"Phil, it won't be that bad. I know you're used to four year olds, but that's why I'm here. I understand these kids and I could use the experience." Pepper said, writing in her planner. She had moved her stuff into the classroom and she was trying to calm Phil's frayed nerves. She was putting the finishing touches on her plans. It was, in fact, the first day of school.

"I know you have my back, Pep. It's just, I really don't know if they will like me. Kids their age have tendencies to pick their favorites before getting to know them. Let' face it. I'm not as gentle as you are." Phil explained. He was shaking and sipping his coffee. He had a whole week to think this through and yet, he still felt like crap.

"Just chill out, Coulson. That's the first thing you should do. Secondly, get rid of the coffee and get some tea," she took his cup and three it into the trash, "-and breathe. You'll make it worse with all this over thinking. Some of these kids have dealt with teachers before. They know the tricks of the trade. You be nice to them, they'll respect you. It's that simple. And I'll try to get the younger ones ready for you." Pepper said placing a hand on his shoulder. She didn't remove it until she felt Coulson's tension cease.

"Okay, I will. But I'm only doing this for the kids. And speaking of which, here they come."

"Welcome, everyone! I'm Mr. Coulson and this is Mrs. Potts. Welcome to the Avengers Preschool." Phil announced, with a great deal of enthusiasm. The kids were sitting in their seats with name tags on. They were sitting, crosslegged on the "reading time rug." The front row had the youngest kids. The other rows consisted of the older children.

"The rest f you know each other, but we have new students." Pepper said turning to the younger children. "We would like to get to know you. Tell us your name and what you like." She waved o them to come to the front and stand.

"I'm Bobby Drake and I like baseball cards!" a blonde-haired boy. He held up one baseball card and showed everyone in the room.

"I'm James Howlett, but you can call me Logan. I like adventure." The young boy had a hat that resembled the one Indiana Jones would wear. He had a bubbly smile on. Phil thought he had finally calmed down until Loki spoke.

"I'm Loki Laufeyson-Odinson. I like to read." He said in a small voice. He held up a book and covered his face with it. Where the Wild Things Are. Coulson was shocked.

A three year old and read like that? I'm already impressed. But he's shy, Phil thought tapping on his knee. He stood beside Pepper and gave her a look along the lines of, We need to talk about the kids. Pepper nodded and turned back to the other children.

"Okay, kids, it's time to put your stuff up. Get everything sorted out and into your cubbies. Your parents already brought your sleeping cots. And take out your coloring books too. It's coloring time!" She spoke in a happy tone. The kids cheered and started on their way. The teachers stepped into the corner and started to chat.

"Loki is shy! He covered his face and everything. And his parents weren't lying when they said he liked to read. That book is for five year olds!" Phil exclaimed silently. He nodded to Loki, who had finished his coloring with an exceptional speed and was now reading. Pepper's jaw dropped.

"I guess you're right. We need to get him out of his shell and out of Thor's shadow," She answered pointing to how Loki was sitting in Thor's lap while reading. "And fast, Phil."

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