The McGuire's door bell rings. Lizzie rushes down to open the door . Matt is in the kitchen making a sandwich . Mr. and Mrs. McGuire were out that day for dinner . When lizzie opens the door she sees Gordo and Miranda standing right in front of her !

Lizzie : Hey

Gordo n Miranda together : Hi !

Lizzie : So wazzup ?

They move inside .

Miranda : Well good news ! The Red Sox are out again in a concert tomorrow night !

Lizzie : YAY !

She screams really loudly .

Gordo ; Here we go again !

Lizzie : Gordo ! You know how much we love Red Sox

Gordo : Ugh ! Does that mean I have to go with you guys again !

Lizzie : Miranda! you are going ?

Lizzie sounded a bit huzzled .

Miranda : Why ? Arent you gonna go ?

Lizzie : Well my mom and dad aren't letting me go anywhere nowadays .

Gordo : Why ?

Lizzie : They think I just go out and waste a plenty handful of time . They think I should stay hoem and do something useful.

Miranda : But we never miss a show of Red Sox

She seemed to be hating what she is hearing

Lizzie : Well this year Red Sox will have to wait !

Miranda : beg ! Beg ! Beg ! and Beg !

Lizzie : I tried that before ! I mean a lot of times !

Miranda : Try again!

Lizzie : I will ! but does this mean you are gonna go without me ?

Miranda : You know what ? I think I will