Chapter 1

"Uhhhh uhhh" Mitchie moaned as Shane kissed her. Mitchie's parents were out for summer vacation to Hawaii for 2 weeks and Mitchie called Shane to hang out. "Wait Shane I have a surprise for you..wait here" Mitchie said while swaying her hips to walk to the bathroom making him shiver. Mitchie changed to a black hot lingerie made of lace. It showed her boobs and her long legs. She told Shane to close his eyes and a count of three she'll tell him to open his eyes. Mitchie walked out and got on top of Shane. "One,Two...Three" she said. Shane opened his eyes and said she looked spicy. Without letting Mitchie speak Shane turned and was on top of her and kissed her deeply. In minutes he took her lingerie out and she was naked. Mitchie then took Shanes clothes out and they were all naked. Mitchie always liked having sex with Shane. Mitchie went down and kissed Shane's six packed abs and came back up kissing him. Shane sucked Mitchie's big boobs. "uhhhhh uhhhh" Mitchie moaned loudly. Shane stood up and carried Mitchie into the bathtub. Mitchie turned on the shower and Shane took body wash and washed it all over Mitchie's and his body. Then, they turned off the shower and turned on the other water and waited for it to fill the bathtub. While waiting they kissed each other. Soon the tub was filled with water. They layed down and kissed. "You are damn hot" Shane said. When they finished having a sexy bath together they went back in the room on Mitchie's bed and putted a blanket over them still making out. 1 Hour later they went to sleep.

9:00 A.M. the alarm rang and Mitchie woke up. "Morning sunshine" Shane said. "Hey babe" Mitchie said. "I cooked you breakfast" he said. "Aww how sweet.. thank you" she said. 2 hours later Shane went home to go to work. Mitchie called her best friend Kaitlyn to meet her at Starbucks. Mitchie got ready and drove to the fanciest starbucks in the city. "Hey Mitchie! I bought your drink" Kaitlyn said. "Thanks" Mitchie said happily. "What happened to you Mitchie. Youre so happy today" Kaitlyn said surprisingly. "Okay I'll tell you...last night Shane and me had the best sex together yet!" she said. "Omg how many times have you had sex with Shane?" Kaitlyn said worriedly. "Well" Mitchie said counting with her fingers. "I would say about 6 times" she said. "Mitchie have you drank birth control pills" Kaitlyn said. " Why should I" she said. "Mitchie! You could get pregnant from sex and sleeping together!" Kaitlyn said. "Kaitlyn! You dont have to interfere with my business and youre acting like my mom " Mitchie said. "Plus,I had sex with him many times and look at me im still skinny and sexy" Mitchie said. "Whatever...Anyways i got to go. Bye." Kaitlyn said.

At night Mitchie tried to sleep but couldnt. She puked so many times and didnt know what to do so she went to the doctors the next morning. "Congratulations Ms. Torres!" Doctor Amy said. "Congratulate?...for what?" Mitchie said...

Author's review: Hey guys my first story and well I hoped you guys enjoyed it and if u didnt thanks for reading anyway. And i'll try to write more!